As I reflect on the last 38 months in command I marvel at the accomplishments of the Soldiers of the 108th Training Command — but am not surprised.  I knew that as we consolidated, reorganized and transformed Initial Entry Training units from six different DIVITs, each with their own proud legacy, that the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts.  The leveraging of our collective experiences and capabilities has created a uniquely capable and flexible training organization.   With hard work at every level you have increased qualified Drill Sergeant strength from less than 50 percent to nearly 90 percent, with 100 percent just within reach.  Concurrent with massive reorganizations you have accomplished every mission: from our assigned training base expansion missions at the TRADOC Army Training Centers; to standing up and executing pre-deployment training at the Army Reserve Regional Training Centers; to training recalled IRR and over one-half of the individual augmentee Sailors at Task Force Marshall;  to changing Sailors, Airmen and Marines into Soldiers at the Warrior Transition Course; to continued support with trainers in Iraq and Afghanistan; to establishing a new Office of Program Management in support of training Saudi Arabian facility protection forces; to training a new generation of future officers at the ROTC Warrior Forge and Leader Training Courses; to West Point support; and most recently a short fuse mission to establish the first female Afghan OCS program by a 100 percent female contingent of six of our Drill Sergeants, 1st Sgt. and company commander.   Bottom line, you have done all required to establish your bona fides as an operational reserve; ready and able to train not only basic trainees, but Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines of any country, stateside or overseas.

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Goodbye to Major General James B. Mallory III

I first met then Lt. Col. James Mallory almost 15 years ago as part of 1st Team, the senior leadership team for 1st Brigade, 108th Division Training.  I was a 1st Sgt. and acting Command Sgt. Maj. in the 2nd Battalion, 485th Regiment in Asheboro, N.C. and he commanded the 1st Battalion, 518th Regiment in Asheville, N.C.

I then served under him briefly when I was assigned as the Command Sgt. Maj. of the 3rd Battalion, 318th Regiment in Hickory, N.C. while he was the Commander of the 1st Brigade, 108th Division.

In 1999, I became the Commandant of the 108th Division Drill Sergeant School (DSS). Shortly after becoming the Commandant I was proud to be presiding over my first graduation class. From a class start of twenty eight candidates we had eight, “The Great Eight” I called them, to graduate. To graduate from DSS at that time it typically took over a year to complete the course. And we were graduating two classes a year. During the length of a course a number of issues could come in a Soldier’s life that would cause them to drop from the course.

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104th bids farewell to Vancouver barracks

The 104th Division’s ties to the Pacific Northwest began in World War II, when the Division trained at Camp Adair, Oregon. Our nickname, the Timberwolves, and shoulder patch, a howling wolf symbolizes the free spirit of the Northwest.  Our ties were cemented in December 1946, when the 104th Division, was activated at the Vancouver Barracks. Many people; judges, business men and women and ordinary citizens have become Timberwolves.

The strength of the Army Reserve is that we are citizen Soldiers. In the last sixty three years, the Timberwolves have given back to our communities. Some of these actions were small, like reviving a Camp Fire Girl camp on the Washougal River, or assisting Clark County and the City of Vancouver recover wrecked and abandoned vehicles; to giving free rides to recreation sites for needy youths. We have also given back in larger ways.

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95th Training Division (IET) Iron Men of Metz

Drill Sergeants are held to the highest standards and our nation places enormous expectations on our Soldiers. The 95th Division provides premier Drill Sergeants to the U.S. Army and delivers the finest training to the newest members of our Army. Our Drill Sergeants are first and foremost dedicated professionals. They are combat seasoned non-commissioned officers, highly trained, motivated, mature and extremely competent.  Given today’s challenging conditions and operations tempo the demands continue to stress our Drill Sergeant force. Regardless of the challenges, this is an exceptional group of warriors.


For those who serve in the Initial Entry Training (IET) environment we should reflect daily on our Drill Sergeants’ accomplishments and give pause to the tremendous pressures put upon them and their Families.  Despite the multiple tasks they are directed to accomplish, the numerous mobilizations and deployments performed and the difficult circumstances in which they operate, I am proud to say our Drill Sergeants are performing superbly. These magnificent warriors are tried, tested and have never failed in their missions. They consistently espouse a “Mission First, People Always” mantra that is reflected in the great successes our troops have achieved on and off the battlefield.


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98th Training Division (IET) Iroquois Warriors

This has been a very busy year for the Soldiers and Families of the 98th Division.  Our Drill Sergeants, Instructors, and the Soldiers that support them have conducted a wide variety of missions both overseas and here in the United States.  Our Drill Sergeants have been providing world class training to our Army’s newest Soldiers at Ft. Benning, Ga., Ft. Knox, Ky., Ft. Jackson, S.C., and Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.  Our officers and NCOs have also been training other Army Reserve units at the three Regional Training Centers at Ft. Dix, N.J., Ft. McCoy, Wis., and Ft. Hunter Ligget, Calif.   Other missions include training ROTC Cadets at their annual Basic and Advanced Training Camps, training US Military Academy Cadets at West Point, N.Y., and advising security forces in Iraq.  Our Soldiers have time and again proven themselves to be extremely capable and dedicated professionals.  They fill extremely important positions within the active component training base and consistently earn the praise of the training base leadership.  In spite of the high operational pace and the associated stress that comes with these missions, our Soldiers and Families have demonstrated exceptional courage, commitment and resilience.  They truly are “the strength of our nation.” 

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Farewell and welcome!

As you read this article we will have essentially bid farewell to Maj. Gen. James Mallory, commanding general 108th Training Command (IET) and welcomed his successor, who at the time of my writing this article has not be announced.  What is known is that we have bid farewell to a truly visionary and transformational leader in Maj. Gen. Mallory. 

I would like to thank Maj. Gen. Mallory for having provided me the opportunity to serve as the 108th Training Command (IET) SCXO.  I joined the 108th Training Command the same month Maj. Gen. Mallory assumed command.  From the onset, I found Maj. Gen. Mallory to possess a strong sense of strategic leadership in terms of his vision for the command and his ability to transcend the command from one of many training divisions to the sole provider of Initial Entry Training (IET) to the entire United States Army Reserve. 

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The desire to become a Warrant Officer and ‘new’ vacancies

A beautiful fresh Spring season is upon us! The sun actually peaked through the clouds.  How marvelous it seems after the cold, bleak winter we all endured.  It is with this beautiful season that I feel invigorated to face the very important issues before us.  During this past quarter, fifty four 920A Property Accounting Technician Positions were added to the TDA. There are fifty three 420A Human Resource Technician Positions to be added to the TDA during fall 2010.  What does this mean?  Well, there are several things that should happen in order to fill these positions.             

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Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol dependence (defined as five or more drinks in the same sitting) is a powerful disorder with enormous health consequences. Alcohol dependence and chronic, excessive alcohol consumption are associated with a high risk of developing various types of chronic diseases, including psychiatric conditions, neurologic impairment and cardiovascular disease, some of which are fatal. It is estimated that in the year 2000, alcohol-consumption was responsible for 85,000 deaths, or 3.5% of all deaths, in the United States, making alcohol consumption the third leading behavioral cause of death after tobacco use, poor diet and physical inactivity.  More than 55,000 veterans were admitted into addiction treatment facilities in 2000 .

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A brief history of the 104th Training Division Timberwolves


The 104th Division was formed in August of 1921, in the Organized Reserves, as the United States Army Reserves was known then.  Its headquarters was at Fort Douglas, Utah, drawing its soldiers from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, and was known as the Frontier Division.  104th Division soldiers wore a shoulder patch with a grey wolf’s head on a green background to denote this.  This patch and the soldiers who wore it would become famous in World War II.

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Best Warrior Competition:

This year’s 95th Training Division (IET) Best Warrior Competition (BWC) was hosted by 3rd Brigade from March 28 through April 2 at Fort Knox, Ky. The competition kicked off with 25 soldiers vying for titles of Soldier, Non-Commissioned Officer and Drill Sergeant of the Year.


The winners were Staff Sgt. Kyle Drube, 3-415, 2nd Brigade, Drill Sergeant of the Year; Staff Sgt. Mark Mercer, 3-378, 1st Brigade, Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year; and Spc. Treveron Anglin, 3-415, 2nd Brigade, Soldier of the Year.

The annual event vets division soldiers to determine the best candidates to send forward to the next level of competitions at the Army Reserve Command. The three soldiers selected will now have an opportunity to hone their skills and represent the division with hopes of taking home their respective titles for the entire Army Reserve.


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98th Division Soldiers return to school

Soldiers of the 98th Training Division (IET) returned to school from March 8th through 14th at Iroquois University.  Their campus was the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Atlanta, Ga. and their professors were Soldiers and civilians from the 98th Training Division and Army Reserve Command Headquarters.

“We had Soldiers and civilians attending from across the eastern portion of the country.  We needed a high quality low cost site to conduct our training.  The USARC headquarters is right down the road from the hotel, so the combination of factors was perfect for our needs,” said Sgt. Maj. Rick Wark, 98th Training Division, G3.


This year’s curriculum consisted of classes on the new Unit Status Reporting (USR) system, Individual Training and Readiness System (ITRS), and the Duty Appointed Retention NCO (DARN) program.  The classes were offered in response to comments noted during the division command inspection program.

The USR class was well received by the student body.  “We should do this a lot more often, this was very informative,” said Master Sgt. Jodi Johnson, 2nd Brigade Operations non-commissioned officer in charge. Mr. Clement Knight, unit administrator, 1/417 of 3rd Brigade added, “This was extremely helpful to a new employee like me.  Overall it was a great experience.”  This is the third year the 98th Division has offered classes through Iroquois University. 


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Distinguished honor graduate drawn to Military at young age

As a kid, Staff Sgt. Jason Sterling liked to ride his mountain bike around his tiny hometown of 583 people. He also watched in curiosity as his father put on his Battle Dress Uniform and headed out the door to “play Army.”  The Fordland, Mo., native said after graduating high school he made the decision to join the military and become a Soldier, just like his dad. Now, 24 years old, Sterling can annotate another distinction to his six-year military career, the designation as a United States Army Reserve Drill Sergeant.

Forty-three Soldiers graduated from Class 003, USAR Drill Sergeant School at Ft. Knox, Ky., on March 20 and Sterling was named Distinguished Honor Graduate.  He is currently assigned to 2nd Battalion, 334th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET) based in Granite City, Ill., just east of St. Louis, Mo. 

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Chaplains Corner...

Soon summer will be fully upon us. Praise the Lord! But when I was a little boy, the late spring and early summer could mean storms, and swelling creeks all around us. And thus spring, beautiful as it was, meant a time for potential danger.

In those seasons when storms threatened our little chicken farm, on the Louisianan-Mississippi border, I had to go out into the chicken yard and gather up all of the bitties, the chicks, and rescue them from the coming storm. We had a special place for them to keep them safe until the storm had passed. It was not only my responsibility but also my heart’s duty to go and search extensively for every single chick and bring them into the safety of the coop.

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DEP training prepares new recruits for Army Basic Training

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — On Jan. 9, 18 enlistees from Kingman and Bullhead City, Ariz. got a taste of Army Basic prior to going to their Basic Training school, courtesy of Delta Company, 1-415th Brigade Combat Team’s drill sergeants.


Sgt. 1st Class Mark Waxler and Sgt. Martinez, recruiters from Bull Head City, transported the new enlistees over 75 miles to the Ryland G. Taylor Reserve Center in Las Vegas to attend the 1-415th’s Delayed Entry Program (DEP) training.

The DEP training prepares new Soldiers for Basic Training by running them through a day similar to what these new recruits can expect when they hit the ground at Basic Training.  


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Advancing Customer Excellence in 2010

I am crossing my fingers that the Griffon and this article will be published prior to the Command’s fulltime conference as an introduction to the Chief Executive Officers Command Customer Service Initiative. (If not, please continue to read anyway!)

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New Junior Enlisted Promotions Policy

On Sept. 21, 2003, the United States Army Reserve obtained approval for an exception to policy (ETP) from the Department of the Army, enabling the USAR to promote without regard to vacancy junior enlisted Soldiers to the ranks of Sgt. and Staff Sgt.  The intent of this ETP was two-fold:  to allow the USAR to increase its personnel end strength and to better take care of junior enlisted Soldiers during a time of war.  This ETP also had the effect of making promotion to the ranks of Sgt and Staff Sgt., which was quite similar to the process used to promote senior enlisted Soldiers to the ranks of Sgt. 1st Class and Sgt. Maj., more like advancement to the ranks of Pvt. 2 and Spc.

As of Sept. 30, 2009, the AR had not only met but exceeded its personnel end strength goal.  Therefore, DA allowed the ETP enabling the AR to promote without regard to vacancy junior enlisted Soldiers to the ranks of Sgt. – Staff Sgt. to expire on Sept. 30 2009.  By allowing this ETP to expire, junior enlisted promotions to the rank of Sgt. – Staff Sgt. no longer bear a similarity to advancements to the ranks of Pvt. 2 and Spc.  DA re-implemented old policy effective Oct. 1, 2009 making junior enlisted promotions once again quite similar to senior enlisted promotions. 

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2nd Battalion, 415th Regiment holds Best Drill Sergeant Competition

Initially it sounded like an easy enough tasking; plan, prepare, and host a battalion level competition to determine the 2nd Battalion, 415th Regiments best drill sergeant.  Like most taskings, it came with its own unique mix of challenges and constraints.

Lt. Col. Brian Young, battalion commander, 2/415, wanted “a tough and challenging competition that forced every competitor to push hard and learn something about him or herself.” Because the event would take place during the battalion’s semi-annual collective training FTX (Field Training Exercise) at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif. the event had to be: self contained, last no longer than one day, be all inclusive (test fitness, warrior skills, attention to detail, knowledge and clearly determine the top three competitors).

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Soldier’s Gold Mine


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Sand Hill gets new Basic Combat Training Unit

FORT BENNING, Ga. — A new unit has cranked up on Sand Hill and will spend the next year turning civilians into Soldiers as an additional basic combat training agent for the 192nd Infantry Brigade.


An activation ceremony took place March 31 for 1st Battalion, 378th Infantry Regiment, 98th Training Division (IET), a Reserve element that comes to Fort Benning from LaFayette, La. Leaders said the formation supports the Army’s overall growth and provides the brigade with an extra training outfit to handle the recruit surge that typically hits Sand Hill every summer.

Col. Terrence McKenrick, the 192nd Infantry Brigade commander, said the battalion assumes a “challenging and critically important mission” of training new Soldiers for the generating force.


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108th Training Command (IET) wins 2009 Reserve Family Readiness Award

The DoD Reserve Family Readiness Awards Program was established in 2000 to recognize the top unit in each of the reserve components.  Family readiness programs are particularly important as we rely on significant numbers of reservists to serve in critical locations worldwide.  Family readiness has proven to be a key component of mission readiness.  Robust family readiness programs have enhanced the deployability of our Guard and Reserve units and they represent a vital link in the support networks for our reserve families.

The U.S. Army Reserve winner was the 108th Training Command (IET) located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The 108th supports 12,000 soldiers in various phases of deployment; the 108th has been a leader in the development of Family Readiness efforts.  To improve Soldier and Family quality of life programs, the 108th has developed a program called the “Community Connections” Initiative.  

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From the Family Programs Office...

As the Acting Family Program Director for the 108th Training Command (IET), I would like to make our Families aware of a new service and some upcoming events regarding Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS). 

Our newest initiative is Survivor Outreach Service (SOS).  It is an Army-wide program designed to provide dedicated and comprehensive support to Survivors of deceased Soldiers. The SOS program is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Army’s Survivor population, with dedicated resources, and a commitment to providing first-class service for as long as the Family desires.  Ms. Stacey Gilbert is the point of contact located at the 108th Tng, Cmd. at [email protected]

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US Army Small Arms (All Army) Championship

FORT DIX, N.J. —  The mission of Regional Training Center-East is to train Army units for war, resulting in reduced post-mobilization training time.

The cadre and staff of RTC-East take this mission very seriously and continually strive to provide the absolute best training and instruction possible.  One of the best ways to confirm or validate whether your instructors and cadre have the knowledge and capability to perform is to place them in direct competition with the best the Army has to offer.

That is exactly what happened in February at Ft. Benning, Ga. as a team from RTC-East attended the 2010 US Army Small Arms (All Army) Championship. 

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108th Training Command (IET) employees attend Malcolm Baldridge Self-Assessment Course

The 108th Training Command (IET) continues to move forward in educating its employees in the Malcolm Baldridge Criteria in an effort to continue its advancement in performance excellence.  This year, the command sent 20 employees representing various sections and work segments to include a mixture of TPU, AGR, and Miltechs to the ACOE self-assessment course.  The most recent course was held in Jacksonville, Fla. where a group of 12 representatives brainstormed with the goal of providing a basic framework to the ACOE packet by answering all 208 questions. The experience and knowledge gained can best be captured by a few selected quotes from some of the attendees.

Col. Eddie Singleton (G-4 Directorate) “The biggest challenge was answering “how” we do something command-wide verses “what” we do.  Also, we often found ourselves stretching and answering what we should be doing verses what we were actually doing. Sometimes it was hard to admit that we just weren’t doing some things that we should be doing.”

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108th Training Command celebrates Black History Month

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Soldiers from the 108th Training Command (IET) headquarters gathered in the drill hall here Feb. 21 to observe Black History Month. Mr. Malcolm E. Beech Sr., a native of Kinston, N.C. served as the guest speaker at the event. Black History Month is a remembrance of important people and events in the history of African Americans and is celebrated annually in the United States in February.  The remembrance was founded in 1926 by United States historian Carter G. Woodson as “Negro History Week”.   Woodson chose the second week of February because it marked the birthdays of two Americans who greatly influenced the lives and social condition of African Americans: former President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass.

During his speech Beech commented on the theme of this year’s event, “The History of Black Economic Empowerment”.  Beech graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga. in 1969 and continued his education at Howard University in 1978 where he completed his MBA. In 2010 he plans to complete his Doctorate of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix. 

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Griffon Association honors Soldiers with awards, scholarships

After several years of inactivity, the 108th Griffon Association is back up and operating again. This association is composed of former and present members of the 108th Training Command (both military and civilian), who have served or are serving honorably.   

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of commanders and Soldiers alike. The PAO is kicking off the Unit Public Affairs Program (UPAR), which will allow any Soldier to be the additional eyes and ears for your unit and the PAO. By volunteering you will assume the duties of UPAR as an additional duty.  The Public Affairs Office will hold training sessions and workshops during battle assembly (BA) to meet, train, and certify you as an UPAR.

Do you enjoy taking pictures? You can be the historian for your unit. As a Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) you will take pictures of newsworthy events and submit them along with stories to the 108th Training Command PAO for review and possible submission in the 108th Training Command publication, “The Griffon” and 108th Training Command Website.

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Against the wind:

A marathon is unlike any other athletic competition in the world.  Runners will describe it as a mixture of 26.2 miles of pure hell and absolute freedom.  It is a contest of wills that not necessarily pits the runners against each other but against themselves.  The winner is not always decided by the one with the best build, the best coaches or the best training aides.  To paraphrase legendary runner Steve Prefontaine, it’s not the fastest runner who wins the race but the one with the most guts.

A similar thought was creeping into the mind of Staff Sgt. Haywood Gordon, who serves as a drill sergeant for Bravo Company in the 108th Training Command’s Drill Sergeant School at Oklahoma City, Okla., as he neared the 20 mile mark during the annual running of the Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon this past February 27.  Struggling to maintain his pace and his focus through the final leg of the race, he continually thought about shutting it down.

“The mp3 player helped a little, but the pain superseded the false motivation.  I’ve never ran that far, and it gets longer as you run.  I wanted to stop after 18+ miles, but there was no where to go.” 

“So, I ran to the finish line.”

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Warriors complete year long mobilization at Fort Sill

While the tax deadline makes April 15 hard to forget, for the Soldiers of the 3/378th, 1st Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET), the date also stands out as the day they completed their twelve month mobilization at Fort Sill, Okla. The battalion was mobilized with elements from Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas, beginning with the mobilization of Echo Company on March 1, 2009. Lt. Col.  Douglas Long of Coppers Cove, Texas and Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas Gehm of Grand Prairie, Texas made up the command team.

The primary mission of the “Warrior” battalion was to conduct Basic Combat Training (BCT). During the course of the mission the 378th trained nine cycles of BCT with a total of over 1,800 Soldiers trained. An additional cycle was trained by Echo Company under the direction of the 1st Battalion, 19th Field Artillery.

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Back to Basics:

I had the opportunity to visit with drill sergeants from 3-378th at Fort Sill, Okla. and through my conversations I gleaned what I think is advice and recommendations important to share with other units mobilizing to various basic training locations. The key elements to a successful mission include:

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Toddlers and homeschooling – making it work

While some families are sending their children off on the bus or dropping them off at the preschool or daycare, most homeschooling families are trying to incorporate toddlers and preschoolers into their daily learning activities.  This can lead to some interesting and exciting multi-age learning, of course, but it can also lead to exasperation or frustration for parents and school-aged children who are trying to “work around” a little one who’s interested in one thing: getting hands-on!

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Military Family-Stuhlfire

When her daughter was two years old, Colleen Stuhlfire started to think about her education and decided that she would school her child at home. Her decision was based on conversations with other military families who spoke of the strain on children who often change schools because of multiple redeployments, coupled with curriculums that vary from state to state.

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Put Your Post 9-11 GI Bill to Work for You – You’ve Earned It!

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of buzz about the astoundingly high unemployment rates for veterans, a trend that that has been worsening for years. In 2008, the National Public Radio broadcasted that, of the two million veterans returning home from service in Iraq and Afghanistan, one in five was jobless and one in four made less than $22,000 per year. In April 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the 14.7 percent unemployment rate for these veterans is the highest it’s been in more than a year. That number is even higher for veterans, ages 18 to 24. In an article published by the ArmyTimes on March 12, 2010, the Labor Department estimated that the unemployment rate for this group was 21.1 percent in 2009. There is no doubt that this is a serious issue for those who have sacrificed and given so much to protect our country.

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What UMT Has Done For Me

UMT has helped me in more ways than I thought possible. I am in the Air Force Reserves and have a full time job with the Government as a Civil Service employee at Robins AFB. I am also married to my wonderful wife Rebecca and have a beautiful nine-year-old daughter, Brooklyn. Before UMT, I was attending a local college, Macon State University in Macon, GA, enrolled in their Pre-Engineering degree program. It was a 30-minute drive, to and from school. I loved going to class and interacting with the students and teachers but found that working full time, going to school full time, keeping my daughter on the weekends, and going to the Reserves one weekend a month was wearing me out quick.

My goal at the time was to be an engineer on base. I soon found out that the local engineering school here did not offer any night time classes in engineering. It was too inconvenient to travel to any other school, so I was back to square one. I had kept working on my engineering core until I could come up with another plan, praying that god would give me an answer. 

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Greenville, known as Cotton Capital of the World

Only 45 minutes east of Dallas, Greenville, Texas is the perfect launching pad for fun, relaxation or a little bit of both.

Visitors to the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum are inspired and uplifted by the Hall of Heroes display. Murphy fans travel from all over the world to learn more about this Hunt County native son who became America’s most decorated soldier of World War II. Exhibits include both his military career and his later stardom as a Hollywood actor.

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Visit Sevierville, Dolly Parton’s hometown

Located in the foothills of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Sevierville is a value destination within a day’s drive of over half the nation’s population. Dolly Parton’s hometown, Sevierville is surrounded by natural wonders like the Great Smoky Mountains, jaw-dropping shows, family-friendly attractions, unique museums and world-class outlet shopping. There is so much to do, it’s no wonder folks say Sevierville is “Where Smoky Mountain Fun Begins!”

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Celebrate the drama and life of the 1800s

Howdy Pardner! Welcome to Frontier Town, Ocean City, Maryland’s premier camping resort! Our Woodall’s® Double 5W rated waterfront campground is situated along the beautiful Sinepuxent Bay and features nearly 600 spacious campsites caterin’ to primitive tentin’ all the way up to luxury 45 foot motor homes, deluxe rental trailers and campin’ cabins. Just five minutes away is Ocean City, Maryland with its’ beautiful sandy beaches, famous boardwalk, great fishin’ and amusements galore.

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Re-Defining Adventure — Berkeley County

Just outside Charleston, SC, Berkeley County, offers visitors a 12,000 year old education. Take a moment to read about all the exciting adventures that await you with a visit to Berkeley County.   

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Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts AutoFair

The World’s Largest Automotive Extravaganza returns to Charlotte Motor Speedway August 26-29, 2010. The summer Food Lion AutoFair annually attracts more than 120,000 visitors. It features more than 50 car club displays and more than 10,000 vendor spaces that offer a huge array of automotive parts and memorabilia.

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Come see what’s new in North Carolina

From outdoor recreation and unique lodging to arts and culture and fine dining, the charming small towns and vibrant urban locations of North Carolina offer something for everyone. Explore the highest peaks in the eastern United States and 300 miles of pristine coastline at VisitNC.com or call 1-800 VISIT NC (847-4862).


NASCAR Hall of Fame “On Track” for Charlotte Grand Opening

Set to open May 11, the 150,000-square-foot, $195 million NASCAR Hall of Fame is an interactive, entertainment attraction honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR. The high-tech, four-level venue, designed to educate and entertain race fans and non-fans alike, includes exhibits and interactive displays, a state-of-the-art theater, a Hall of Honor to commemorate inductees, restaurant, retail outlet, and TV and radio studio.



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Planes, Heroes and Legends in Warner Robins

When it comes to phenomenal growth, you’d have to search far and wide to find anything that matches the success story of Warner Robins, Georgia while remaining a family-friendly community.  Home to the largest industrial complex in the state, pumping a net economic impact of over $4 billion into the local economy, Robins Air Force Base remains a strong factor in attracting young families and retirees alike seeking a great place to live, visit and work in an atmosphere of timeless Southern comfort, yet modern vibrance.

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Clay County - Mother Nature At Her Best

If nature is your thing, consider spending a day or two in one of Northeast Florida’s best kept secrets ... Clay County.  The county’s scenic, unspoiled and family-friendly recreation areas can be reached in less than a half an hour from the City of Jacksonville, 45 minutes from St. Augustine or a little over an hour from Gainesville, Florida.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens June 18

An authentic replica from the Harry Potter films, guests will pass by Hagrid’s hut on their way to the Flight of the Hippogriff family-friendly roller coaster. Just before they board, Hagrid instructs guests on how to properly approach and fly on a Hippogriff.


One of the most widely anticipated theme park entertainment experiences ever created —  The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort — is set for a public grand opening on June 18.

Today, Universal Orlando Resort also revealed details about what is expected to be one the most exciting theme park experiences ever created:  Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  It will be one of three themed attractions within The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including Flight of the Hippogriff and Dragon Challenge.


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A Most ‘Royal’ Summer vacation

Discover miles of back roads where the scenery fades from ridge to ridge, wildflowers dance along the side of the road and the farmland rolls by under the watchful eye of the Blue Ridge. Located a stone’s throw from our nation’s capital but miles from the hustle and bustle come to a town where you can settle in and be a local. 


Flanked by the Blue Ridge to the east and Massanutten Mountain to the west, Front Royal’s founders strategically situated their community at the forks of the Shenandoah River. Recognized as the Gateway to Shenandoah National Park and the Canoe Capital of Virginia, Front Royal provides an ideal base for exploring the region’s unique outdoor adventures, cultural heritage, and historic past.


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Orlando’s new Treasure Tavern

 Construction has started on a new 240-seat theater for Treasure Tavern, a dining experience for adults in Orlando, Fla.

Featuring comedians, acrobats and dancers themed to a Caribbean outpost for rum and good times, Treasure Tavern is opening this summer in the heart of the International Drive tourist area.

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Prince William County, a great place to get out and play

When the runners in the premiere 17.75 Marine Corps Marathon race begin on June 12, 2010, they’re following the path of heroes from the American Revolution to today’s conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Jefferson County

Jefferson County West Virginia, where you can “Discover It All,” welcomes all members of the 108th Training Command. We are the perfect spot for your R&R assignment.

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The Griffon Vol. 34.2 (Summer 2010)

The Griffon Vol. 34.2 (Summer 2010)
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The 108th Training Command got its start as part of an elaborate deception prior to Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France in World War II. The Division was a "phantom" division created on paper and assigned to the First United States Army Group under the command of General George Patton. We were the original Institutional Training (IT) Division and remain one of seven training divisions for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The Griffon is in its 30th publishing year as an award-winning authorized publication written in the interest of the men and women of the 108th Training Command.

  • The Griffon is written and published quarterly in the interest of the 108th National Training Command. It is shipped directly to member's homes and to Training Command bases throughout the U.S.
  • The Griffon is regularly recognized by the Pentagon with their highest rating of Four Stars as one of the largest and most informative authorized publications in the Army.
  • Our members use The Griffon for prescreened, approved resources and opportunities for themselves and their families.
  • The Griffon is required reading material with a message straight from the General.