Raise the Bar, Blaze the Trail, Build on Strength

This is the first column I am writing for “The Griffon” as the new commander of the 108th Training Command (IET), having changed command with Maj. Gen. James B. Mallory III on June 5. I am very proud and humbled to be entrusted with this responsibility.

As a general officer, I have been the Deputy Commanding General, 80th Training Command (TASS) as well as Commanding General of the 98th Training Division (IET). I have commanded at the platoon, company, battalion, and brigade levels previously, the latter two in Kosovo and Iraq. On the civilian side, I have been the president of two hospitals, and held lead administrator positions at division and department levels for nearly my entire career.

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108th Training Command Stands Ready as Force Multiplier

Well it is official, we can take the tape off the door and paint the name on. Brig. Gen. Robert P. Stall has been officially nominated for promotion to Maj. Gen. and is the new Commanding General of the 108th Training Command (Initial Entry Training). Congratulations to Brig. Gen. Stall and his wife Nancy and the rest of the Stall clan as he officially takes over this position.

Congratulations to Maj. Gen. James B. Mallory III as he takes over as Deputy Commanding General of 1st Army. It is good to see that the Army Reserve saw to it that Maj. Gen. Mallory stays engaged in the future of the Army Reserve as we continue to move forward.

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Leaders of Change and Customer Focused

It was great seeing you all in San Antonio recently at our annual Full Time Support Conference. As I mentioned there and I’ll reiterate now; it’s great having the 104th Training Division (Leader Training) joining our ranks. If we were an NFL team, we would have the makings of a Super Bowl contender with all the talent we have at our Command Headquarters’ (yes, we do) the Drill Sergeant School, the 95TH Training Division (IET) the 98TH Training Division (IET) and the 104th Training Division (LT).

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98th Training Division (IET) welcomes new Commander

I want to thank all of the Soldiers and civilians of the 98th Training Division (IET) for the warm welcome I received when I became a member of the division back in June.  As you know, I assumed command of the 98th on June 4 in a small ceremony held at Ft. Jackson, S.C.  Brig. Gen. Robert Stall assumed command of the 108th Training Command (IET) in a ceremony held the following day.

My position as the 98th Division commander is in an acting status, pending the general officer board results to be released later this year.  Nevertheless, I am very excited to be here and look forward to a very busy Fall.  The 98th continues to support several of our mobilized companies at Ft. Benning, Ga., Ft. Jackson, S.C., and Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. at the Army Training Centers there.  We have nearly 200 Soldiers mobilized at Ft. Dix, N.J., Ft. McCoy, Wis., and Ft. Hunter-Ligget, Calf. supporting Army Reserve Training Centers.  We also have 47 Soldiers at Ft. Dix today preparing for a one year deployment to Iraq that begins later in the Fall.

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Stall takes leadership of 108th Training Command

In marching with Army tradition, the moving of command responsibility went on when Brig. Gen. Robert P. Stall took command of the 108th Training Command (IET), headquartered in Charlotte, N.C.,  from Maj. Gen. James B. Mallory III, on June 5 at Fort Jackson, S.C.

The change of command, held at Hilton Field, was attended by military personnel, family members, civilian employees, and guests. The key note speaker for the event was Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, Deputy Commanding General, Initial Military Training, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command.

“Thank you for joining us in this celebration, a celebration of the contribution of service of Major General Mallory and his wife Mary as they led this unit in excellence since 2007, during a time of war, during a time of two surges and a time of excessive demands. It is also a celebration in welcoming Rob and Nancy Stall as the new command team of the 108th,” said Hertling.

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The History of the 108th Training Command Warrant Officer

Recently, I received a copy of the book, “The 108th Training Command: A History of Embracing Innovation and Shaping the Future”, what a very interesting and exciting history that we, “the 108th Training Command” Soldiers, have. Each of us, as we journey along our course, faces unbelievable obstacles, challenges and missions. How the Soldiers achieved those missions were history in the making. There were times that circumstances were so challenging that some Soldiers left the units due to transformation; units organized, reorganized, downsized, and upsized. Soldiers were called to active duty doing the tasks they had practiced for many years as reservists and were heroes upon on their return from their missions. What a great command the 108th has been. Our Soldiers and their leadership, stamina, integrity, and good works were put to the test.

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Army Reserve opens second Army Strong Community Center

BREVARD, N.C. — Tucked away at the entrance of the Pisgah National Forest in western North Carolina, the small community of about 6,000 residents welcomed the nation’s second Army Strong Community Center during a grand opening ceremony May 15.

Several hundred Soldiers, veterans, family members, business owners and community leaders helped launch the second community-based center filled with resources not only to take care of Army Reserve families  but all military families seeking assistance.

 “Thank you for hosting us in God’s country,” Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Chief, Army Reserve said during the early-morning ceremony.  “I’m glad to be here to celebrate what America is really about. 

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98th Training Division Soldiers Honor Fallen Comrades

Brig. Gen. Robert Stall, former commanding general, of the 98th Training Division (IET) hosted the Division Memorial Ceremony during the Headquarters battle assembly on May 2. The annual ceremony honors five 98th Training Division Soldiers killed in action during the division’s deployment to Iraq from 2004-2005.

Lt. Col. Terrence Crowe of Grand Island, N.Y. was killed in action on June 7, 2005 in Tal Afar, Iraq. He was 44 years old. Crowe was an Infantry officer and a 17 year veteran, the last seven of which were spent in the 98th Division. He is survived by his parents, his son Jeremiah, now 22, and daughter Clara, now 20.

Master Sgt. Paul Karpowich of Bridgeport, Pa. was killed in action on December 21, 2004 in Mosul, Iraq. He was 30 years old. Karpowich was an Infantry Soldier and a 13 year Army veteran. He spent nine of those years with the 98th Division, and eventually became a Senior Drill Sergeant. He is survived by his wife, Amanda, his parents, a brother and two sisters.

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Bergene follows Sisters ‘On the Trail

The Army Reserve has spent the last several years transforming from a strategic to an operational force. During that time, Command Sgt. Maj. Renata C. Bergene, 2nd Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET) has been able to reflect back over her military career and point to an equally impactful Army transformation.

Following in her sisters’ footsteps, Bergene joined the Army in 1978 since she already considered herself a verifiable “tomboy.” Bergene figured that if her sisters could handle the Army, then she could too and so she was off to Fort Jackson, S.C.  During this time, the Army had begun its first co-ed basic combat training cycles that year at Fort Jackson and Bergene was among the female Soldiers present for that historic moment.

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Warrior Forge: 95th Division trains and supports Cadets

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets roared in excitement at the thunderous boom of the Paladin during the powerful display of U.S. weapons capabilities put on at the 2010 Warrior Forge Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC).

LDAC is the most important training event for a ROTC cadet. Each cadet rotates through a 29-day rigorous training program designed to develop and assess their leadership capabilities. The cadets are evaluated and these evaluations play an important role in determining a cadet’s commissioning opportunities.

Warrior Forge reached an all time high this year training approximately 6,500 cadets. Included in this number were U.S. Military Academy and allied nation cadets, and Reserve and Guard officer candidates.

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The tale of Two Badges

During the week, 28 year old Jeffrey Rios, of New York, wears a uniform and a badge, the badge of a City of New York Department Corrections Officer. He is also an Army reservist and recently picked up another badge: the Drill Sergeant Identification Badge, which he will now wear on his Army Combat Uniform coat jacket.


Rios was named Distinguished Honor Graduate of the United States Army Reserve Drill Sergeant School Class 004-10 at Fort Jackson, S.C. on July 10. He was also awarded a bronze Drill Sergeant statue and the Army Commendation Medal for being named top graduate from a class of over 50 Drill Sergeant Candidates.

“Since I joined the Army I always looked up to my Drill Sergeants that I had in my basic training company, I’ve always wanted to train other Soldiers and to share my experiences as an NCO,” said Rios. 


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USAR Drill Sergeants support ‘Mega Function’

In May, nearly 400 future Soldiers assembled at Doughboy Field at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB-MDL), N.J. for a “Mega Function.”  The event was hosted by the Mid Atlantic Recruiting Battalion commanded by Lt. Col. Harry Woodmansee.  The massive assembly of civilians was turned over to the Drill Sergeants of the 3-385th, 4th Bde., 98th Training Division (IET), who endeavored to train these men and women in an effort to prepare them for the rigors of basic training. 

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Reserve Drill Sergeants volunteer to train Afghan counterparts

FORT RILEY, Kan.— More than half of Military Transition Team Class 70 is made up of drill sergeants, all Reserve Soldiers from the 95th Division. The group volunteered for the mission to mentor members of the Afghan police and Army.


The 24 drill sergeants and 12 support staff will be the sixth group from the 95th to head to Afghanistan.

The mission that has been assigned is drill sergeant specific because the drill sergeants will be mentors for the Afghan Drill Sergeant School and at basic combat training sites, said Col. Rodolfo Villarreal, G-3 for the 95th Div.


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Combatives: Learning to Fight

In 2002, the Army adopted the Modern Army Combatives program. The program was developed with two basic principles in mind: 1. The winner of the hand to hand fight in combat is the one whose buddy shows up first with a gun. 2. The defining characteristic of a warrior is the willingness to close with the enemy. As Soldiers we all understand the first principle, even if you win the fight, if his buddy shows up with a rifle you still lose. The second philosophy has been adopted as a theme for Army training and is often referred to as Warriorization.

The 1/390th located in Amherst, N.Y, has followed the guidance of its commander, Lt. Col.  Peter Vanderland. The unit has incorporated combatives training into nearly every battle assembly since October 2009. Seeing the duty company dragging out the wrestling mats on Sunday afternoon has become a common scene on battle assembly weekends.

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108th Soldier inducted into Audie Murphy Club

Members of one of the Army’s most prestigious societies, named in honor of the nation’s most decorated Soldier, welcomed three Non-commissioned officers inducted Friday at Memorial Hall here.


The new members of the Fort Bragg chapter of the Sgt. Audie Murphy Club are: Sgt. 1st Class Renee Nolin, Headquarters, 108th Training Command; Staff Sgt. Carrie A. Brown, 3rd Bn., 27th Field Artillery Regiment, 18th Fires Bde., and Staff Sgt. Loren A., Headquarter and Headquarters Company, Headquarters and Higher Headquarters Company, 20th Engineer Bde.

Membership in the SAMC separates out the best of the best Non-commissioned officers in today’s Army, said Command Sgt. Maj. Earl L. Rice, the XVIII Airborne Corps’ senior NCO in his remarks at the ceremony.


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3rd Brigade welcomes new Commander

During a change-of-command ceremony Saturday at Fort Belvoir’s Wells Field House, the Soldiers of the 3rd Brigade (Professional Development), 104th Division (Leader Training) hailed a new commander, and bid farewell to another.

Col. Antonio Morales replaced Col. Phillip Churn in an event hosted by Brig. Gen. Daniel York, commanding general of the 104th Training Division. The ceremony included a color guard of Old Guard Soldiers from Fort Myer and several battalion formations from the brigade.

“I’m an idea guy,” said York, after the passing of the colors from commander to commander. “During teleconferences when I first took command of this division, I use to talk with Col. Churn ... and he’d beat me to ideas that I thought were mine. He’s innovative and very intelligent. He was already in-synch with the command. I’ve seen Col. Churn’s success and what his team has built here. I expect Col. Morales to build upon that foundation.”

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DLA Joint Reserve Force: Reservists’ readiness rates on the rise

FORT BELVOIR, Va. – Readiness statistics for the Defense Logistics Agency’s Joint Reserve Force are on the rise thanks to the agency’s annual four-day joint reserve training and readiness exercise, held April 29 through May 2 at Fort Eustis, Va.

Known as the JRTRX, this year’s iteration is the fourth such exercise for DLA’s reserve force. About 150 DLA reservists of all services participated, as well as about 50 Soldiers from the Army Reserve’s 915th Contracting Support Battalion out of Baltimore, who piggy-backed on the exercise.

“Our goal this year was a measurable increase in readiness,” said Army Lt. Col. Mark Asher, DLA Joint Reserve Force director of training and JRTRX director.

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Commentary:  Air Assault Training

The Air Assault class MTT01-10 was a rigorous two week course that was both physically and mentally challenging. This course is taught by “black shirts”, all Sergeants and Staff Sergeants, who are very proficient and competent at their jobs. They are all professionals and can reference page number and paragraph, any answer from the Air Assault handbook.

Zero day started with about 237 candidates at 0235. We stood anxiously information as the Black Shirts gave us instructions on the days coming events. We were called up by last name/ last four to receive a roster number that indicated our squad and number in the squad. As we ran down over the hill to our new formation the level of intensity rose dramatically. 

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Army Family heritage rich with service

FORT CARSON, Colo. — When retired Lt. Col. Peter Kaley raised his right hand to be commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1956, he unknowingly began a Family tradition of Army service in the Field Artillery Branch.


Six members of the Kaley Family—retired Lt. Col. Peter Kaley and his sons, Kevin, Shawn, Richard, David and Michael Kaley, chose to be leaders and experts in the science of fire support systems; commissioned field artillery officers.

On Jan. 4, Peter and his wife, Maura, watched their fourth son, David, become the fifth Kaley promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel.

David is the only son still on active duty and currently serves as the battalion executive officer of 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

When asked what it meant to see his son promoted and gain another lieutenant colonel in the Kaley Family, Peter said, “It makes me proud, very proud.”  Although Peter served for 21 years and raised his boys around the military, he and his wife, Maura, said they never forced the military lifestyle on their children. Instead they let the boys choose for themselves.

“We heard about parents pushing their children into a certain career field, and we did not want to do that to our boys,” Peter said. “We wanted them to make their own decisions and they did.”

The Kaley boys agreed with their father’s sentiments.


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Griffon Association honors Soldiers with awards, scholarships

The 108th Training Division (IT), and now the 108th Training Command (IET), has always been supported by The Griffon Association. The Griffon Association is comprised of current and former members of the 108th who want to keep in contact long after their official duties have ended. Historically, the Griffon Association also provided college scholarships for the children of members. The Griffon Association has gone through times of high membership and frequent activity, but also through some periods of inactivity.

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108th Soldier named TRADOC’s Reserve Drill Sergeant of the Year

FORT JACKSON, SC — Fort Jackson Staff Sgt. Melissa Solomon recently won the title of Army Reserve Drill Sergeant of Year following a weeklong series of physically and mentally challenging tests.


Solomon, who is a drill sergeant leader at the 108th Training Command’s Reserve Drill Sergeant School, said she was completely surprised when it was announced she had won the Reserve competition.

“It was a very trying week,” she said. “I didn’t think I had won. Everyone there was a great competitor.”

Eight drill sergeants — five active duty and three Reserve drill sergeants representing each Basic Combat Training installation — went head-to-head June 12-19 at Fort Eustis and Fort Monroe, Va. to determine the Army’s top active duty and Reserve drill sergeant.


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95th Division Soldiers honored for roadside rescue

With all the great work that Soldiers are doing overseas, it’s often easy to overlook the contributions they are making here at home.  From hurricane relief efforts and building projects to service and education programs, Army Soldiers have dedicated their time and skills to serving their respective communities in whatever way possible, sometimes putting their personal safety at risk.

On March 20, 2010, during what was one of Oklahoma’s worst winters on record, reserve Soldiers Staff Sgt. Catherine Gallegos and Sgt. Jenna Carty, both of the 95th Training Division’s G3 section, braved the icy roads and rescued an injured motorist on their way to battle assembly in Oklahoma City.

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of commanders and Soldiers alike. The PAO is kicking off the Unit Public Affairs Program (UPAR), which will allow any Soldier to be the additional eyes and ears for your unit and the PAO. By volunteering you will assume the duties of UPAR as an additional duty.  The Public Affairs Office will hold training sessions and workshops during battle assembly (BA) to meet, train, and certify you as an UPAR.


Do you enjoy taking pictures?

You can be the historian for your unit. As a Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) you will take pictures of newsworthy events and submit them along with stories to the 108th Training Command PAO for review and possible submission in the 108th Training Command publication, “The Griffon” and 108th Training Command Website.


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Integrity challenges us to be consistent

When I think back to my years at Hancock County High School, in Hancock Ky., my mind goes back to those long trips in the school bus to basketball games. The players would all sit in the back and the cheerleaders in the front of the yellow transport. I was neither.  I can’t shoot a basketball to save my life and, well, male cheerleaders were not yet en vogue at my high school. I was the one and only mascot. 

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Duty, Honor, Country

Capt. Igor V. Dubinsky, 3/334, 4th Brigade and Capt. Aaron L. Hoffman, HQ, 2d Brigade, were among 28 soldiers honored at the 23rd Annual General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award ceremony on May 6 at the Pentagon.


The award program began in 1987 and was designed to promote effective junior leadership in the Army. Company grade officers are selected based on how well they embody the words that Gen. Douglas MacArthur spoke in a speech to cadets of West Point on May 12, 1962:

“Duty, Honor, Country: Those three hallowed words reverently dictate what you ought to be, what you can be, what you will be. They are your rallying points: to build courage when courage seems to fail; to regain faith when there seems to be little cause for faith; to create hope when hope becomes forlorn.”


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Soldier’s Gold Mine

Warrant Officer Career
Opportunities for 920A, Property Accounting Technician and 420A Human Resources Technician

By Maj. Peggy McManus, G1
108th Training Command (IET)
Chief Warrant Officer Karen Kay
108th Training Command (IET)

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Culver Military: Educating and training teens for leadership since 1894

Steeped in a heritage that dates back 116 years, Culver Military Academy is a progressive college-preparatory boarding school that uses the military model to educate and train high school boys in practical leadership. While maintaining its focus on academic, athletic, and extracurricular excellence, CMA integrates hands-on leadership with every campus endeavor. Like Culver Girls Academy, its female counterpart, CMA empowers its students with unparalleled responsibility and authority to help execute the mission of the school and develop leaders of character. While the similarities with the nation’s service academies are striking, our graduates largely pursue civilian careers.

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Value of a faith-based education

A college education not only takes you to the next level professionally, but can foster personal enrichment. For some, this is achieved by studying under a faith-based program.

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The new MyCAA

It’s back — a new iteration of the immensely popular MyCAA program for military spouses is being re-started October 25 after a six-month hiatus. During that period, only spouses whose MyCAA account was already active and in place could hope to get approved for financial awards benefits for education assistance.

The re-vamped MyCAA program will be a similar, but scaled down version of the old model: instead of being open to a spouse of any active duty person, the program will now be available only to spouses of personnel in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2 and O1-O2. The financial benefit changed to a maximum of $4,000 with a fiscal year cap of $2,000 and will be limited to associate degrees, certification and licensures.

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Schneider National Looks to Truck Driver Training Schools and U.S. Military for Quality Candidates

As the world economy continues to show signs of sustained improvement and growth, transportation companies like Schneider National are adjusting their approach to hiring new truck drivers. The goal for Schneider, one of the largest truckload carriers in the United States, is to bring together truck driver training schools and military organizations and provide new employment opportunities for separating soldiers, Reservists and Guard members.

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What about culture?

When it comes to incorporating foreign language studies into the homeschool, families have dozens of great reasons for their choice.  For military homeschoolers, some special situations may create an influence on the choice that the average civilian doesn’t encounter.  Those of us stationed overseas may choose a target language based on communicating with neighbors or local nationals in off-base situations.  The family of a linguist may choose a target language based on what will encourage higher maintenance of the service member’s skill set. 

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Toddlers and homeschooling – making it work

While some families are sending their children off on the bus or dropping them off at the preschool or daycare, most homeschooling families are trying to incorporate toddlers and preschoolers into their daily learning activities.  This can lead to some interesting and exciting multi-age learning, of course, but it can also lead to exasperation or frustration for parents and school-aged children who are trying to “work around” a little one who’s interested in one thing: getting hands-on!

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Make your destination ARKANSAS!

Take a tour around Arkansas this fall and discover a world of unique experiences. From hill country to lake country to river country to blues country to wine country, there is much to enjoy at every turn. Autumn in Arkansas is anything but one-dimensional with a bumper crop of fall festivals, special events, the flamboyant fall foliage, the harvest season and the crisper, downward turn of temperatures. The most popular way to enjoy the splashy color of the fall season is just to get out and do it.

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Universal Orlando: the vacation you need

There is only one place in the world where you can do all these things in the same day:


  • Experience the pulse-pounding thrill of accelerating from zero mph to 45 mph in two seconds – and then go weightless
  • Wander through a land with no straight lines
  • Test yourself against your deepest fears – darkness, speed, fire, the unknown, flesh-eating scarabs – and come out laughing
  • Experience the bliss that comes with three Blue Men, a stage, and some PVC pipe
  • Be pampered, relaxed – or rocked – at the world-class hotel of your choice.


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Georgia’s state parks and historic sites dedicate day to volunteers and visitors

Put away your wallet and pull out your fishing pole or hiking boots. Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites is offering free admission on Saturday, Sept. 25 as part of National Public Lands Day. The statewide celebration is a way to thank park visitors and volunteers for their support of outdoor recreation and historic preservation.

“Georgia’s state parks and historic sites wouldn’t be here without our visitors and supporters,” said State Parks Director Becky Kelley. “Free Day in the Parks is our way of thanking the thousands of people who volunteer their time, spend their vacations in the parks, or even just visit for the day. We are waiving the parking fee, but of course voluntary contributions are welcome because they help us preserve Georgia’s public green spaces.”

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National POW/MIA Recognition Day

JoIn the “Friends of Andersonville”, the National Park Service and the “Chapters of Rolling Thunder” September 17 and 18, 2010 to honor all former Prisoners of War and to remember those still Missing in Action.

In conjunction with the various ceremonies and scheduled activities, “The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall” will be on display from September 17-25, 2010.

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Find adventure in Charleston

Fall is here and it’s a great time to get out and enjoy the cool weather while exploring a new destination! Families of all ages and interests will find so much to experience in Charleston, South Carolina. Each year, Charleston is consistently rated amongst the country’s top travel destinations. Here, you’ll discover scenic beaches, a historic downtown, and a county park system that provides unlimited hours of recreation at amazing waterparks, fishing piers, recreational activities, camping, marsh-front vacation cottages, and much more!

Seeking an affordable and more adventurous alternative to the typical hotel stay, centrally located to all that Charleston has to offer?  James Island County Park is your destination.

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Discover Berkeley County

If you’re looking for the “Southern Jewel” everyone is talking about, you’ve finally found it! Berkeley County, South Carolina, located just minutes from Downtown Charleston and 1 ½ hours from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is cradled in what is quickly becoming known as the “emerging new south.”

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Visit Kings Mountain for the Gateway Festival

The City of Kings Mountain will host the annual “Gateway Festival” on Saturday, Oct. 9 from 10 a.m. -5 p.m. throughout the downtown area. This event is a celebration of Kings Mountain being designated in 2000 as “The Gateway City” by the Department of Interior and the National Park Service to all three area parks — Crowder’s Mountain State Park, Kings Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park.

This annual Kings Mountain fall festival highlights the history of thevictorious battle site (which Thomas Jefferson declared, “... the turning point of the Revolutionary War”) with a reenactment of a redcoats and patriots cannon battle and an encampment showcasing the Colonial period. Throughout the downtown area Bluegrass, Folk, Celtic, Old Time Gospel and Americana music will fill the air from the Gazebo and North Stage.

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Mother nature’s spectacular show

Surrounded by Shenandoah National Park and the George Washington National Forest Front Royal, Virginia lights up with the bright yellows, rich reds and oranges of the harvest season.  Recognized as the Gateway to Shenandoah National Park and the Canoe Capital of Virginia, Front Royal provides an ideal base for enjoying the region’s fall foliage, outdoor adventures and historic past.

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Biking, hiking, kayaking and lots more!

Jefferson County West Virginia where you can “Discover It All” welcomes all members of the 108th Training Command. We are the perfect spot for your rest and relaxation, especially in the fall.

We are proud of what you do to vigilantly protect our many freedoms. Your federal service is much appreciated here.


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The Griffon Vol. 34.3 (Fall 2010)

The Griffon Vol. 34.3 (Fall 2010)
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The 108th Training Command got its start as part of an elaborate deception prior to Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France in World War II. The Division was a "phantom" division created on paper and assigned to the First United States Army Group under the command of General George Patton. We were the original Institutional Training (IT) Division and remain one of seven training divisions for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The Griffon is in its 30th publishing year as an award-winning authorized publication written in the interest of the men and women of the 108th Training Command.

  • The Griffon is written and published quarterly in the interest of the 108th National Training Command. It is shipped directly to member's homes and to Training Command bases throughout the U.S.
  • The Griffon is regularly recognized by the Pentagon with their highest rating of Four Stars as one of the largest and most informative authorized publications in the Army.
  • Our members use The Griffon for prescreened, approved resources and opportunities for themselves and their families.
  • The Griffon is required reading material with a message straight from the General.