CHANGE: Ready Now…Shaping Tomorrow!

From the 108th Command Executive Officer

As I reflect on recent events across the Training Command I am reminded how grateful I am for the Full Time Unit Support (FTUS) team that surrounds me. In the past eighteen months, the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training) has experienced great change. From the routine of changing leadership, in this case, a new Commanding General in February 2020 followed by three new Deputy Commanding Generals, a new Command Sergeant Major, a new Command Chief Warrant Officer, and a new Chief of Staff. In the downtrace we have new Training Division Commanding Generals, CSM, and Command Executive Officers, along with eight new Brigade Command Teams. To the extreme change, caused by the stress stemming from enduring/navigating a global pandemic.

COVID-19 has profoundly changed the landscape of our profession in ways I never dreamed. Who would have thought that our Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) and Department of Army Civilian workforces would be first ordered then encouraged to telework in order to mitigate occupancy limitations in our reserve centers. That we would track local aspects of a Conditions Based Assessment (CBA) to inform our Health Protection Condition (HPCON) in order to make informed decisions about the risks being assumed in our formations when we conduct daily business. The professionalism of our COVID Tiger Team, comprised of medical professionals, human resource managers, and operation specialists, is unequaled as they relentlessly devour the never-ending stream of orders and messages containing pandemic guidance from above. Those efforts have ensured our leaders, across the 41 states we occupy, have the latest information to make informed decisions about the protection of our Soldiers, civilians, and Army Reserve Families. Additional change facing the Griffon team was how to conduct business in a hyper-distributed model. For years we have utilized teleconference lines and Video Teleconference suites to carry out operations at our reserve centers. New technology like Microsoft Teams via Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) and now Army 365 have become the domain of distributed operations when every individual home of record became a duty station. Through all of this change, the one constant has been the selfless dedication of our FTUS team. The AGR’s, Military Technicians, and Department of Army Civilians that comprise our team have consistently cared for the nearly seven thousand part time members of the Griffon family. I can’t thank the FTUS team enough for their dedication and professionalism. To our TPU battle buddies and leaders, your FTUS team continues to stand ready to carry out your intent no matter the challenge nor change that faces us. Ready Now….Shaping Tomorrow!


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