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Army Reserve Senior Enlisted Council

Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew Lombardo, Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, hosted the Army Reserve Senior Enlisted Council (AR-SEC) in San Antonio, Texas, June 11, 2022, ensuring all the units are maximizing use of quotas for noncommissioned officer professional military education courses.

The AR-SEC is composed of nominative command sergeants major who serve at two-star general officer commands and direct reporting one star general officer commands from across the Army Reserve.

The 108th Training Command, G-3/7, was selected to brief on how the command was  successful in executing Senior Leader Course quotas, positive impacts, and challenges. Although challenging, the 108th TC’s success was accomplished by ensuring all unauthorized reservations were removed and substituted with Soldiers in the FY21 Order of Merit Scheduling Priority list and exhaust all FY22 quotas.

Quota managers for the entirety of the command enrolled all but seven of the 247 senior NCOs from OML 1-60 in SLC. This effectiveness ensured a 97 percent effective quota utilization and enrollment.

The 108th TC’s desired end result is to exhaust all quotas allocated for the command, work diligently to locate the available seat, schedule Soldiers according to the list while keeping OML integrity, and ensure Soldiers are notified of the reservation.

At the command level, managers maximized time while staying driven, focused, determined, and committed. This drive extends beyond the training command level and is reaching the division, brigade, battalion and ultimately the company level. 

It is also being applied to the Basic Leaders Course as well as the Advanced Leaders Course to ensure all Soldiers across the command at every level of leadership are receiving the appropriate education at the appropriate time.

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