Grant Enables Career Counseling Services for Wounded Warriors

Bob Woodruff Foundation Issues $50,000 Grant to Veterans Green Jobs

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DENVER, Aug. 7, 2012 – The Bob Woodruff Foundation has issued a grant of $50,000 to Veterans Green Jobs. The grant will be allocated toward the nonprofit’s initiatives to provide career counseling services to post-9/11 wounded, injured, or ill veterans who want to gain skills needed to acquire jobs in the growing green energy sector.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation grant is specifically intended to support Veterans Green Jobs in the hiring of a career services counselor for the Veterans Green Jobs employment assistance program, which connects military veterans with job and training opportunities in the green economic sector. Veterans Green Jobs’ employment assistance program has a goal of placing 300 veterans into jobs by mid-2013. The gift from the Bob Woodruff Foundation will help Veterans Green Jobs achieve that goal, with the intent that 150 of those veterans be wounded, injured, or ill.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in June 2012, of veterans who have served since 2001, 12.7 percent were unemployed in May, and the youngest (18-24 years of age) are unemployed at a rate of 23.5 percent. More than one million veterans are projected to leave the military between 2011 and 2016, placing increased demands on the workforce.

The focus of Veterans Green Jobs’ program is on reintegration of military veterans into the civilian workforce. Its model incorporates one-on-one counseling and assessment, and initiatives focused on education and well-being. Veterans who have been wounded or injured, or incurred illness as a result of their military service, require more adaptable and differently designed job placement techniques. The grant from the Bob Woodruff Foundation helps Veterans Green Jobs develop a tailored approach to link those veterans with employment and training opportunities that specifically meet their needs.

“An investment in Veterans Green Jobs is an investment in job creation. Veterans Green Jobs’ mission aligns with the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s mission to bring hope and fulfillment to injured service members’ lives with tools such as career counseling and job placement,” said Anne Marie Dougherty, executive director of the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

“We are grateful to the Bob Woodruff Foundation for recognizing the critical need of military veterans for additional assistance in integrating into the workforce,” said John Toth, senior director of Veteran Programs at Veterans Green Jobs. “The Foundation’s generous grant will help us achieve our goals of putting veterans to work in a job sector that is growing and sustainable."                            

Veterans Green Jobs seeks to hire a career counselor to support this program. Among the counselor’s key roles will be to provide job placement services through one-one-one counseling; coach veterans to take active responsibility for their career decisions and job search efforts; facilitate awareness of military job skills, work related strengths, interests, and values and how those skills fit into green industries; and assist veterans with resume writing and interview preparation. Details about the position and opportunity are on the Veterans Green Jobs website.

About Veterans Green Jobs

Veterans Green Jobs is a national nonprofit whose mission is to engage, transition and connect military veterans with meaningful employment opportunities that serve our communities and environment. With programs in eight states, Veterans Green Jobs offers training and hands-on experience, directly employs veterans, offers entrepreneurial opportunities and offers a national job placement model. See for information. Join Veterans Green Jobs on Facebook.

About the Bob Woodruff Foundation

Co-founded by award-winning ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff after he sustained serious injuries while covering the Iraq War in 2006; the Bob Woodruff Foundation is the national nonprofit that helps ensure our nation’s injured service members, veterans and their families return to a home front ready to support them. BWF provides resources and support to service members, veterans and their families to successfully reintegrate into their communities so they may thrive physically, psychologically, socially and economically.

Across the country, the Bob Woodruff Foundation collaborates with organizations and experts to identify and solve issues related to the return of service members from combat to civilian life and invests in programs that connect our troops to the help they need — from individual needs like physical accommodations, job training, financial counseling, to larger social issues like homelessness and suicide.  

Through its charitable investment program, the Bob Woodruff Foundation seeks out innovative charitable programs that promote meaningful activity—education, employment, entrepreneurship, volunteering and community integration—for post-9/11 injured service members and their families. BWF is finding and funding organizations that build strong bodies and sound minds and have programs that bring a sense of hope and fulfillment into warrior’s lives.

The Bob Woodruff Foundation has invested $12 million in over 70 organizations, impacting more than 1,000,000 service members, support personnel, veterans and their families nationwide.

For more information about the Bob Woodruff Foundation, please visit

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