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Benefits of Wi-Fi Connected Smart Appliances


A smart appliance leverages connectivity to enhance the user experience in a meaningful way by providing peace of mind, simplifying an existing process and offering customization. 

A smart appliance could help you save time, money and energy.

Smart appliances will make your life easier. A smart appliance could help you save time, money and energy. Ask your smart speaker assistant to preheat your oven, or get a notification when your dishwasher cycle is complete.

With smart cooking appliances, you don’t need to be a chef to cook like one. Trending Wi-Fi connected appliances can help the cook with step-by-step instructions. These guided cooking features will ensure perfectly prepared dinners. Select guided cooking appliances can calibrate for portion size, dietary needs and ingredient preferences.

No two households cook the same. Smart cooking appliances have built-in recipe settings and various app integrations to help you cook your favorite meals to perfection every time. Some guided cooking apps will even account for your dietary needs and ingredient preferences, so you can prepare a meal everyone in your family will enjoy.

Refrigerators are cooler than ever. Smart or Wi-Fi connected refrigerators can be operated from your phone. Not only will you be able to detect a problem, should one arise, but you’ll be able to adjust the temperature on your refrigerator from your smart device or speaker. With Remote Diagnostics, the appliance can monitor itself. Whether your refrigerator door is left ajar or you need to set up a service call, your appliance will let you know if there is a problem. The appliance can even identify the issue and part needed to simplify the service process.

Nearly every refrigerator out there is designed for food preservation. New smart refrigerators are tackling the issue of food waste. Consumers waste thousands of dollars each year on forgotten ingredients. Most food waste is the product of disorganization and simply not knowing what to cook. Your new smart fridge could also double as a media center, photo montage and calendar, but it can track expiration dates on food items. Not only will you know what groceries you need to buy, but which items you need to use before they spoil. You can even research recipes that use these ingredients and send the instructions right to your smart oven.

Smart dishwashers do more than clean. Use your phone or smart speaker to initiate or stop a cycle, download new cycles, monitor cycle progress and monitor the health of your machine. Never run out of detergent again. Your dishwasher can sync to your Amazon account, so you never run out of detergent.

Laundry is one of the most diverse appliance categories in terms of products, features and sizes. With smart washers and dryers, you can monitor your cycle and receive an alert when the cycle is finished. You can also get the most out of your washer and dryer with customizable cycles. You can make your favorite outfits last longer by selecting cycles that best care for your wardrobe. Some smart washers and dryers use artificial intelligence (AI) to assess the shape and fabric type and then adjusts the washer movement for optimal cleaning performance. Some smart dryers can automatically select the dryer setting based on the previous washer cycle.

It’s also important to consider the back yard. Adding an outdoor grill to your yard is top of mind this year as alfresco gatherings are the safest way to spend time with friends and family. Outdoor grills are starting to incorporate smart features. A smart grill can set the perfect temperature and send you notifications when it’s time to rotate your food. Spend more time with your guests, and your smart grill will tell you when your meal is ready.

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