Be A Patriot, Help a Soldier

By the time you read this, the 108th Griffon Association’s fall Golf Tournament will be history. If the success of this endeavor is similar to past years, over $10,000 will be raised for use by the association to support the entire 108th Training Command. This support is rendered in part by generous granting of academic scholarships for post secondary education. These scholarships are available to any military and civilian member of the command and its subordinate units, their immediate family to include spouses, children, and grand children. It is also open to former members who have served honorably. Since the first Griffon Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament in 2011, we have awarded a total of $33,000 to 34 family members and Soldiers. Applications for the fall 2017 academic year are on the Griffon website, and are due at the address in the application by April 1, 2017.

In addition to scholarship assistance, since 2011, we have also awarded 17 grants in the total amount of $14,288.00 to individual Soldiers, who have been injured in some way in the performance of their duties, whether mobilized on a deployment, at annual training or during a training accident during a Battle Assembly. In a number of cases, this assistance, while a Soldier is awaiting approval of a line of duty determination or other assistance from the Virginia, etc., has saved family homes or met other necessities which were going unpaid, because the Soldier was unable to work due to the injury. Requests for assistance can be directed to the Training Command’s Family Support Office in Charlotte, North Carolina, where a Soldier in need can also obtain an electronic copy of a grant application.

Finally, we have donated 21 times in a total amount of $19,700.00 to various Veterans’ organizations or non-profits dedicated to assisting military personnel and/or veterans, such as the Charlotte International Airport USO, Purple Heart Homes, Veterans’ Restoration Quarters as well as numerous other well known veterans’ support organizations.

The opportunity for former and current members of the command to gather socially is another of the missions of the Association. The spring of 2016 was no exception when those in attendance gathered at Weston Lake which is part of Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Due to its success, it is planned to once again gather at Weston Lake in the spring of 2017. Details of this will be posted in a future copy of the Griffon, by e-mail, and regular post office mail.

The 108th Division had a long and great history with its parent active installation, Ft. Jackson, before the Division’s conversion to a Training Command. When the association first began in 1999, the Division celebrated 50 years of involvement with Ft. Jackson. An opportunity to place a road side marker, similar to the ones you see on the highway, to commemorate this event was desired. Unfortunately, appropriated funds were not allowed to finance this endeavor. The 108th Griffon Association stepped in and gave $1,000 so that it could be placed. The next time any of you have a chance to visit Ft. Jackson, look for it between the old post headquarters across from the museum and the parade ground. Had we not granted these monies, the memorial sign would not have occurred.

This reflects another mission of the association. When non appropriated monies are needed, such as paying the postage for care packages to deployed troops overseas, we are a source to consider. This is not just for the command group in Charlotte, but for the entire command (95th Division, 98th Division, and 104th Division). The members of the Griffon Association know this is a reoccurring expense throughout the command, so why not use this resource to complete your mission.

The association board of directors consists of past and at times present Soldiers of the 108th Training Command, who are a dedicated group of individuals under the leadership of former commander Maj. Gen. (Ret) Charles (Skip) McCartney. Through his guidance and leadership, the association has grown to where it is today. However, no organization can function and grow without a loyal membership. By your becoming a member of the 108th Griffon Association you will continue to contribute to the success of the command and the Army in general. Whether you are an active reservist, DA civilian employee/AGR, veteran or retiree, so long as you serve or once served in the 108th Training Command, its predecessors or subordinate commands, you can continue to be involved. Your membership includes the Griffon newspaper. More than anything, this will keep you up to date with what the command is doing. It is quiet impressive. Dues are only $10.00 per year of $108 for a lifetime membership. Enclosed with this article is a membership form. Please fill it out and send it in with you tax deductible donation.

As always our motto is “Be A Patriot, Help A Soldier.”


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