Sgt. Clifford Henry received a brigade coin from COL Sanders, commander of 2nd BDE on 05AUG18. SGT Henry received this coin for his consistent hard work and dedication on the AT-4 range he has worked on for the last two years. Col.Sanders also commemorated Henry for his 39 years of service in the military. When Col. Sanders asked Sgt. Henry how long he intended on serving, Henry simply replied, “Until they kick me out, Sir.”

During Henry’s 39 years of service, he has served with the 2nd 113th New Jersey National Guard, and was deployed to Iraq and Guantanamo Bay in 2008.

When Sgt. Henry was asked to explain his motivation behind joining the Army, Henry explained, “I wanted an opportunity to receive more education, learn discipline, and I always enjoyed working with Soldiers.” Henry made the switch to the Reserve component after his 26 year mark with the National Guard. Henry had to end with the National Guard, and the Army Reserve picked him up shortly after. Henry concluded with, “I was energized to continue my service. The Army provided me motivation, and I felt that this was my Family.” Henry plans to continue working on the West Point mission as he progresses with his military service in the Army Reserve.


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