DS of the Cycle

Congratulations to F Co (comprised of a rotation of all 3-323 Drill Sergeants and Command Teams) on their selection by 1/34 INF REGT (BCT) on Ft. Jackson as honor company of the cycle. They earned numerous BN streamers to include APFT and inspections. F Co company had the highest APFT average for the cycle. Our Drill Sergeant, Staff Sgt. Davis was selected as DS of the cycle. Our Supply Sergeant SSG Kanipe was selected as cadre of the cycle.

98th DIV (IET) FY 20 FTS Workshop


Who: 98th DIV FTS staff, down to Battalion level, participated in the FTS workshop IOT learn division procedures and techniques on all systems and programs. Priority was to create stronger working relationship with Division FTS.

What: Conducted a FTS Workshop at the 98th Training Division HQ.

When: 4-8 Nov 19

Where:  Ft Benning, GA

Why: Ensure all 98th Training Division FTS are trained and current on division operations and procedures.


3rd BDE, 95th DIV

Description:  Badger Honor Flight

WHO:  3rd Brigade, 95th Division Command Team

WHAT:  COL Scharrett and CSM Smith welcomed over 55 Veterans returning from an Honor Flight

WHEN:  9 November 2019

WHERE:  Madison, WI

Link to Story:


2nd Brigade, 104th Division (LT) Drill Sergeant Recruiting Initiative

Lombard, IL 15-19 October 2019

DS Warren in Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting Drill Sergeants for 2nd Brigade, 104th DIV (LT).

Event:Drill Sergeant Recruiting

Who: DS Warren, D Company2-397th, 2nd BDE

What: DS Warren successfully recruited five prospective Drill Sergeants during his month recruiting. All are currently in the transfer progress and desire to be Drill Sergeants.

While doing this DS Warren determined to get the best bang for your buck is getting a Drill Sergeant in front of Soldiers in other units and just ask if anyone is interested and answer any question such as what we do at BA and what the Academy is like.

The local recruiters in Lexington and Richmond are interested in bringing over their recruits that have not been to basic to the units for some training and try to get a head start for BCT. This could benefit us as well and allow the Drill Sergeants time to practice leading PRT, DNG and other classes.

The next Drill Sergeant recruiting mission for 2nd Brigade is 15-21 October in Illinois for the Raw Nationals Powerlifting in order to recruit prospective Drill Sergeants.


A CO 4/518th BN CMD Visit

Who: Soldiers from A Co. 4/518th Training, LTC McDavid

LTC McDavid addresses concerns and lays out command philosophy with soldiers from the 4-518th.

What: Battalion Commander conducts a site visit to Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base Annex.

When: 8 DEC 2019

Why: LTC McDavid visits to meet face to face with soldiers of A Co 4-518 to assess soldier’s health and well-being, working conditions, and build a better understanding of the unit’s mission.

SFC Liner addresses LTC McDavid about trends within the unit.

Comments: LTC McDavid drove from Ft. Benning, GA to Montgomery, AL to conduct this site visit.  His appearance is important in maintaining functional communication amongst higher command and the downtrace units.


 A Co. 4/518th ACFT Familiarization

Who: Soldiers from A Co. 4/518th Training

1st Lt. McCall performs the drag part of the Sprint-Drag-Carry as part of familiarization training.  The sled weighs 90 pounds and must be dragged a total of 50 meters..

What:  ACFT Familiarization

When: 7-8 December 2019

Why: To instruct soldiers on events in the upcoming Army Combat Fitness Test to ensure Soldiers are aware of what the new test entails.

Soldiers cheer and watch as SFC Milstead attempts the Standing Power Throw.

Comments:  The new Army Combat Fitness Test is still in the developmental phase, and future changes can still be applied to improve soldier physical readiness.


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