From the Commanding General...

I was going through the airport when my eyes landed on the July 23rd issue of Time magazine. On the cover is a Soldier at dusk with a bugle to his lips. One can hear taps being played. I thought that the story would be about our dead in Afghanistan over the last 10 years at war. But it was not... It was titled, “One a Day...” Every day, one U.S. Soldier commits suicide. The article was pondering “Why the military can’t defeat its most insidious enemy.” The article highlights two officers who committed suicide on the same day. Compelling, riveting, and incredibly sad.

By the time of this Griffon publication, Time magazine will have moved on to its next story, its next cause celeb. We will not. How many of us know a Soldier, or for that matter someone that was part of our lives that took their own life?

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From the Command Sergeant Major...

In recent meetings and conferences I have attended there have been many discussions regarding Drill Sergeant strength.  The U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Reserve are both currently under-strength in Drill Sergeants.  What this means is we are not producing enough Drill Sergeants to fulfill missions.  As we approach FY2013, our goal is to increase these numbers.

In the past, there was a Drill Sergeant school for the Reserve Component and one for the Active Component but the two were combined a year ago into one school.  All Drill Sergeant Candidates will now be attending one school in Ft. Jackson, S.C. at the United States Army Drill Sergeant School.

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Lt. Gen. Talley takes command of Army Reserve

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley assumed command of the U.S. Army Reserve Command at a ceremony on June 9, 2012.

With the passing of the command flag, Talley becomes the 32nd Chief, U.S. Army Reserve. He also is the seventh commanding general of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, which relocated to Fort Bragg from Fort McPherson, Ga., last year.

“Never in our nation’s history has the Army Reserve been more indispensable to America’s Army,” Talley said. “For after a decade of war, the Army Reserve has evolved into a central part of the total force. With streamlined deployable forces and Citizen-Soldiers the embody the Warrior spirit.”

“Our Army Reserve Soldiers and civilians are truly ‘Twice the Citizen’,” he said.

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Lt. Gen.Talley outlines Rally Point 32 guidance for the Army Reserve

FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley spent much of his first 48 hours as commanding general outlining his guidance for the Army Reserve.

Talley shared his Rally Point 32 strategy with Army Reserve leaders at the Senior Leader Conference in Raleigh, June 10, 2012. He then held three town hall sessions with military and civilian employees at the U.S. Army Reserve Command headquarters here, June 11.

Rally Point 32 ties together the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army’s Marching Orders, Army Reserve Vision and Strategy 2020, and the Army Reserve Campaign Plan. It describes the Talley’s intent to sustain a high-quality, all-volunteer, operational Army Reserve for Army and Joint Force missions at home and abroad.

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Retiring from Duty

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — During a moving ceremony held at the Air National Guard to honor and say goodbye to retiring Soldiers that have served their country for many years, the retiring Soldiers gave accolades to those they served with, their families, friends, and for the memories during their service at the 108th Training Command (IET).

Maj. David W. Bland said, “I attended a tea for the 108th Generals’ wives dressed in a big bunny suit. A young lady dressed as Alice came running in exclaiming she was late as this was the theme, Alice-in-Wonderland. That young lady was my daughter. Col. Hill had convinced me this would help my career a lot more than it actually did, anyhow that is a precious memory to me,” concluded Bland. Read More »

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Moss is 2012 Army Reserve Drill Sergeant of the Year

FORT EUSTIS, Va. (July 2, 2012) — The U.S. Army selected Staff Sgt. Jarod Moss, representing the 95th Reserve Division as the 2012 Army Reserve Drill Sergeant of the Year; and Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Heilman, representing Fort Jackson, S.C., as the 2012 active duty U.S. Army Drill Sergeant of the Year.

Winners were announced in a military ceremony at Fort Eustis, hosted by Command Sgt. Maj. John R. Calpena and reviewed by Maj. Gen. Bradley W. May, Deputy Commanding General for Initial Military Training, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Both Drill Sergeants of the Year were awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

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Division competitors vie for 108th Best Warrior

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — In the early morning hours, focused and prepared to do battle, six next-level division competitors vie for the title of 108th Training Division (IET) Best Warrior.

The 108th Best Warrior competition includes the “best of the best” division level winners who have advanced one-step further to compete for the 108th titles of Soldier, and NCO of the Year. The competition not only serves to evaluate their endurance, stamina, and marksmanship but their knowledge of basic Army skills and standards.

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Stoltz competes for NCO of the Year

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — People join the Army for many reasons. For Sgt. Jonathan B. Stoltz, the G.I. Bill caught his attention. This week he finds himself competing for Non-commissioned Officer of the Year at the 2012 Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition at Fort McCoy, Wis.

Stoltz, a Rockford, Ill., native, completed an active duty tour and joined the Reserve to continue to serve his country while allowing him to pursing a degree in criminal justice.

“Serving allows me to continue my education and gain invaluable leadership experience,” said Stoltz, assigned to the 330th Infantry Regiment, representing the 108th Training Command.

The competition consists of the Army Physical Fitness test, a ruck march, weapons qualification, written exams, mystery events and combatives.

For example, he recently graduated drill sergeant school in January because he wanted to have an impact on incoming Soldiers.

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Quiet desire: The Best Warrior Competition

FORT McCOY, Wis. — Spc. Benjamin Olson, an infantryman with the 3rd Battalion, 304th Infantry Regiment, joined the Army Reserve to do his duty to his country and pursue personal goals simultaneously.

“I wanted to maintain my role in the military and start a family,” Olson said, who is representing the 108th Training Command at the 2012 U.S. Army Reserve Command Best Warrior Competition at Fort McCoy, Wis.

He added that the Army Reserve allowed him to use his GI Bill to attend the University of Southern Maine where he is majoring in geosciences.

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Road to Best Warrior Competition starts here

FORT MCCOY, Wis., — The road to the Best Warrior Competition starts with the drill sergeants who initially instill Army Values in the young men and women wanting to be soldiers.

A group of drill sergeants have been spending one week per month for the last six months preparing events for the Best Warrior Competition.

Drill sergeants who teach and live by Army Values make first and lasting impressions on many soldiers and Best Warrior competitors.

“The impressions we make on young soldiers are essential for making great leaders,” said Sgt. 1st Class George E. Perry, of Laurinburg, N.C., a drill sergeant assigned to 2nd Brigade, of the 323rd Training Division.

“Here, during the Best Warrior Competition, we as non-commissioned officers are training soldiers to be future leaders,” said Perry.

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98th Training Division conducts Combatives Tournament

FORT DIX, N.J. — The 98th Division’s Army Combatives Program Academy at Joint Base Maguire-Dix-Lakehurst has been providing Level 1 and Level 2 (also known as Tactical Level) training to service members for three years. During that time, about 1000 participants have honed their skills in a mixed martial arts (MMA) style of competition that has transformed what used to be known as hand-to-hand combat.

To find the best of the best to represent the Army Reserve at the All Army Combatives tournament, the 98th Division hosted a tournament not only for the Army Reserve but for all members of the armed forces. From this tournament, several individuals will be selected to represent the Army Reserve at the All Army Tournament. Read More »

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Task Force Griffon family members participate in Yellow Ribbon event

TAMPA, Fla. — On May 4, 2012, 111 family members arrived at the Mainsail Suites Hotel and Conference Center, Tampa, Fla. to participate in the Task Force (TF) Griffon second Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Training event sponsored by the 95th Training Division (IET).

Soldiers of TF Griffon are currently deployed supporting training operations in Afghanistan. The Yellow Ribbon events are broken up into seven events that are designed to assist Soldiers and their family members with the challenges they may face throughout the deployment cycle. 

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95th trains future Soldiers

Quincy, Ill. — Recently, Delta and Echo companies, 2/334th, 3rd Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET), conducted a motivational future Soldier event at the Lincoln-Douglas Reserve Center in Quincy, Ill. More than 50 future Soldiers from the Quincy Recruiting Station received training from 95th Training Division (IET) drill sergeants in U.S. weapons, individual movement techniques, MOUT, and grenades.

The future Soldiers were divided into four teams led by drill sergeants. The culminating event was a timed obstacle course with the four teams competing against one another. The future Soldiers employed the skills they had learned from the drill instructors during the day. The winning team was honored at an awards ceremony, which completed the day’s events.

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French Legion of Honor awarded to 95th Veteran

Douglass J. Denman was 17 years old when he enlisted in the Army Reserve. He was sent to join the 95th Infantry Division at Ft. Indiantown Gap, Penn. in February 1944 and was trained as infantry. He served with C Company, 379th Regiment as a rifleman, platoon/squad runner and scout.

The division landed at Omaha Beach on the coast of Normandy, France in August 1944 and his unit moved to the line in September/October 1944. Denman was injured on Nov. 14, 1944, when his unit was ambushed during an attack on Germans in the town of Gravelotte. He lay bleeding in a mine field. His platoon sergeant yelled, “Denny don’t move.”

He didn’t move until the next morning when he was captured by the Germans and they carried him out of the field and later put him in a hospital basement in Metz where they were holding other prisoners. “A German officer kept asking us what outfit we were in but we only told him our name, rank and serial number,” said Denman.

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98th conducts FTX at A.P. Hill

Fort A.P. Hill, Va. — Col. Dan Reid, brigade commander, 3rd Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET), headquartered in Salem, Va. directed his brigade staff in February 2011, to begin planning a brigade FTX. He wanted to exercise several of the brigade’s METL tasks to include mobilization, conduct training, command and control, and force protection in a realistic and challenging environment. During the following 12 months, the brigade staff developed the concept of operation and went through the military decision making process and developed the key events of the exercise and how the operation would unfold. 

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Iron Men, Steel City

PITTSBURG, PA. — Soldiers from several eras of service in the 95th Training Division (IET) gathered in Pittsburgh, Pa. June 6-10 for the 63rd annual reunion. The event was hosted by the 95th Division Association.

Pittsburgh, known as the Steel City, has a special connection with many of the WWII Soldiers because it is home to Carnegie Tech (known today as Carnegie Mellon University) where they began their careers by attending the Army Specialized Training Program before it disbanded in 1944.

The reunion hosted several events. Attendees rode the Duquesne Incline on Thursday for a beautiful view of Pittsburgh from above. Soldiers were honored at the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game on Friday night.

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95th Memorial Receives Division Flag Flown in Afghanistan

The 95th Division flag flown at the Kabul Military Training Center in Afghanistan by 95th detachments during the division’s nine-year mission training the Afghan National Army (ANA) was recently donated to the 95th Memorial located at Fort Sill, Okla.

The memorial was originally created by the veterans of WWII with artifacts they collected during their service. Since its move to the new headquarters building at Fort Sill in April 2011, the memorial has expanded to include a post-WWII collection to honor the contributions of 95th Soldiers from those eras and the flag will be included as part of the display.

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Luck Would Have It

As he was watching his local news, Paul Mendlowitz was surprised to see a story about a reunion of Soldiers from the 95th Division. He had served with the division during WWII and had not seen anyone since 1945.

He joined the regular Army in 1942 shortly after his 18th birthday. In 1944, he was in Europe serving in a signal unit when he got word he was being sent to the 95th as a replacement right after their infamous battle at Metz. He was assigned as a machine gunner for D Company, 379th.

Mendlowitz had no idea the division had an association that had been hosting reunions for sixty plus years and that it was by luck he spotted the news story. He immediately started calling around to local hotels until he found the host site. He then took a drive and found himself walking through the lobby hoping to see a familiar face. Although he didn’t see anyone he knew, the hats with the distinctive 9-V were unmistakable.

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Command expanding Foreign Military Training initiative — Republic of Georgia

In addition to the currently tasked Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Advisor/Trainer missions, the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to seek out missions supporting Combatant Command Military Cooperation or Theater Security Cooperation initiatives. Fiscal Year (FY) 11 ended with the 108th Training Command (IET) supporting AFRICOM Military Cooperation efforts in Mozambique, Africa. FY 12 began with the 108th Training Command (IET) developing a new relationship with the Republic of Georgia’s (RoG) Armed Forces. Significant military cooperation has existed between the United States and the RoG in recent years. This cooperation is bilateral as the United States continues to provide operational training and advisory support to the RoG, while the Georgian Armed Forces (GAF) have provided elements, some of which are up to brigade-size, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and OEF. Currently, the GAFs have one or two infantry battalions conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. The relevance of this to all U.S. Forces is that means a U.S. Army infantry battalion or two is in CONUS.

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Post-to-Park: The National Park Service to preserve the military history of the Vancouver Barracks

Hundreds of Clark County residents gathered on the grass of the historic Vancouver Barracks for Memorial Day ceremonies to pay tribute to the servicemen of Clark County that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and close the Vancouver Barracks as a military installation. In addition to local, state, and federal government officials, command teams and soldiers from the 104th Training Division (LT), the 95th Training Division (IET), and the 88th Regional Support Command (RSC) participated in this year’s activities.

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Body and Mind — An interview with Master Sgt. Webley, competitive bodybuilder

Rank/Name: Master Sergeant Steven Webley

Age: 43

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 225 lbs off season/ 193 lbs contest weight

Years of Service: 23

MOS: 31B5O Military Police

Unit: 108th Training Command (IET), G3/5/7

MSG Webley, when did you decide to get into bodybuilding and why?

I started lifting weights my freshmen year in college because of my brother, My brother was a slim guy and when he went away to college he didn’t come home after his freshmen year, when he came home after his sophomore year I could not believe how big he had gotten. I attended the same school and of course I wanted to hang out with my big brother. His fraternity brother told him if I want to hang with them I needed to start working out. However, I didn’t get serious about it until 2000.

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Soldier's Gold Mine

G1: It’s YOUR Career

Headquarters, 108th Training Command (IET) will convene a command-wide Troop Program Unit (TPU) Junior Promotion Board (Sgt. through Staff Sgt.) in Charlotte, N.C. on 17-20 Sept. 2012. Eligible Soldiers are REQUIRED to provide one of the following:

  1. A promotion packet for promotion consideration.
  2. A declination statement because he/she does not want to be considered for promotion.
If the chain of command does not believe a Soldier should be considered for promotion, then the chain of command will: Read More »

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What makes a great unit?

Good day to all from the Great Northwest and “Timberwolf” country. I say there is no better time to be a Soldier than now. With the events and conflicts our Country has recently experienced, patriotism is high. Many of us have experienced walking through the airport and being greeted by fellow Americans with a firm handshake, thanking us for our service to our Nation. Some of us have even had our food receipts paid for by anonymous Americans as a gesture of their gratitude. This indeed warms the soul and serves as a reminder that our country loves the men and women who serve in her military.

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1/323rd has same mission, new commander

CARY, N.C. — A new commander is leading the 1/323rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET), but the requirements of drill sergeants and the mission to train the next generation of Soldiers remains steadfast. During the change of command ceremony at the Cary Reserve Center Sunday, May 20, Lt. Col. B. Scott Maddrea passed the battalion’s colors to the incoming commander, Lt. Col. John M. Brown, signifying the transfer of command authority.

Maddrea, who will be retiring on June 1, said “My first assignment in the Army Reserve 25 years ago was to a BCT battalion. It is altogether fitting and proper that I end my career in front of a formation of drill sergeants.

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In the past four years I have had an opportunity to serve as the Master Chaplain Assistant NCOIC with the 108th Training Command (IET) Unit Ministry Team (UMT). It has been both rewarding and challenging. During my career, I have worked in many different duty assignments from human resources management, to 1st Sgt., to commandant of the NCO school for two Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). Although I enjoyed working with and helping Soldiers in my past MOS, I continued to want to do more for Soldiers and their families. After relocating from Hampton Roads, Va. to Charlotte, N.C., I was in search of a new unit; at the same time, I experienced a desire to become a chaplain assistant. I felt it was my calling to serve as a chaplain assistant, because I believe whole-heartedly that the Lord aligns you where he wants you to be at critical times in your life.

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of commanders and Soldiers alike.

The PAO is kicking off the Unit Public Affairs Program (UPAR), which will allow any Soldier to be the additional eyes and ears for your unit and the PAO. By volunteering you will assume the duties of UPAR as an additional duty.

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$16,000 raised for our Soldiers and Families

On the 26th of September, 2011, 23 teams kicked off the first annual Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament in a shotgun start. Players arrived to patriotic music played by the 208th Army Band, registered and set off to the practice tee. Following completion of registration, the formal start of the tournament included mistress of ceremonies Allison Latos from Charlotte’s WSOC-TV, Channel 9, Eyewitness News team, who was introduced by MG (Ret) McCartney, President of the 108th Griffon Association. Following their remarks, a color guard from the Statesville High Junior ROTC presented the colors, the band played the National Anthem and an invocation was presented. At 1200, with a delicious box lunch in hand, a new sleeve of Pine Island balls and the anticipation of a great day of golf, the 90+ players set out to challenge an exciting course.

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Preparing for a great school year

My favorite time of year for me as a homeschooling mom is right before we start up a new school year. I’m excited about spending time learning with my children and teaching them new things. I enjoy picking out new literature we’re going to read together and finding interesting field trips we can take in conjunction with our topics of study. I love the thought of my kids being engaged in their education—wanting to learn, working hard, and being committed to their own discovery. They love reading and this adds to my love of homeschooling.

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TRADOC and Army helping Soldiers receive civilian credentialing for attending military schools

FORT EUSTIS, Va. (June 21, 2012) — The Army’s Training and Doctrine Command is working to increase opportunities for Soldiers to receive civilian credentialing for attending military schools. Training and Doctrine Command, known as TRADOC, is responsible for teaching roughly 150 military occupational specialties to enlisted Soldiers using 15 schools across eight locations, providing nearly 200,000 Army professionals each year with opportunities to become experts in their field.

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New partnership links Soldiers to employers

What is it?

The Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces (EPAF) is a Department of Defense program created to link Americas employers with some of Americas finest employees - service members and their families. The free partnership program helps leverage military training and experience for better career opportunities in todays civilian job market and is available to all military reserve members, veterans, and their families. Geographically dispersed Program Support Managers help Soldiers find suitable employment by posting information about job fairs and offering assistance with job applications, resume creation and interview skills improvement.

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4 benefits to hiring military personnel

An increasing number of civilian employers are becoming more aware of the unique strengths former military personnel can bring with them to a civilian job. Whether you are a business leader considering expanding your work force, or a veteran considering which qualities to highlight in your cover letter, reviewing these top four military-related attributes that top executives find most attractive will help you simplify the task at hand.

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Using your social network

Q: I’ve heard it said that social media is powerful in helping build visibility (especially in a job search). Do you agree?

A: Absolutely! For most of us, our online profiles are the first place a potential employer, interviewer or recruiter will go to try to find us. For this reason, I have several tips for building a powerful online personal brand.

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Three Rivers, Lake Kaweah and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Horseback Riding

There’s nothing like riding the Three Rivers foothills in the Fall, past mountain oaks as they turn from green to gold in the autumn light, and hilltop views, along with snow-melt river crossings, and striking fall color, guided by expert Christy Wood of Wood ‘N’ Horse who has 25 years as a World Champion Trainer and Instructor in all disciplines. For more information or to make an appointment for your ride, visit

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Film, Sand and Space ... Alamogordo, New Mexico

Filmmakers and tourists alike are welcomed with wave-like ever changing dunes at nearby White Sands National Monument, and other local and unique geological formations. In addition to these attractions, there is a diversity of locations available with a variance in altitude, climate, and terrain all within a 20 to 40 minute drive within the Tularosa Basin. Alamogordo is a thriving city of over 34,000 residents transformed from a railroad, ranching and farming hamlet into a progressive vibrant community. Developed in 1898 as a rail junction with nearby mountain lumber railroad, today Alamogordo presents a diverse economic base in a progressive community committed to continuing economic development.

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7 Ways to enjoy Charleston’s military destination

So much to do and so little time on R&R. In South Carolina, vacation opportunities abound...especially in historic Charleston, a coastal destination brimming with sightseeing options. One of the best is Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, which TripAdvisor honored with its coveted Certificate of Excellence earlier this year.

If you’re like most vacationers planning a trip to Charleston, SC, you may arrange for only an hour or two to explore the historic collection of naval vessels and fighter planes overlooking the city’s harbor. That would be a mistake.

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North Myrtle Beach should be your fall destination

North Myrtle Beach’s stunning natural beauty is the Carolinas coast at its best. Our area is the home of championship golf, great resorts, fine dining, fabulous shopping and some of the best entertainment on the East Coast. You couldn’t pick a better place to vacation!

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Find adventure in Charleston

Fall is here and it’s a great time to explore the South! Families of all interests will find so much to experience in Charleston, South Carolina. Each year, Charleston is consistently rated amongst the country’s top travel destinations.

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Freedom still lives in Cherokee County, S.C.

Cherokee County, South Carolina has stood for freedom since its first exposure to mankind in the form of Native American hunters. Among the forests, open fields, creeks and hollows the Cherokee tribe freely sought sustenance for their children.

Centuries later, Scots-Irish and English settlers built their cabins and broke virgin soil for farms to support their families. And with them, they brought an innate sense of freedom - freedom to worship, freedom to prosper and freedom to grow as individuals.

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Anderson, S.C.

Anderson County, South Carolina is quite a catch. It has it all —brains, beauty, athleticism, and of course, a prime location.

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Cajun food and culture in Southwest Louisiana

Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana is where Cajuns and Cowboys collide — located 30 miles from Texas right in the heart of Cajun Country. This region is known for its Cajun food, cultural blend of music and good times all around. Visitors come from all over the world to engulf themselves in all that Cajun Country has to offer. From hunting and fishing, year round festivals, miles of beaches and nature trails, to historical homes from the turn of the century and fresh seafood from the Gulf, there is plenty of fun to be had.

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A billion or so trees are waiting to say hello!

Each fall, Pennsylvania puts on a spectacular show. Not a show with performers or that takes place in a theatre. And not one that charges an admission fee. This show takes place along its highways, back country roads and throughout every small town. It is at this time of year that our billion or so leaves start their transformation and paint the picture of our autumn canopy. This canopy boasts the golden yellows and rich oranges from poplar, hickory, sycamore and birch trees. The deeper reds and purples are seen on red maple, sumac and black gum species.

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Central PA’s Tranquil Susquehanna Valley

This fall, discover the true meaning of R&R with a visit to the Susquehanna River Valley. Here, the river sets the relaxing pace of your day, so the only thing that’s mandatory is meandering along its winding twists and turns as they connect you from one treasure to another. Our charming downtowns, serene country sides, and downhome hospitality will remind you of what coming home is all about.

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Prepare to be Minionized

Universal Orlando Resort recently celebrated the grand opening of its hilarious and heartwarming Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction, bringing minions, mayhem and tons of laughter to guests at Universal Studios.

Based on the blockbuster Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment film “Despicable Me,” the ride was created by Universal Orlando in partnership with Chris Meledandri, founder and CEO of Illumination, and his filmmaking colleagues. The ride places guests in the midst of an original adventure that combines a new storyline, new animation, the latest 3-D technology — and the heart, outrageous humor and memorable characters of the film.

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Visit Gainesville’s Butterfly Forest

Ever taken a shower of butterflies? Gainesville offers the chance to come face-to-face with exotic, vibrant butterflies fluttering atop a lush tropical canvas of foliage and flowers as you experience the Butterfly Rainforest, at the Florida Museum of Natural History on the University of Florida Campus.

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National D-Day Memorial honors those at Normandy

The National D-Day Memorial is a special memorial in a very special place. Bedford, Virginia is the community that suffered the highest per capita D-Day losses in the nation. The National D-Day Memorial honors not just the Americans, but all of the Allied forces that participated in the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 during World War II. With its stylized English Garden, haunting invasion tableau, and striking Victory Plaza, the Memorial stands as a powerful tribute to the valor, fidelity, and sacrifice of D-Day participants. Surrounded by the beautiful majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, this makes for a solemn and respectful tribute for our fallen heroes.

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The Griffon Vol. 36.3 (Fall 2012)

The Griffon Vol. 36.3 (Fall 2012)
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The 108th Training Command got its start as part of an elaborate deception prior to Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France in World War II. The Division was a "phantom" division created on paper and assigned to the First United States Army Group under the command of General George Patton. We were the original Institutional Training (IT) Division and remain one of seven training divisions for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The Griffon is in its 30th publishing year as an award-winning authorized publication written in the interest of the men and women of the 108th Training Command.

  • The Griffon is written and published quarterly in the interest of the 108th National Training Command. It is shipped directly to member's homes and to Training Command bases throughout the U.S.
  • The Griffon is regularly recognized by the Pentagon with their highest rating of Four Stars as one of the largest and most informative authorized publications in the Army.
  • Our members use The Griffon for prescreened, approved resources and opportunities for themselves and their families.
  • The Griffon is required reading material with a message straight from the General.