Thoughts for 2011
Thoughts for 2011
From the Commanding General

Maj. Gen. Robert P. Stall | 02/16/2011

This is a new year of transition and change. The Army is in a constant state of flux and this year is no different. There are many leadership changes that will happen in the coming months. Gen. George Casey, after a long and distinguished career will be leaving as the 36th Chief of Staff and be replaced by Gen. Martin Dempsey, commanding general, Training and Doctrine Command. His Command Sgt. Maj., Kenneth Preston, 13th Command Sergeant Major of the Army, will also be retiring. Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, current deputy Commanding General for Initial Military Training has been chosen to be the next Commanding General of United States Army Europ... Read More...

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The changes continue
The changes continue
From the Command Sergeant Major

Command Sgt. Maj. William J. Payne | 02/16/2011

As of this writing, I had just returned from the Nominative Command Sergeant Major Conference, commonly known as the Sergeant Major of the Army Conference at Fort Bliss, Texas. A couple of significant events occurred at this conference. First, this was the last time for us to be addressed by the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. George W. Casey who will shortly retire after over 40 years in uniform. This was also the last conference for the current Sergeant Major of the Army, Sgt. Maj. Kenneth O. Preston. After seven years, by three years the longest tenure as the Sgt. Maj. of the Army, he will be retiring concluding an Army career of over 35 ... Read More...

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Combating suicide in our ranks
Combating suicide in our ranks

Col. Timothy Welch | 02/16/2011

Hello Soldiers, families and friends of the 108th Training Command! In my second Griffon column I am compelled to write about what I feel is the Army’s most disturbing trend: “Suicide”. Suicide is not difficult to define: It is the intentional termination of one’s own existence. However, suicide is difficult to explain. It is a complex and tragic act, one that is often unpredictable, inexplicable, seemingly motiveless and intensely personal. Among all living species, human beings are the only ones that consciously take their own lives. Suicides and attempted suicides within the Army and the 108th Training Command have reached an all-ti... Read More...

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Homeschoolers: How do you teach physics?

Cindy Bianucci | 05/13/2011

So, the word physics has entered your homeschool conversations as of late, and you’re a bit stumped as to what to do with it? Yes, you could ignore it, but that wouldn’t be in the best interest of your child. Your child is nearing an age where it may be an option, but does he/she need it? And if so, how will you teach it? How could you possibly? Will it consume your time? Read More...

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Education in America: Homeschooling on the Rise

Donna Rees | 03/08/2011

The homeschooling movement continues to gain momentum as home-educated students and graduates demonstrate success academically and socially. Boasting an increase of 74% since 1999 and now in its fourth decade, the modern homeschooling movement is gaining followers at an astonishing rate. Homeschool, for the most part an unfamiliar term only thirty years ago when the movement began, has become a household word. U.S. educators from both public and private school arenas are very much aware of the movement and its impact, and today popular media frequently make mention of “homeschoolers,” from characters in CBS’s #1 show, NCIS, to homeschool g... Read More...

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Promising new year
Promising new year

Command Chief Warrant Officer Shirley Moser | 02/16/2011

Happy New Year to all of you. It looks like a very promising year with many new and exciting chances to rise to new levels of leadership. The 108th Training Command (IET) Warrant Officer Program has grown and spread its wings in many directions. I have been very privileged to be a part of this growth and know that with all the new vacancies, our program will continue to grow and become one of the best. I wish everyone much success in the coming year. Last November I attended the Army Reserve Command Chief Warrant Officer Summit at the Pentagon. This was a new experience for me. I was filled with pride, excitement, and honor as I was usher... Read More...

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Stall promoted to Major General
Stall promoted to Major General

Sgt. 1st Class Marty A. Collins | 02/16/2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Maj. Gen. Robert P. Stall, commanding general of the 108th Training Command (IET) received his second star in a ceremony held here Feb. 5 at the Hilton Charlotte Center City. Command Sgt. Maj. William Payne, senior enlisted advisor to the 108th Training Command (IET) and Stall’s wife Nancy watched as Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Chief of the Army Reserve and commanding general of U.S. Army Reserve Command, affixed the two-star rank on Stall’s ACU jacket. Nancy then handed Stall his new beret adorned with two stars. Stultz, a former member of the108th Training Division, then issued the oath of office to Stall. “What I wa... Read More...

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History Uncased
History Uncased
First Army Reserve drill sergeant battalion arrives on the island of Puerto Rico

Capt. Jennifer K. Cotten | 02/16/2011

SAN JUAN , Puerto Rico — A new chapter in Army Reserve history began December 4 when 1st Battalion, 389th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 98th Training Division (Initial Entry Training), 108th Training Command uncased its unit colors in Old San Juan making it the first ever Army Reserve drill sergeant battalion on the island. The ceremony took place atop Castillo San Felipe del Morro (“El Morro”) a fortification overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. El Morro was built by Spain beginning in 1539 to protect Puerto Rico’s harbor. Rich in its own history, El Morro was a fitting location for such an historical event. Lt. Col. Jennifer Ryan, battalion com... Read More...

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Thoughts for 2011
The changes continue
Combating suicide in our ranks
Homeschoolers: How do you teach physics?
Education in America: Homeschooling on the Rise
Promising new year
Stall promoted to Major General
History Uncased
3-385th Regiment change of responsibility
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