From the Commanding General
From the Commanding General

Maj. Gen. Robert P. Stall | 06/07/2012

I was given the opportunity to preside at the commissioning ceremony at my alma mater, John Carroll University this year at the end of May. As I prepare for what I will tell these young soon-to-be second lieutenants, my mind goes back to when I was commissioned 35 years ago. It was an exciting time. I had been branched Armor, been assigned to the Federal Republic of Germany and been given a date to attend the Armor Officer Basic Course at Ft. Knox. It was also the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The United States Army was drawing down both its budget as well as end-strength, as it has since the beginning of our Republic when the Continental Ar... Read More...

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Soldier Readiness
Soldier Readiness
From the Command Sergeant Major...

Rocci R. DeRezza | 06/07/2012

In the Army Reserve, we all have to participate in Soldier Readiness Processing yearly. Soldier readiness is a crucial part of our jobs. This readiness process begins with you taking the initiative to improve yourself as a Soldier. We must be prepared to attend courses that require us to be physically and medically fit. Training is a vital part of our career. The Army expects all of us to be prepared for any mission. I want to urge each of you to challenge yourself to excel in all areas of preparedness. If you can’t meet the core requirements the Army demands of you then you won’t be given the opportunity to improve yourself by completin... Read More...

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Drill Sergeant School conducts First consolidated Graduation
Drill Sergeant School conducts First consolidated Graduation

Lt. Col. Christopher Black, | 06/07/2012

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — The U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School validated the integrated Drill Sergeant Training Program when 91 Reserve and active duty drill sergeant candidates graduated from the consolidated Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson on Mar 8. The graduates of Class 01-12, marked the first drill sergeant class to graduate from the consolidated drill sergeant school. The class initially started with 140 candidates but only 91 walked the stage to receive their drill sergeant campaign hat and badge. Of the candidates, 20 were Army Reserve Soldiers. As the Soldiers walked the stage and were recognized for their exceptional achievement a... Read More...

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TF Griffon completes Yellow Ribbon
TF Griffon completes Yellow Ribbon

Lt. Col. Christopher Black, | 06/07/2012

ADDISON, TX — On Dec. 9, approximately 214 Soldiers and their family members arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, TX to participate in the Task Force Griffon Pre-Deployment Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Training. The training was sponsored by the 95th Training Division (IET), which is commanded by Brig. Gen. Ray A. Royalty. Task Force Griffon is comprised of Army Reserve units from across the U.S. under the control of the 95th Training Division. The task force was specifically built with select Reserve capabilities to meet specific mission requirements needed to support training operations in Afghanistan.  Read More...

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Task Force Griffon deploys to Afghanistan
Task Force Griffon deploys to Afghanistan

Army Sgt. David Albert | 06/07/2012

Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. — The 108th Training Command is scheduled to deploy more than 100 Soldiers from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. in support of NATO Training Mission Afghanistan throughout February and March. Task Force Griffon, reminiscent of the 108th unit patch featuring a golden Griffon, is training here under the operational guidance of 72nd Field Artillery Brigade and the training mentorship of 174th Infantry Brigade, First Army Division East. TF Griffon is the second iteration of Army Reserve Soldiers mobilized in support of this NATO-led mission. Task Force Scorpion comprised of more than 200 Re... Read More...

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Best Iroquois Warriors
Best Iroquois Warriors

Staff Sgt. Richard Harris | 06/07/2012

Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. - An endless assortment of biting insects and fog as thick as gray blankets, greeted the participants of the 98th Training Division’s Best Warrior Competition held at Combined Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in the garden state of N.J. The annual event, a grueling 3-day marathon, which tests a Soldier’s knowledge across a wide myriad of army skills and exercises, was hosted by the 3/385th Regiment, 4th Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET). Soldiering supremacy for the Iroquois division would be tested when the best of the best met in the spirit of the contest. Read More...

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The Iroquois Warrior Brigade changes command to a new Chief
The Iroquois Warrior Brigade changes command to a new Chief

Capt. Brent Denisar | 06/07/2012

FORT JACKSON, S.C. — It was a one-star studded event twice over as Col. Miles Davis assumed command of the 2nd Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET) and the Iroquois Warrior Brigade guidon from Col. Paul Driscoll Sunday, Mar. 18, at Hilton Field, Ft. Jackson S.C. Brig. Gen. Dwayne Edwards, commanding general, 98th Training Division (IET) served as reviewing officer. Brig. Gen. A. Ray Royalty, distinguished guest and commanding general, 95th Training Division (IET) attended the ceremony along with Col. Steve Yackley, deputy commander, U.S. Army Training Center, Fort Jackson, and about 150 other guests. Lt. Col. Donald Campbell, deputy... Read More...

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Bataan Memorial Death March: Soldiers honoring Soldiers
Bataan Memorial Death March: Soldiers honoring Soldiers

Charlie Co., 1st Bn. | 06/07/2012

WHITE SANDS, N.M. — On March 24th and 25th, eight Soldiers from Bravo and Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 415th Regiment traveled to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico to compete in the 23rd Annual Bataan Memorial Death March. The march, which honors the brave service members responsible for the defense of the islands of Luzon, Corregidor and the Philippines who were surrendered to the Japanese during World War II, commemorates the brutal march endured by the prisoners of war to their internment camps. B and C Company members participated in various categories with and without rucksacks and completed the 26.2 mile event in times ra... Read More...

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From the Commanding General
Soldier Readiness
Drill Sergeant School conducts First consolidated Graduation
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