Airborne Drill


In 2009, Staff Sgt. Goodrich was sitting in college at Central Michigan University thinking about joining the Reserve Officer Training Course program when he enlisted. Instead, he attended basic combat training that summer and became a Military Policeman. He was placed with the 428th MP Company located out of Portage Mich., and mobilized with them to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from 2012-2013. He had always seen Drill Sergeants across the hall and knew that he wanted to become one. He joined the 3/330th Fox Company in 2014 after completing the Kalamazoo Valley Police Academy. In 2015 he became a police officer and started work for the Marshall, Mich., police department. He then completed the United States Drill Sergeant Academy in the summer of 2015.

“Being a Drill is a unique and challenging experience. It is a great opportunity for career progression, and personal growth. From pushing yourself to learn the modules while attending the Academy, to being responsible for a company of Privates while on the trail, becoming a Drill Sergeant allows you to become a better Soldier and learn what type a leader you want to be in both military and civilian life. “

Goodrich is is not only successful in his military career but also as a Police officer. He was awarded the Officer of the Year for the department in 2018 and received a lifesaving award from work in 2018 for saving an individual’s life by using his military combat life saving skills in an incident that occurred on 20 April 2018. He also received a meritorious service award from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s department for an incident that he assisted on in 2018.

On the military side, Goodrich won the battalion Best Warrior competition in 2017 and 2018. He reenlisted with the 3-330th to continue his mission as a One Station Unit Training Drill Sergeant. In 2019 he received an opportunity to attend Fort Benning’s Airborne School. As a highly motivated Soldier, Goodrich was “green” and ready to attend. With preparation, support, and communication, Goodrich successfully completed the Basic Airborne Course graduating 19 July 2019.

“Airborne school is probably one of the most unique experiences an individual could have in their lifetime. The school is nothing unattainable by anybody, however the difficult part of the course is beating your own mind when it comes time to jump,” explained Goodrich. “Everyone always says you have trust in the equipment and trust in the training. This is true, but you really need to overcome the fear of how unnatural It is to just jumping out of a plane. After you beat that fear you’ll become hooked, and all you want to do is jump more. I think as leaders and warriors anyone who wants the opportunity to do this school should be provided with that opportunity to help them grow.”


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