Moving Forward

I have communicated that my first priority as a command is to Accomplish the Mission. On occasion I have also said that you can not know where you are going unless you know where you have been. In the spirit that to some extent our past is prologue, and since on 30 September 2009 the Training Year 2009 (TY-09) concluded, I want to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of the Soldiers of the 108th Training Command (IET) and the 95th and 98th Training Divisions. During the last year we mobilized 30 companies plus five battalion headquarters and executed our last two “Echo” Company missions to expand the TRADOC training base for Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Infantry One Station Unit Training (OSUT). This was a record number of mobilizations and missions designed to support the normal surge and last increment of a “Grow the Army” recruiting mission.

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Fort Monroe and the Hampton Road area of Virginia

The US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) is headquartered at Fort Monroe or Fortress Monroe, Virginia, as it is sometimes referred. Fort Monroe is located on Old Point Comfort on the Peninsula in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where the James, York and Elizabeth Rivers meet the Port of Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay all come together. Point Comfort was named so by the British Colonist that went on to settle Jamestown, a few miles up the James River in 1607. Fort Algeron was established there by the British in the fall of 1609 and there has been a fort on that location ever since.

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From the desk of the CXO...

Dear Soldiers & Families:

Please allow me to thank you for all the hard work you have done this past Fiscal Year (FY). It has been a really great year and I look forward to working with all of you in what I am sure will be another fantastic year marked by a high level of mission success and teamwork!

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Farewell and Good Luck!

Since this is my last column I thought it only fitting to let each of you read the comments I made at my retirement ceremony in November. I will have retired by the time you read this and I want each of you to know that it has been an honor and a pleasure to have served with you, the 108th Training Command (IET) and the United States Army Reserve.

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President, the nation mourn the fallen at Fort Hood

FORT HOOD, Texas — Thousands turned out for a memorial service today to honor the 12 Soldiers and one Department of the Army civilian gunned down last week at this U.S. Army post in Central Texas.

Of those 13, five were Army Reserve Soldiers. Lt. Col. Juanita L. Warman, 55, Harve de Grace, Md.; Maj. Libardo Caraveo, 52, Woodbridge, Va.; Capt. John P. Gaffaney, 54, San Diego, Calif., Capt. Russell Seager, 51, Racine, Wis., and Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, Kiel, Wis.; were among those slain at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood on Thursday, Nov. 5., 2009.

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Grieving has no time limit; help available for all affected by tragedy

Nov 13, 2009

FORT HOOD, Texas -- In the aftermath of the Nov. 5 shootings, Soldiers, family members and civilians are looking for answers, but they’re also looking for help.

Following any loss, individuals and communities go through a grieving process which can be complicated, unpredictable and long-term. Fort Hood has set up a Grieving Center at the Spiritual Fitness Center within the Resiliency Campus on 33rd Sreet, and it’s staffed 24 hours a day with chaplains and Military Family Life counselors to help anyone in need, no matter what the time.

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Hasan charged with 13 counts of murder

WASHINGTON (Nov. 12, 2009) — Military prosecutors have charged Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood, Texas.

The charges fall under Article 118 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the case will be heard in the military system.

“These are initial charges, and additional charges may be preferred in the future, subject to the ongoing criminal investigation,” said Chris Grey, spokesman for U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, during a news conference at Fort Hood today.

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USAR Drill Sergeant School sets the standard for Army training excellence

For those in the U.S. Army, the word “Drill Sergeant” is usually accompanied by an image of the person who yelled at you during basic training. Some can remember his name 15 years into their careers. This person was there at the beginning of the day and stayed around until bedtime. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t eat. All he did was train civilians to make them Soldiers.

Since these men and women on the trail are there every day there is no way they could be U.S. Army Reservists, right? Wrong! More and more U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants are working to fill positions the active component can not fill because of deployments. In order to meet this requirement, the 108thTraining Command (IET) enlists the expertise of Drill Sergeant Leaders to train noncommissioned officers to become Drill Sergeants at the USAR Drill Sergeant School at Fort Jackson, S.C. and Fort Knox, Ky.

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5th Bn., 46th Inf. Stands Up

Fort Knox saw the reactivation of a unit May 28.

The 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry was reactivated in order to train recruits during the annual hectic summer surge schedule and – if needed -- assist with the transition of the Armor School to Fort Benning, Ga.

Veteran Army-watchers know that units are activated and deactivated to fit the Army’s ever-changing mission. However, the 5/46 has a unique claim. All of the battalion’s cadre are reservists, most of whom were activated specifically for this unit.

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USAR Drill Sergeant pounds feet on the Basic Combat Training trail

Deep in the training areas of Fort Jackson, S.C., a group of Soldiers sat in a circle. All eyes were on him. “It’s your turn,” he said to a private. “Do the 9-Line Medivac Request.” Line by line, the private read the lines for a proper radio medical evacuation request. Like a proud father, he told her she did well.

Although not this young Soldier’s father, Staff Sgt. Timothy Vann said he feels the parental responsibility as he trains 53 basic combat trainees with Foxtrot Company, 3rd Battalion, 13 Infantry Regiment.

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Edwards promoted to Brigadier General

Col. Dwayne Edwards was promoted to Brig. Gen. in a ceremony held at the 108th Training Command headquarters here in Charlotte, N.C. on a crisp October day. Edwards was nominated by President Barack Obama on May 12, 2009 to be a general officer, assigned to the 108th Tng. Cmd. (IET) as deputy commanding general on May 18, 2009. He was confirmed for promotion by the U.S. Senate on June 19, 2009. The host for Edward’s promotion ceremony was Maj. Gen. James B. Mallory III, commanding general, 108th Tng. Cmd. (IET)

“Both non-commissioned officers and officers have been a part of Edwards’s career. “When you reach the position of general officer you are the sum of all your experiences, good and bad, and the Army has recognized your leadership potential, to be able to, as a general officer, to solve problems, take care of Soldiers and accomplish the mission,” said Mallory.

After Mallory’s remarks the official order was published promoting Edwards to Brig. Gen. Mrs. Heather Edwards then pinned the rank of Brig. Gen. on her husband’s beret as Mallory placed the rank on Edwards ACU jacket. Mallory then administered the Oath of Office to Brig. Gen. Edwards. After the Oath of Office, Edward’s daughter Caroline presented her father with his general officer’s belt.

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Rochester Home to First Army Strong Community Center: ‘Virtual Installation’ Provides Support, Resources to Families of Deployed Soldiers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The U.S. Army Reserve’s top officer his wife today joined Rochester civic and business leaders who reaffirmed their support for military members and their Families at the grand opening of Rochester’s Army Strong Community Center.

Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Army Reserve chief, his wife Laura, met with local Soldiers and their Families to mark the opening of the nation’s first ASCC.  Based on Laura Stultz’s concept, the center serves as a “virtual installation” designed to support military Soldiers and their Families by assisting those who are holding down the home front, far from the nearest military installation, when their loved ones deploy.

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From the Office of G-6...

Most people know Army Knowledge Online (AKO) as the place for checking their e-mail and storing files. But, did you know AKO is also a Business Process Management (BPM) platform? It’s completely integrated with a process improvement system called Appian and is ideal for units that want to build their own process management applications. In fact, the AKO BPM Team ([email protected])  has built some basic process management tools and made them available to all AKO users at Units can use the tools to route documents for review or action to a series of people. There are also other tools for doing things such as posting e-mails to a forum or blog.

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From the Office of Internal Review...

We as federal managers, Soldier and Civilian alike, we have an inherent obligation to administer Internal Controls effectively within our organizations. We owe it to our Commanders, Managers, and more importantly, we owe it to those who resource our missions, operations and our very well being -- the American Taxpayer.

The United States Army has established and uses a formal code of conduct as well as other policies communicating appropriate ethical and moral behavioral standards in addressing acceptable operational practices and conflicts of interest. Arguably, the most important of this is the Seven Army Values: Loyalty, Duty, Respect for Others, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage.

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Post - 9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Programs

A lot of excitement is being generated about the new Post – 9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33) Education Benefit. Since service members may qualify for multiple education benefit programs, including: MGIB-AD (Chapter 30), MGIB-SR (Chapter 1606), REAP (Chapter 1607) and VEAP, deciding which program to chose can be difficult. But, you will no longer be eligible for the MGIB or other programs if you elect to switch to the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

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From the Surgeons Office...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is considered an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is comprised of worrisome thoughts plus excessive emotional and physical pain.

Alcohol dependence (defined as five or more drinks in the same sitting) is a powerful disorder with enormous health consequences. Alcohol dependence and chronic, excessive alcohol consumption are associated with a high risk of developing various types of chronic diseases, including psychiatric conditions, neurologic impairment and cardiovascular disease, some of which are fatal. It is estimated that in the year 2000, alcohol-consumption was responsible for 85,000 deaths, or 3.5% of all deaths, in the United States, making alcohol consumption the third leading behavioral cause of death after tobacco use, poor diet and physical inactivity. More than 55,000 veterans were admitted into addiction treatment facilities in 2000 .

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95th Division honors their best

Seven Soldiers of the 95th Training Division (IET) recently earned entry into the Division’s prestigious Staff Sgt. Andrew Miller Club (SAMC).

The name Andrew Miller may not be familiar to some, but to the Soldiers of the 95th Training Division his name represents the standard by which all other Soldiers are judged and acts a reminder of the courage and sacrifice made by those who came before us.

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New Secretary of the Army recognizes quality-of-life initiatives

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 7, 2009) — New Army Secretary John McHugh recognized outstanding quality-of-life improvements, programs and best practices from around the Army during the second Family Forum of the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition Tuesday.

Developed by former Secretary of the Army Pete Geren last year, the Secretary of the Army’s Quality of Life Awards honor individuals, commands and team efforts in improving Soldier and family quality of life.

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Bridging the generations

The 95th Training Division (IET) had the opportunity to celebrate its proud history by welcoming World War II veterans of the 95th Infantry Division to Oklahoma City July 30 through Aug. 2 for their 60th reunion.

The reunion was organized by the 95th Infantry Division Association. The Association was chartered more than 50 years ago by Maj. Gen. Harry L. Twaddle, the division commander during WWII. The association was Twaddle’s way of helping comrades from across the nation stay connected.

The 95th, as part of Gen. George S. Patton’s 3rd Army, fought many battles in Northern France, the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace and Central Europe from September 1944 through April 1945. One of their more famous battles was Metz, France, in November 1944 for which they received the moniker, “Iron Men of Metz.”

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From the Equal Opportunity Office...

As one walks into the headquarters of 108th Training Command (IET) one will notice the portraits of the changing faces of the senior leaders throughout the command and the US Army. No longer are our leaders of one race, ethnicity or gender; as the Army’s personnel are diverse and multicultural, so are its leaders. The Army has taken initiatives to make sure its leaders are representative of its members.

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I am an American Soldier and I am a Drill Sergeant

The 108th Training Command (IET) Drill Sergeant School (DSS) held a graduation ceremony for classes 002-09 and 004-09 here at the Fort Jackson Community Activity Center, June 27th.

Command Sgt. Maj. Travis Williams (DSS) Commandant presided over the ceremony where 89 graduates earned their Drill Sergeant. hat and badge. The guest speaker for the event was Command Sgt. Maj. Russell Tapley, 4th Brigade 95th Division.

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Do you want to be a Unit Public Affairs Representative?

As the 108th Training Command (IET) continues to grow, it will be difficult for the Public Affairs Staff to visit each brigade, battalion and company to cover news events. Public Affairs is the responsibility of all commanders and Soldiers alike.

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Recruiter Publicity Item featuring 98th Division Drill Sergeant nears completion

Sgt. 1st Class Lou Stevens, Command Career Counselor for the 98th Training Division (IET) wanted something he could use to help fill and maintain the strength of the 21 Drill Sergeant battalions, broken down into 105 companies or 1890 Drill Sergeant positions available within the 98th Tng. Div. (IET).

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Lyon accepts Supply Excellence Award for 108th

The 108th Training Command (IET) headquarters company supply section was named runner-up in the 2009 Unit Level I (TDA) United States Army Supply Excellence Award, Army Reserve category in April. Sgt. 1st Class Dana Lyon, 108th Tng. Cmd. headquarters company supply non-commissioned officer in charge, was presented with the award by Deputy Chief of Staff, G4, Lt. Gen. Mitchell Stevenson, in a ceremony held in June at Alexandria, Va.

The competition and award process begins with an Army command nominating one or more of its units based on the unit’s published guidelines and regulations. From there, evaluators from the U.S. Army Transportation, Ordnance and Quartermaster Centers and Schools, augmented by Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers, travel worldwide conducting on-site evaluations of the nominated units.

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Advancing Performance Excellence!

”If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” — Colin Powell

This describes the energy, passion and effort of the 108th Training Command IET as it continues to march forward with process improvements resulting in performance excellence!

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Lt. Col. John Simma, Jr. assumes command

Lt. Col. John W. Simma, Jr. assumed command of the 9th Battalion (QM) from Lt. Col. Kenneth Kirk in a change of command ceremony at the United States Army Reserve Center in Decatur, Ga. in September. Col. James Higginbotham, commander, 1st Brigade 80th Training Division presided over the event.

Simma previously served with the 108th Training Command (IET), as the military occupational specialty branch chief in G3 (Operations) section and as assistant G2 (Security). He was promoted to Lt. Col. in December 2007 and was board selected to command the 9th Battalion (QM).


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Tax Benefits for Service Members

Did you know there are numerous tax benefits associated with your military service? For example, some of the pay you receive each month is excluded from the calculation of your gross income and therefore not subject to federal income tax. In addition, if you serve in a Combat Zone (CZ) or a Qualified Hazardous Duty Area (QHDA), or in direct support of the same, the hostile fire pay you receive is tax-free. Likewise, depending upon your rank, all or a portion of your wages and bonuses earned while serving in a CZ or QHDA is excluded from gross income for federal income tax purposes and when determining your eligibility to make IRA contributions. This article addresses some of the Federal tax benefits you might be entitled to as a Service Member and the qualifications for these benefits.

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Drill Sergeant becomes U.S. Citizen

Sgt. Luz “Lucy” Frausto, a drill sergeant with 1/354th, 1st Brigade, 95th Training Division (IET), Tulsa, Okla., has been a Soldier since joining the Army Reserve in November 2005. But on July 16, 2009, she officially became a citizen-Soldier when she took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States during a naturalization ceremony in Kansas City, Mo.

Frausto was born in Mexico City and came to the United States in 2003 on a student visa. She worked as a translator while attending school. In 2004 her employer petitioned for Frausto’s permanent residency which was granted one year later. Frausto said she had always wanted to be in the Army and to be a drill sergeant. After her residency was established, Frausto joined the Reserve.

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One of the worst states of mind we can find ourselves in is one caused by stress. We may be worried or concerned about a situation in our life or in the lives of our loved ones. For many of us, this is a daily reality as we fret about the economy, our children and their choices, too much work with a paycheck that buys less and less, or whether or not the Panthers will make it to the playoffs. Alright, that last one is a stretch (at least for most of us).

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Commentary: Mentor Young Soldiers

This Army is full of bright, motivated Soldiers who are yearning to learn more about their jobs and how to be leaders themselves.

Young Soldiers need guidance from their squad leaders, platoon leaders and anyone else willing to pay attention to them.

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Newly trained counter-IED teams deploy to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 13, 2009) — Servicemembers who participated in the first state-side training program for joint counter-IED teams have just arrived in Afghanistan for a year-long assignment.

The Tidal Sun pilot program trained servicemembers to work as part of counter-IED teams to gather information and evidence from improvised explosive device event sites -- locations where IEDs have exploded or were discovered -- and then send that information to higher headquarters for further analysis.

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Army meets recruiting goals for quantity, quality

WASHINGTON (Army News Service, Oct. 14, 2009) — The Army and other services met their recruiting goals in Fiscal Year 2009, many exceeding both numeric goals and quality benchmarks for new recruits.

“We are pleased to report that for the first time, since the advent of the all-volunteer force, all of the military components -- active and reserve -- met their number as well as their quality goals,” said Bill Carr, the deputy under secretary of Defense for military personnel policy during an Oct. 13 press conference at the Pentagon. “That’s the first time that’s been achieved for every component since the start of the all-volunteer force in 1973.”

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Signs of a “Military-Friendly” University

You’ve probably heard the term “military-friendly” used over and over again while researching which college or university you should attend. A recent Google search for “military friendly universities” yielded over 1.2 million results. So, how do you narrow down the list? By understanding that “military-friendly” is more than just a slogan that any university can use, it’s what lies beneath that motto that matters most. Here are some military-friendly attributes that you should consider when deciding which institution is the right fit for you:

The cost of education can vary greatly by institution and by degree program. As a service member, you are eligible to receive Tuition Assistance (TA) from the Department of Defense. No matter the amount of TA you qualify for, a military-friendly university will seek to minimize your out of pocket expenses through tuition discounts, scholarships and textbook grants.

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Riley realizes results from UMT education

Staff Sergeant Timothy M. Riley spent eight years, two months, and six days (not that he was counting) in the U.S. Army working as a Satellite Communications Controller and Terminal Operator. Although his initial plans did not include furthering his education through college-channels, the military’s focus on higher education helped to change Riley’s mind.

Upon exiting the Army, Riley went to work for PanAmSat Corporation in January 2001 as a Satellite Controller. Within a year, due to his military experience, he rose to a shift-management position. Riley returned to school in 2004 and spent a year balancing college against the demands of work and family. When his career was elevated to the ranks of middle-management, he again found it exceedingly difficult to allocate time for the traditional college classroom. In early 2005, a coworker introduced Riley to UMT. He immediately changed schools.

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Military spouses take advantage of MyCAA program

In the very near future it is likely that a classroom of eager school children will be spending part of their day having stories read to them by Ezveidy Pastrana, a military spouse currently living in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. She is taking advantage of the MyCAA program that allows her to benefit up to $6000 in educational opportunities leading to a certification or licensure. After much deliberation, Mrs. Pastrana decided to take the Paraprofessional Teacher’s Aide certification course.

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Civilian agencies look to Military technology for future response efforts

Since the H1N1 Virus first emerged this past spring, government and civilian agencies across the world have taken steps to prevent spread of the illness. Schools have been closed, travel restrictions have been implemented and, most recently, vaccination clinics have been set up to provide mass immunization services.

The H1N1 outbreak has also made it clear to agencies that they must have mobile facilities available, from medical surge facilities to points of distribution, if they hope to control future disasters. For some civilian responders this has meant turning to the same soft-walled shelter technology that has long been used by American soldiers.

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Mastery should be possible for everyone

Our specialty is individualized learning. Our curriculum is based on cognitive science, decades of research about learning, and tried-and-true methodologies. What does all that mean to you? Basically, it means we focus on how brains actually learn, on the concepts and skills kids need to succeed in each subject area, and on wrapping our lessons with rich, engaging content that turns minds on. 

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Making the decision to homeschool

Generally, the decision to homeschool comes in two stages. The first is a weighing of pros and cons, and the second is a question of will.

At homeschool conferences, I encounter many people who are enjoying the fruits of their decision to homeschool. I also talk to many people who have determined, for one reason or another, that homeschooling would likely be best for their children. But they have not yet decided to homeschool because they are not sure whether they are ready to educate their children at home. Almost always, these parents, who enter these conferences very uncertain of whether they can homeschool, leave with confidence that they can succeed, inspired by their fellow homeschoolers and buoyed by the numerous curriculum choices that have sprung up over recent years.

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Language learning today: what works?

As a homeschool parent, you understand the importance of stringent education. Language learning can play a significant part of that comprehensive curriculum. Second-language study improves scores on entrance exams and strengthens applications for colleges and jobs, as well as growing every student’s intellectual potential. As a result, students need their education to be well rounded and completed with language learning, but with so many different curriculums and learning tools out there, choosing the right materials for second-language study at home can be a challenge.

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Ski better by finding ski ‘sweet spot’

When I was young I loved the old comedies.   The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney was one of my favorites next to the Three Stooges. I remember whenever things went right for Jackie Gleason he would shout, “How Sweet It Is!”

Now whenever I ski or board, and those magic moments come when I blast through bumps or lace my way down steeps or float through powder I think “How Sweet It Is!”


I realize now, how true that statement is. No matter if you are skiing or snowboarding, every great run begins with a great turn and continues with a series of turns.  

To have those great turns you need to master the “sweet spot.” 


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Holiday fun at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Returning for an encore engagement after sold out performances during the last three years, Pirate’s Christmas Dinner Adventure sets sail again to bring you the merriest holiday adventure ever on the high seas. The infamous band of buccaneers, crew of Pirate’s Dinner Adventure will celebrate the season beginning just after Thanksgiving on Nov. 27, with a holiday version of their popular nighttime theatrical experience, renowned as the “World’s Most Interactive Dinner Show.” From Nov. 27- Jan. 6, Pirate’s Christmas Dinner Adventure features an exciting holiday story line, spectacular sets, Christmas music, and a shipload of yuletide surprises throughout the show. Even St. Nick makes an appearance and is on hand for photos, fresh from his journey from the North Pole.

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Civil War history alive in Columbus

Along the banks of the Chattahoochee River in west central Georgia, you’ll find Columbus, one of the last planned cities of the original 13 colonies. The city served as a major supply point during the Civil War and in fact, one of the last battles of the Civil War was fought in Columbus in 1865, a week after the war ended. Needless to say, Columbus is steeped in history.

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Visit world famous Boardwalk at Ocean City

Ocean City, Maryland welcomes you to an island renowned for its 10 miles of white-sand beaches, world-famous Boardwalk, spectacular championship golf courses, wonderful accommodations, superb dining, boating, bay and deep-sea fishing, nature tours, water sports, art galleries, museums, and antique and outlet shopping.

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Visit Louisiana’s State Parks

Louisiana’s 20 state parks, 16 historic sites, and one preservation area offer you and your family a uniquely rewarding experience of our state’s natural beauty and historical riches.

Each one of the state Historic sites was selected for its historical, cultural or archaeological significance. Museums, artifacts, outdoor displays and interpretive programs are some of the ways each area tells its remarkable story.

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Battle scenarios commemorate Civil War

Step back in time and experience the Civil War through 145th anniversary commemorative events at Fort Fisher and Fort Anderson in January and February 2010.

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Re-defining adventure in Berkeley County

Just outside Charleston, SC, Berkeley County, offers visitors a 12,000 year old education. Take a moment to read about all the exciting adventures that await you with a visit to Berkeley County.

Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Berkeley County. Visitors are able to enjoy the attractions, events, water sports and local culture of this emerging area all 12 months of the year.

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Escape to Wrightsville Beach

Today, it is an oasis where daily worries drift away with the sea breeze. This was not always so for Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. Its waterways were once the setting for Civil War action, and in World War II, the town went dark to help protect allied ships. But the blockade-runners are long gone, and sailboats and windsurfers have taken their place.

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The American Soldier

The American Soldier, A Photographic Tribute, an exhibition of 116 photographs, from the Civil War to the War in Iraq, opened Nov. 11 at Florence Civic Center of Florence, SC. The breathtaking display will be on view until Feb. 2, 2010.

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Explore the science and history of flight

Located in the foothills of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and less than a day’s drive from three-quarters of the nation’s population, Sevierville is known for its family-friendly entertainment, shopping and scenic beauty. But this veneer of fun cleverly lures visitors of all ages into learning something new and enlightening nearly everywhere they go.

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Do more in Houston

Where can you go for the best in entertainment, sports, cultural arts, shopping, dining and nightlife?  Look no further than Houston, Texas.  Home to a respected and energetic cultural arts scene, the fourth largest shopping center in the country, the oldest African-American theater in the Southwest and the brains behind United States space exploration, Houston is as diverse a city as they come. As The New York Times stated in a recent feature, “Maybe that’s what makes Houston such an unusual and wonderful place- — there are so many different Houstons to see.”


Downtown Houston has become one of the most vibrant areas in the city. More than 50 restaurants and bars have opened within the past several years, and the 7.5-mile METRORail facilitates travel to and from the Museum District, Texas Medical Center and Reliant Park. The new Hilton Americas-Houston added 1,200 guestrooms to downtown Houston in 2003, in addition to the resurgence in boutique hotels such as the Hotel Icon, Alden-Houston Hotel and the Magnolia. Across from Minute Maid Park is downtown Houston’s newest hotel, Inn at the Ballpark.

The new 262-room Embassy Suites Downtown is set to open in Spring 20


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2010 New Marine Corps marathon in Virginia

Historic Prince William County, Virginia will be home to the Marine Corps Marathon’s new Crossroads 17.75K Race, the Corps and the Prince William County/Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau announced today.

Registration for the June 12, 2010 event will began online on Nov. 18, 2009.

With a distance of 17.75 kilometers (11 miles), the race pays tribute to the year 1775 — the year that the United States Marine Corps was officially formed. The Prince William County/Manassas Convention & Visitors Bureau is a founding sponsor of the event.

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What to do when visiting Front Royal

Take time to enjoy the winter this year and unite with family and friends in Front Royal, Virginia. Winter is a special time of year in Front Royal, because its attractions know no “off-season.” Even in the cooler months, a short, scenic drive from our Nation’s Capital will bring you back to a place where you can relax and unwind with family and friends.

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The Griffon Vol. 33.4 (Winter 2009)

The Griffon Vol. 33.4 (Winter 2009)
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The 108th Training Command got its start as part of an elaborate deception prior to Operation Overlord, the D-Day Invasion of France in World War II. The Division was a "phantom" division created on paper and assigned to the First United States Army Group under the command of General George Patton. We were the original Institutional Training (IT) Division and remain one of seven training divisions for the Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. The Griffon is in its 30th publishing year as an award-winning authorized publication written in the interest of the men and women of the 108th Training Command.

  • The Griffon is written and published quarterly in the interest of the 108th National Training Command. It is shipped directly to member's homes and to Training Command bases throughout the U.S.
  • The Griffon is regularly recognized by the Pentagon with their highest rating of Four Stars as one of the largest and most informative authorized publications in the Army.
  • Our members use The Griffon for prescreened, approved resources and opportunities for themselves and their families.
  • The Griffon is required reading material with a message straight from the General.