Campus Report: Fall Semester Draws to a Close


Maj. Chelsi Drabek, of Region 6, takes a photo with MG John R. Evans Jr, CO Cadet Command, along with cadets from UAH and AAMU. Maj. Drabek was the primary trainer for the team running the Army 10 miler.

The continuous cycle of academia cruises by at a pace that many of us seem to hardly be able to keep up with. Quarters and semesters slip right through the cracks of time with the only audience giving them any attention being that of students and staff. ROTC is no exception to the rule. It is too easy for us to get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of our every day lives, that we tend to forget the awesome things that are taking place at the college campuses across the U.S.

Every day, a group of Reserve Soldiers belonging to the 4-413th Senior ROTC Battalion bring their talents into the classroom in order to develop the future leaders of the U.S. Army, and potentially, our country. What we have brought to you is a small snippet into the day-to-day activities that our hard-working instructors are bringing to Cadets everywhere. Take a moment, slow down, and appreciate the effort that is being put forth to ensure success down the road…and all this is may be happening at a campus near you.



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