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Brig. General Andrew Bassford hosted the 108th Training Command Warrior Corner at the AUSA conference October 8, in Washington D.C. The presentation focused on the missions of the 108th Training Command and the critical piece that U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants play in the future of our force. US Army Reserve photo by Sgt. 1st Class Lisa M. Litchfield

With the 108th Training Command (IET) partnered with U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training (USACIMT) to support the mission to turn approximately 150,000 Civilians into Soldiers, the recruiting mission becomes paramount to the ability to build a a lethal, ready, combat ready force with an appropriate leader to led ratio. Critical to that mission are the Drill Sergeants and Instructors of the 95th, 98th and 104th Training Divisions.

Recently, several of our top Drill Sergeants joined 95th Training Division Commander, Brig. General Andrew Bassford and members of the 108th Training Command recruiting team at the annual AUSA (Association of the United States Army) Conference in Washington, D.C. to represent the command and their mission.

Drill Sergeants from across the command joined together with Command Sergeant Major Todd Priest, 108th Training Command (IET) Command Sergeant Major, during the AUSA conference in Washington D.C. Several of the Drill Sergeant’s spoke during the Warrior Corner, highlighting the missions of the 108th Training Command and the cooperative nature of the relationship between TRADOC, CIMT and the command.

US Army Reserve photo by Sgt. 1st Class Lisa M. Litchfield

In a 20 minute presentation the team was able to present the successes of our Drill Sergeants and their contributions to the Increase End Strength, expansion of One Station Unit Training, the return of Drill Sergeants to Advanced Individual Training and gender integration across Initial Entry Training.

7200 Soldiers, 44 states, three Divisions. By the numbers the mission grows and we are charged to grow as well. The demand for Drill Sergeants to fulfill the TRADOC mission outreaches the capabilities of the active force and the 108th is fully prepared to stand in the gap. We are operationally ready and fully engaged and the Warrior Corner at AUSA gave the opportunity for us to highlight our successes and invite Soldiers to join our formations as we move forward in the production of world class Drill Sergeants who then produce world class Soldiers.


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