Competition and Camaraderie


The BWC is an annual competition that brings together the best Soldiers from across the U.S. Army Reserve to earn the title of “Best Warrior” among their peers. 

The question is why do we send our Soldiers to this competition, why do we ask our young men and women to participate in such rigorous, physical and challenging programs? From the standpoint of a Soldier who has participated in these events, it’s all about the competitiveness and the camaraderie you get when you are with your peers. Yes, we all want to win the competition but it’s being next to someone who wants it as much as you do.

The competition consists of an Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), Written Exam, Written Essay, Land Navigation (Day and Night), M4 Qualification (Day), Weapons Function (M240, M249, M4, M9), Foot March (12 Miles), Warrior Task and Battle Drills and an Oral Board with Command Sergeants Majors (CSM), Sergeants Majors (SGM) and First Sergeants (1SG’s). These events take place over three days and end with an awards ceremony for the winners. The competition is for Sergeant of the Year (SOY), Drill Sergeant of the Year (DSOY) and the Non Commissioned Officer of the Year (NCOY).

The BWC creates a challenging environment for our Soldiers to utilize competence, physical capabilities and motivation. It also allows them to maximize their potential to strive and push through diversity. This competition is for any Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), it’s based on individual performance and just a hint of squad performance. It all starts with the unit’s first line leaders getting their Soldiers ready for these competitions. Giving them enough time to train for the specific task and preparing them for what is to come. Being involved with their Soldiers, mentoring them all the way throughout this competition will have a larger impact on a Soldier’s career.

Some of these competitors were asked to participate and a few of them volunteered. Either way, these Soldiers had the fortitude to stand up and be accountable for something great in their lives. Using the seven values that were instilled in them in basic training played a key part in their decision making. These Soldiers are future leaders, representing their units and their fellow servicemen and servicewomen. I want to wish all of the competitors the very best of luck and to thank them for taking the challenge, putting in the hard work and setting the example for others to follow. These Soldiers will someday be our future leaders!



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