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U.S. Army Reserve photos by Maj. Michelle Lunato/released

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Maj. Danny Molina Promoted to Command Sergeant Major

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Maj. Danny Molina was promoted to the rank of Command Sergeant Major and promptly congratulated by his children at the U.S. Army Reserve Center at Fort Benning, Georgia on July 8, 2017. Molina said his goal was to reach the rank of command sergeant major by the time he had 20 years in service and before the age of 40. As of his date of rank of May 15, 2017, he accomplished his goal in 19 years and 9 months of service and at 38 years old. Molina, who has served in various positions at the 98th Training Division for over 15 years, will now serve in Puerto Rico where he will be the command sergeant major for 1st Battalion, 389th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 98th Training Division. In that role, he will be the command sergeant major for 98th Training Division Soldiers in both Puerto Rico and Florida.

3-304th Hero of the Week

SFC Sirois
MG Familiarization RSO

On 2 August 2017 a weapon malfunction was identified on a M249 on the firing line at Range 5, SFC Sirois moved swiftly to assist the Cadre safety. SFC Sirois identified an unfired round lodged in the barrel that had been blown off the gun. Acting immediately and without hesitation, SFC Sirois took control and ensure the weapon remained orientated down range away from the Cadets. The round then exploded in the breach. If SFC Sirois had not acted, this would have resulted in the injury to the three Cadets around the gun.

SFC Sirois’ prompt action prevented any injury to Cadets during the incident. SFC Sirois acted in accordance with the high expectations of a NCO, demonstrating expert knowledge of his role and the presence of mind to act quickly to prevent injury.


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