Best Warrior Begins with a Twist


Twelve Soldiers from across the command competed in the 1st and 2nd Brigade, 104th Training Division (LT) combined Best Warrior Competition hosted by 1st Brigade’s Command Sgt. Maj. Todd R. Kaim held at Fort Knox, Kentucky March 2019. For four days, Soldiers were challenged both physically and mentally. One of those challenges as the unexpected incorporation of the new Army Combat Fitness Test.

“I had no idea!” said Sgt. Douglas Williams ,1st Brigade, 4/399th. “It really took me by surprise, because the Army hasn’t officially started doing it yet”.

Developed by the Army Center for Initial Military Training, the Army Combat Fitness test consists of six events designed to truly measure a Soldier’s strength and to better prepare Soldiers for combat tasks.

The ACFT includes a strength deadlift, standing power throw, hand release pushup, the sprint/drag/carry, and a leg tuck, all followed by a two mile run. “I am excited to be administering the ACFT into the competition! said NCOIC Sgt. 1st Class Wayne Herolaga. “Going into it, I have no idea how it is going to turn out”

Adding this test into the competition was the division’s way of making it unique this year. The test is unfamiliar, and was added to keep the competitors on their toes and to see how well they could adapt to something new and unexpected. All twelve Soldiers agreed, this test was much more difficult.

Following the ACFT, the Soldiers were tested on their ability to navigate both during the day and at night, completing subtasks in communication, first aid and CBRN between the two iterations of Land Nav. The subtasks were presented to the Soldiers in a scenario based lane that incorporated the three Army Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills

All Soldiers agreed at the end of day three that the 12-mile foot march with loaded rucksack was the most difficult event. Although some timed foot marches are completed on a relatively flat courses, this one was not. The course ran through some of the more difficult hills along range road on Fort Knox. The foot march ended on the Canby Hill range where the competitors were immediately required to zero and qualify on the M4 prior to moving on to the Beaudoin Obstacle Course. The Obstacle Course was a timed event with point deductions for every obstacle competitors were unable to negotiate.

An appearance before the Sergeants Major board closed out the competition and after all events were complete and the points tallied, DS Standifer, Spc. Caladie, Spc. Glosemeyer and Sgt. Schumacher were recognized as the 104th Division winners and will represent the 104th Division (LT) at the 108th BWC to be held at Fort Dix, NJ, 9 to 14 April 2019.



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