Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU)

More than a Uniform


The Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU) is an iconic uniform that represents excellence and is an extremely important component of the evolving Army culture of fitness and Soldier lethality while paying respect to the Soldiers of World War II ~ the “greatest generation”. I have had the pleasure of modeling the AGSU since the beginning of early 2019 as part of the Army Limited User Evolution (LUE) process and I must say that I am a big fan of the AGSU. 

“It represents Army modernization and the evolving Army culture of fitness and Soldier lethality”

I’ve actually purchased the optional bomber jacket that can be worn in civilian attire once the rank has been removed. I would also add based on feedback from Soldiers the Army is ready for the AGSU now. The excitement is real!

Drill Sergeant Candidates upon graduation from the Drill Sergeant Academy will be issued AGSU’s based on availability of the AGSU in-stock. The Army started the issue of the AGSU to Initial Entry Training (Trainees) at Basic Combat Training (BCT) and One Station Unit Training (OSUT) units 1st Quarter FY21. Reserve component Soldiers will begin receiving AGSU’s in the 3rd Quarter of FY21. The 108th Training Command (IET) Drill Sergeants will be prioritized issue of the AGSU within the reserve component based on the requirements of the IET mission. Mandatory wear date for the AGSU is 1 October 2027 for all Soldiers. The Army Service Uniform (ASU) will transition to become a formal ceremonial uniform.

In my humble assessment the AGSU looks, feels, and screams out loud “Army Soldier!” The form fit of the AGSU supports the integration of the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) and the Holistic Health and Fitness (H2F) program. I am excited about the new AGSU and ultimately, the Army intends for the AGSU, to become the standard everyday uniform for most Soldiers not in a field environment.

“First in Training”

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