From the Commanding General

I was given the opportunity to preside at the commissioning ceremony at my alma mater, John Carroll University this year at the end of May. As I prepare for what I will tell these young soon-to-be second lieutenants, my mind goes back to when I was commissioned 35 years ago. It was an exciting time. I had been branched Armor, been assigned to the Federal Republic of Germany and been given a date to attend the Armor Officer Basic Course at Ft. Knox. It was also the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The United States Army was drawing down both its budget as well as end-strength, as it has since the beginning of our Republic when the Continental Army dissolved within two months of the signing of a preliminary peace. The United States Army faced many challenges in the aftermath of Vietnam, from the quality of the soldiers at the time to having sufficient funding to train appropriately. My first years as an Armor Officer were my leadership laboratory, where I experimented and refined my leadership style in a myriad of situations that tested my metal and my values.

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Soldier Readiness

In the Army Reserve, we all have to participate in Soldier Readiness Processing yearly. Soldier readiness is a crucial part of our jobs. This readiness process begins with you taking the initiative to improve yourself as a Soldier. We must be prepared to attend courses that require us to be physically and medically fit.

Training is a vital part of our career. The Army expects all of us to be prepared for any mission. I want to urge each of you to challenge yourself to excel in all areas of preparedness. If you can’t meet the core requirements the Army demands of you then you won’t be given the opportunity to improve yourself by completing training or moving up in rank. Read More »

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Drill Sergeant School conducts First consolidated Graduation

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — The U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School validated the integrated Drill Sergeant Training Program when 91 Reserve and active duty drill sergeant candidates graduated from the consolidated Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson on Mar 8. The graduates of Class 01-12, marked the first drill sergeant class to graduate from the consolidated drill sergeant school. The class initially started with 140 candidates but only 91 walked the stage to receive their drill sergeant campaign hat and badge. Of the candidates, 20 were Army Reserve Soldiers. As the Soldiers walked the stage and were recognized for their exceptional achievement and professionalism, the casual observer or harden veteran in the audience could not tell the difference between the active duty or the citizen Soldier. Read More »

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TF Griffon completes Yellow Ribbon

ADDISON, TX — On Dec. 9, approximately 214 Soldiers and their family members arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, TX to participate in the Task Force Griffon Pre-Deployment Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Training. The training was sponsored by the 95th Training Division (IET), which is commanded by Brig. Gen. Ray A. Royalty. Task Force Griffon is comprised of Army Reserve units from across the U.S. under the control of the 95th Training Division. The task force was specifically built with select Reserve capabilities to meet specific mission requirements needed to support training operations in Afghanistan.  Read More »

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Task Force Griffon deploys to Afghanistan

Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. — The 108th Training Command is scheduled to deploy more than 100 Soldiers from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. in support of NATO Training Mission Afghanistan throughout February and March.

Task Force Griffon, reminiscent of the 108th unit patch featuring a golden Griffon, is training here under the operational guidance of 72nd Field Artillery Brigade and the training mentorship of 174th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division East.

TF Griffon is the second iteration of Army Reserve Soldiers mobilized in support of this NATO-led mission. Task Force Scorpion comprised of more than 200 Reservists mobilized, trained and deployed at JB M-D-L last May. Headquartered in Camp Eggers in Kabul, TF Scorpion is currently supporting NATO training operations throughout Afghanistan.

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Best Iroquois Warriors

Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. - An endless assortment of biting insects and fog as thick as gray blankets, greeted the participants of the 98th Training Division’s Best Warrior Competition held at Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in the garden state of N.J.

The annual event, a grueling 3-day marathon, which tests a Soldier’s knowledge across a wide myriad of army skills and exercises, was hosted by the 3/385th Regiment, 4th Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET). Soldiering supremacy for the Iroquois division would be tested when the best of the best met in the spirit of the contest.
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The Iroquois Warrior Brigade changes command to a new Chief

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — It was a one-star studded event twice over as Col. Miles Davis assumed command of the 2nd Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET) and the Iroquois Warrior Brigade guidon from Col. Paul Driscoll Sunday, Mar. 18, at Hilton Field, Ft. Jackson S.C.

Brig. Gen. Dwayne Edwards, commanding general, 98th Training Division (IET) served as reviewing officer. Brig. Gen. A. Ray Royalty, distinguished guest and commanding general, 95th Training Division (IET) attended the ceremony along with Col. Steve Yackley, deputy commander, U.S. Army Training Center, Fort Jackson, and about 150 other guests.

Lt. Col. Donald Campbell, deputy commander, 2nd Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET) served as commander of troops for the approximately 200 Soldier formation.

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Bataan Memorial Death March: Soldiers honoring Soldiers

WHITE SANDS, N.M. — On March 24th and 25th, eight Soldiers from Bravo and Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 415th Regiment traveled to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to compete in the 23rd Annual Bataan Memorial Death March. The march, which honors the brave service members responsible for the defense of the islands of Luzon, Corregidor and the Philippines who were surrendered to the Japanese during World War II, commemorates the brutal march endured by the prisoners of war to their internment camps.

B and C Company members participated in various categories with and without rucksacks and completed the 26.2 mile event in times ranging between 6 and 9 ½ hours. The Soldiers who participated were:

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Task Force Scorpion Redeploys!

Redeploy ... may be the second best word ever created for deployed Soldiers.

And for the 200 Task Force Scorpion Soldiers, assigned to the fourth brigade of the 98th Training Division, who traveled to Afghanistan in support of NTM-A (National Training Mission – Afghanistan) it would be nine months before they would return after having had the responsible of training the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

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A Transition of Command for the 1st Brigade

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Today marks a new chapter for the Soldiers of the 1st Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET). In a change of command ceremony on Apr. 14, at the historic National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Ga., brigade commander, Col. Bart Stovicek, passed the colors, signifying change of command authority, to the new brigade commander. Presiding over the ceremony was Brig. Gen. Dwayne Edwards, commanding general, 98th Training Division (IET).

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Fort Benning Armed Forces Reserve Center officially opens

FORT BENNING, Ga. — It was an exciting day for the new tenants who will now officially occupy a new Armed Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) located on Fort Benning, Ga. On a beautiful Georgia day, the 81st Regional Support Command hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the opening of the new facility.

The $21-million AFRC will house more than 450 Soldiers of the National Guard and Army Reserve to include military resources and staff from the 98th Training Division (IET).

The event was held Sat, Apr. 14 and was hosted by Brig. Gen. William Gothard, deputy commander, 81st Regional Support Command, headquartered at Fort Jackson, S.C.

The Ga. native expressed that for him, it was a day of emotion and gratitude. Gratitude – with the opening of the new AFRC marking another significant step along the path of progression and Emotion – because Fort Benning was no unfamiliar place to him. This month, 34 years ago, he first walked onto Fort Benning as a “somewhat dazed” 2nd Lt.


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Top Soldiers compete for Best Warrior

FORT SILL, Okla., — Top Soldiers from units throughout the 95th Training Division gathered at Fort Sill, Okla., to test their mettle in the annual Best Warrior Competition. For three days, Mar. 8-10, a dozen warriors vied for Soldier of the Year, Non-commissioned Officer of the Year, and Drill Sergeant of the Year.

Select Soldiers also sought entry into the division’s prestigious Andrew Miller Club. The competition involved physical fitness, land navigation, weapons qualification, combatives, first aid, and other essential skills. Soldiers also endured a grueling 12-mile road march and intense examination before a board of sergeants major.

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Army Chaplain makes “Magical Memories” as a marathon runner

ORLANDO, Fla. — Stars twinkled overhead and breath hung in clouds of condensation as over 35,000 runners left the warmth of their hotel rooms and began gathering in the early morning chill for the beginning of Disney’s marathon weekend in Orlando, Fla.

Not a stand-alone event, but rather a whole weekend celebration, the races, which took place in early Jan., last three days and include not only a full and half marathon, but also a 5K race and a family fun run. Among this year’s competitors was Army Capt. Diane Ricci, Chaplain for the 1st Brigade, 104th Training Division (LT).

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Timberwolves help prepare participants for Sandhurst Competition

WEST POINT, N.Y. — As the 104th Division Best Warriors gathered at West Point to compete to represent the division, 3rd Brigade sent trainers to conduct the ranges for the competitors. Not only did the 3/304th put the division competitors through their paces, they also conducted range operations to prepare a different set of competitors for the Sandhurst Competition.

In 1967, a competition was established between the United States Military Academy and the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst of Great Britain. The competition has expanded to include representatives from each of the ROTC regions, the Naval and Air Force Academies, and Academy Prep Schools.

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Gray named to the Commandant’s List

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — They are experts, coaches and counselors. They live the Army Values and are symbols of excellence shaping civilians into combat-ready Soldiers. They represent the individuals at the foundation of the leadership closest to our Soldiers. They are a source of inspiration. They are Drill Sergeants.

A career goal for many non-commissioned officers is to receive an acceptance to attend drill sergeant school. Through hard work and dedication, that opportunity earned Staff Sgt. Rebekah Gray a distinguished recognition.

Gray, assigned to the 2/321st Regiment, 98th Training Division (IET) in Perrine, Fla., was recognized on Mar. 19, for achieving placement on the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School Course Commandant’s List.

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla. native said the rewards of becoming a drill sergeant far outweighed the challenges. “Becoming a drill sergeant is challenging and it provides great NCOs an opportunity to train and produce good Soldiers,” said Gray. “It was a tough journey with a lot of long days and studying. I’m glad that I was able to achieve my career goal of becoming a drill sergeant.”

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2nd Brigade, 95th changes leadership

VANCOUVER, Wash. — The six battalions of 2nd Brigade, 95th Division (IET) gathered at the Armed Forces Reserve Center on Feb. 11, to welcome the incoming commander, Col. Peter Norseth, and say thank you to the outgoing commander, Lt. Col. Jonathan Litton, during their change of command ceremony. These battalions represent the 750 Soldiers that are located in 21 locations and 11 different states that form the 2nd Brigade team. The mission of the brigade is to provide trained drill sergeants to the Army Training Centers in order to conduct basic combat training and help turn civilians into Soldiers.

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Two brothers to compete in Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning

Major Jim Keirsey and his brother, Captain Kent Keirsey talk about the upcoming Best Ranger competition at Fort Benning.

When the David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition kicks off early Friday at Fort Benning, it will be a family affair for two brothers.

“It’s great to be on the team with my brother,” Maj. Jim Keirsey said of his brother Capt. Kent Keirsey. “It’s something we always wanted to do, Best Ranger.”

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Women’s History Month observance

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— On Mar. 18, the 108th Training Command (IET) hosted a Women’s History Month observance program. The theme of the 2012 program was “Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment.” Master Sgt. Moann Benson, equal opportunity advisor for the 108th, hopes the program will impact the command in a positive way and provide insight to those who attended.

The program recognized that women who served not only broke down barriers in the military but also went on to become successful in other fields. Taking the time to acknowledge women’s roles and contributions to the military is important to Benson. “Because of the growing number of females in the branch, we play a big role in the military,” she said. “The purpose of this event is to highlight the lives and times of women in WW II.”

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From the 95th Division Commander

Soldiers and Warriors of the 95th Training Division — hooah — trust this finds each and everyone working the mission hard — taking down 25-meter targets while prepping for the 300-meter targets. The past couple months have brought — and continues to bring — unforeseen challenges and opportunities across our formation. We — individually and collectively — must stand ready — mentally, physically, medically, administratively, and spiritually to support incoming 108th Training Command directed missions without failure. Being prepared to execute a mission on behalf of the American people is the calling of the Army Reserve — no excuses, no room for slackers — period.

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Why competition improves Army Units

The 104th Division finished their Best Warrior Competition at West Point on Apr. 20 and the division came out the winner. 25 Soldiers from 14 battalions and the division headquarters competed for the honor of Best Soldier of the Year and Best NCO of the Year. Staff Sgt. Brown won the 104th Division NCO of the Year award and Spc. Olsen won the Soldier of the Year award but it was through teamwork. Spc. Olsen, in his acceptance speech, talked about Soldiers working together and helping each other in the various events. This camaraderie among competitors shows one of the strengths in our military. Each of these Soldiers will take this learning experience back to their unit to help Soldiers improve their Warrior skills. Working together in a competition makes each competitor stronger individually and lifts the team to a higher level than working individually. Read More »

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95th 2X Citizen

Name, Rank and Unit: Command Sgt. Maj. Paul Hill, 1st Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET)

Military Occupation: Command Sergeant Major

Civilian Occupation: Oklahoma Highway Patrol State Trooper

When and why did you join the Army Reserve?

I served on active duty from 1975 to 1978, serving on a Pershing missile crew in Ulm, Germany. I then spent three years in the Inactive Ready Reserve. I was going to church with a couple in Shawnee, Okla. who were both drill sergeants, and it sounded like something I would like to do. So I joined the Army Reserve in 1987, specifically the 95th, so I could serve as a drill sergeant. I was a specialist when I left active duty, but when I joined the Reserve, they made me a Pfc. again. My first drill I was promoted to Spc. and the second drill I was promoted to Sgt. Then I became a drill sergeant.

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Historic setting for a new page in history

WEST POINT, N.Y. — Lt. Col. Daniel Cloyd assumed command of the 1st Battalion, 391st Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 104th Training Division (LT) from Lt. Col. (P) Jennifer Ryan at the United States Military Academy on Friday, Apr. 20.

Ryan, who is currently attending the Army War College, chose West Point as the location for her change of command and subsequent promotion for deeply personal reasons.

“I appreciate you all coming out to celebrate this change of command at the incredibly historic United States Military Academy, West Point,” Ryan said.

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Work safe, play safe this summer!

The 101 days of the summer are upon us, starting with Memorial Day and ending with Labor Day. The summer months are traditionally some of the most dangerous months of the year due to increased travel on the highways for the holidays, vacations, and family functions. Every summer, the Army Reserve loses Soldiers to accident s related to vehicles, weapons, water activities and alcohol. As you and your families engage in summer activities please remember to include safety in your summer plans. Read More »

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Combat Lifesaver Training

FORT MCCOY Wis. — Drill sergeants with the 3-334th Regiment, 4th Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET) conducted combat lifesaver training Apr. 12-15, at the Medical Simulation Training Center, Fort McCoy, Wis.

This 40-hour course is designed for non-medical personnel to gain basic medical knowledge to save wounded Soldiers on the battlefield, an annual training requirement for drill sergeants.

During the course, the drill sergeants were trained to provide immediate care on how to stop severe bleeding, recognize and treat for shock, manage the airway, and perform needle chest decompression for a casualty with tension pneumothorax (the presence of air or gas in the pleural cavity).

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Grace upon Grace

Chaplain Gore and Chaplain Tang have invited me to reflect upon my experience as I near the end of my five-year tenure as the 98th Division chaplain on Sept. 1, 2012. I appreciate this invitation as it provides me an opportunity to talk about a ministry which I have loved dearly and have felt called to remain faithful to for over 20 years.

When I first learned that the 98th Training Division was going to transform from a northeastern to an eastern seaboard unit, I wondered how we could ever minister to our Soldiers and their families with the resources we had at the time. How does the UMT identify the needs of Soldiers and minister to them in a timely way? Read More »

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Soldier’s Gold Mine

G1 Nugget

108th Training Command (IET) G-1 Conference a Huge Success

“It’s about taking care of Soldiers” — One of Maj. Gen. Stall’s top priorities was the theme of the 108th Training Command’s G-1 conference. Subject matter experts from the training command were excited to share their knowledge and equip employees at all levels to best serve our Soldiers in the critical area of readiness.

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of commanders and Soldiers alike.

The PAO is kicking off the Unit Public Affairs Program (UPAR), which will allow any Soldier to be the additional eyes and ears for your unit and the PAO. By volunteering you will assume the duties of UPAR as an additional duty.

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Support for 108th members available

The 108th Griffon Association is alive, well, and performing its designed mission which is to support the 108th Training Command with scholarships, social activities, and especially support for soldiers

A recently deployed and returned soldier from Georgia needed financial assistance in several areas. Without hesitation, a check for $1000 was given to help this individual. This is just one type of assistance that is available throughout the command. Requests for assistance should be forwarded to Ms. Denise Wallace at command headquarters. It’s there, if needed. Just ask for it and if viable we’ll do our best to help

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University of Mary — community and service

The military might not typically be thought of as having much in common with Benedictine sisters, but they share two key values: community and service. Read More »

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Uni. of Nebraska — strong commitment to military

The University of Nebraska has deep connections to military and veteran populations stretching back into the middle of the last century. Many of its online programs have their roots in serving the needs of military students.

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National Graduate School is GI Friendly

The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS) is an accredited institution that offers Bachelor of Science Degree Completion programs*, Master of Science degrees and Doctor of Business Administration degrees* in both online* and in-residence formats at various sites nationwide.

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Five HOT jobs for ex-military personnel

The US military is arguably the best-trained workforce in the world, and personnel who leave military service have skills that translate to virtually any career. Here’s a look at five popular jobs that give the men and women who’ve served our country an opportunity to make a difference and move up. Read More »

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Parenting teens — a.k.a. ‘Riding the Mechanical Bull’

The roiling waters of the teen years catch many parents by surprise. It did me. Fortunately, our heavenly Father promises to give us the wisdom we need to shoot these rapids with skill and faith. But first we need to understand what is fueling the uproar.

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Walk in the shade of the ancient Sequoias

This summer take your R&R in peaceful Three Rivers, and walk in the shade of ancient Sequoias!

As you enter the quaint rural community of Three Rivers, once home to Native California’s largest tribe, the Yokuts, feast your eyes on our golden hills, dotted with the evergreen of oaks and washed with the blue of our snow-melt rivers. Like the ancient Yokuts, follow the rivers to their source, spending the heat of the day in what is now Sequoia National Park’s Giant Forest, walking in the shade of giant sequoias, the largest living things on earth. Dip your toes in a snow-melt river, now moving more slowly, warmed by the sun, and wonder no more why the Yokuts and the ranchers who came after them, each considered this part of California a paradise.

For a more modern perspective, lean back and take a lazy boat ride along Lake Kaweah’s snow-melt reservoir, a natural pooling point for our snow-melt rivers which was enlarged to protect the Valley below. At its peak each year, Lake Kaweah swells with 183,300 acre feet of freshly melted snow.

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All new experiences at Universal Orlando

Universal Releases First-Ever Looks at All-New Experiences, Including Upcoming Despicable Me Attraction, New Interactive Parade and Spectacular Nighttime Show.

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Blastaway Beach new to Wet ‘n Wild Orlando

Wet ‘n Wild Orlando has announced the name of their new, acre-sized family water play area Blastaway Beach.

“The name Blastaway Beach captures the two key aspects of the guest experience,” explained Michael Black, Sr. Vice President and GM of Wet ‘n Wild. “The word ‘Blastaway’ describes the high-energy fun families will enjoy together. With over 160 water cannons, jets, soakers and waterfalls, guests can’t help but get drenched, interact with one another and, quite literally have a blast. The word, ‘Beach’ reflects the beach-themed ambience, with lush tropical plants and dedicated seating areas suggestive of a resort and offer a place to recharge,” Mr. Black said.

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Wakulla — the ‘other’ Florida

Open the door to a world of natural wonders far beyond the hustle and noise of man-made attractions. Come explore, relax, refresh, and discover the wondrous treasures found only in the unspoiled “other” Florida. Everything here moves to the sounds of softer, quieter music so the rare birds and animals who live here aren’t disturbed. They greet you along the banks of the Wakulla River or the marshes surrounding the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge.

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Visit military friendly Pooler, Georgia

Looking for a great place to relax, de-stress and have fun without hurting your wallet? Pooler is your answer, with plenty of things to do, places to eat and stay.

Tired? Ready for a break? Looking to save some money but still have fun?

Then you need to come to one relaxed and friendly place in coastal Georgia — Pooler. Their are about a dozen different hotels conveniently located near area attractions and beaches.

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Kirksville, Missouri’s North Star

What does it mean to be Missouri’s North Star? Wonderful outdoor recreation, cultural experiences and a very reasonable cost of living make Kirksville a great place to live. A local hospital that provides quality care, two universities, and an award winning public school district help make this community a midwest standout. Kirksville is a great place for a little rest and relaxation.

Kirksville has several festivals and events — St. Patrick’s Day, Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival, Kirksville Bacon Fest, Scottish Highland Games, the NEMO Fair and Missouri Livestock Symposium. Music lovers can enjoy Round Barn Blues and SPBGMA Blue Grass Festival, and performances at Truman State University. There is even room for musicians in the local community band and community orchestra. Athletes can compete in the NEMO Triathlon and 5 K runs and half marathons throughout the year and that is just a start.

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R&R time on Maryland’s Upper Eastern shore

Having fun on the shore, in the County of Kent, is the place to be this summer. It seems like every weekend this Upper Eastern Shore county is host to a terrific event or festival; not to mention, you will always find a show, a sail, a cruise, an art exhibit, a piece of history — something is always happening.

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Visit Berkeley Blueways for outdoor adventures

Berkeley County, South Carolina, located just minutes from Downtown Charleston and one and one-half hours from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is cradled in what is quickly becoming known as the “emerging new south.”

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Tennessee Office Welcomes Wounded Warriors

Volunteers for U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) come from all walks of life. In Tennessee, we’ve been lucky enough to have U.S. Army soldiers, who were injured while serving our nation, volunteer at the Clarksville NRCS Field Office.

Clarksville is only eight miles from Fort Campbell, Ky., a large Army base which straddles the Kentucky and Tennessee border. Fort Campbell is the home of the 101st Airborne Division, Special Forces units, a combat support hospital and sizeable medical facilities.

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Del Rio — treasure chest of activities

Del Rio Del Rio is located on the Rio Grande Plain in Southwest Texas, 150 miles west of San Antonio. The hardest part of finding something to do in Del Rio is finding time to do it all. Del Rio offers an abundance of activities. The International waters of Lake Amistad, is a paradise for fishermen, boaters and divers; Tour the Whitehead Memorial Museum or Laughlin Heritage Museum in Historic Downtown; putter around on the beautiful San Felipe Golf Course or hold court at Judge Roy Bean’s Jersey Lilly; or slip into the Val Verde Winery, the oldest bonded winery in Texas; step into one of the many restaurants for a diversity of dishes, from Mexican, Thai to Texas steaks. Del Rio is a treasure chest of bright sights and sparkling attractions.

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Experience the simple life

Embark on a path that takes you down the heritage trail of Patrick County. Discover the roots of the people and travel back to a time when arts and crafts were a necessity for daily passionate living. Confederate cavalry commander Jeb Stuart was born on Laurel Hill Farm in Patrick County on February 6th, 1833. Experience a part of history at the annual J.E.B. Stuart Civil War Reenactment and Living History Weekend at Laurel Hill the first weekend in October. For more history, visit the Patrick County Historical Museum, the Reynolds Homestead and other historical sites. Search for the hidden treasures of Patrick County as you wind down The Crooked Road, Virginia’s Music Trail or enjoy a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Experience the natural wonder along the trail of the Natural Bridge

After descending into the ravine via a shuttle bus or on foot, you’ll be taken by surprise; the size, shape, and chiseled walls of the massive nature-sculpted masterpiece are nothing less than awesome. The Natural Bridge, soaring over 200 feet high, has attracted and captivated curious visitors since Thomas Jefferson purchased it.

On your visit, you’ll be surrounded with natural beauty at the Natural Bridge, along the historic Cedar Creek Nature Trail, the Caverns, and Virginia’s largest indoor butterfly garden, “Butterflies at the Bridge.”

Over the years the Bridge has taken part in American History, and been designated a National Historic Landmark. In 1750 George Washington carved his initials in it when surveying the area; in 1774 Thomas Jefferson purchased it from England. Its development as a retreat began when he built a two-room log cabin with one room reserved for guests. Both, more lodging and people, came.

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County of Bath — natural beauty and hospitality

Since the 18th century, the County of Bath has attracted travelers from all over the world. Today that same gracious hospitality is still widely recognized with each village in the county offering its special brand of small town southern charm and allure. Warm Springs and Hot Springs — two particularly popular destinations — are known for their welcoming nature, courteous service and friendly folks. A stop in one of these charming villages help make your visit feel just like home — only better.

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The Griffon Vol. 36.2 (Summer 2012)

The Griffon Vol. 36.2 (Summer 2012)
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The 108th Training Command got its start as part of an elaborate deception prior to Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France in World War II. The Division was a "phantom" division created on paper and assigned to the First United States Army Group under the command of General George Patton. We were the original Institutional Training (IT) Division and remain one of seven training divisions for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The Griffon is in its 30th publishing year as an award-winning authorized publication written in the interest of the men and women of the 108th Training Command.

  • The Griffon is written and published quarterly in the interest of the 108th National Training Command. It is shipped directly to member's homes and to Training Command bases throughout the U.S.
  • The Griffon is regularly recognized by the Pentagon with their highest rating of Four Stars as one of the largest and most informative authorized publications in the Army.
  • Our members use The Griffon for prescreened, approved resources and opportunities for themselves and their families.
  • The Griffon is required reading material with a message straight from the General.