Moving Forward
Moving Forward
From the Commanding General...

Maj. Gen. James B. Mallory III | 12/07/2009

I have communicated that my first priority as a command is to Accomplish the Mission. On occasion I have also said that you can not know where you are going unless you know where you have been. In the spirit that to some extent our past is prologue, and since on 30 September 2009 the Training Year 2009 (TY-09) concluded, I want to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of the Soldiers of the 108th Training Command (IET) and the 95th and 98th Training Divisions. During the last year we mobilized 30 companies plus five battalion headquarters and executed our last two “Echo” Company missions to expand the TRADOC training base for Basic Combat... Read More...

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Fort Monroe and the Hampton Road area of Virginia
Fort Monroe and the Hampton Road area of Virginia
From the Command Sergeant Major...

Command Sgt. Maj. William J. Payne | 12/07/2009

The US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) is headquartered at Fort Monroe or Fortress Monroe, Virginia, as it is sometimes referred. Fort Monroe is located on Old Point Comfort on the Peninsula in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where the James, York and Elizabeth Rivers meet the Port of Hampton Roads and the Chesapeake Bay all come together. Point Comfort was named so by the British Colonist that went on to settle Jamestown, a few miles up the James River in 1607. Fort Algeron was established there by the British in the fall of 1609 and there has been a fort on that location ever since. Read More...

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From the desk of the CXO...
From the desk of the CXO...

Larry M. Cruz | 12/07/2009

Dear Soldiers & Families: Please allow me to thank you for all the hard work you have done this past Fiscal Year (FY). It has been a really great year and I look forward to working with all of you in what I am sure will be another fantastic year marked by a high level of mission success and teamwork! Read More...

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Farewell and Good Luck!
Farewell and Good Luck!

| 12/07/2009

Since this is my last column I thought it only fitting to let each of you read the comments I made at my retirement ceremony in November. I will have retired by the time you read this and I want each of you to know that it has been an honor and a pleasure to have served with you, the 108th Training Command (IET) and the United States Army Reserve. Read More...

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President, the nation mourn the fallen at Fort Hood
President, the nation mourn the fallen at Fort Hood

Timothy L. Hale | 12/07/2009

FORT HOOD, Texas — Thousands turned out for a memorial service today to honor the 12 Soldiers and one Department of the Army civilian gunned down last week at this U.S. Army post in Central Texas. Of those 13, five were Army Reserve Soldiers. Lt. Col. Juanita L. Warman, 55, Harve de Grace, Md.; Maj. Libardo Caraveo, 52, Woodbridge, Va.; Capt. John P. Gaffaney, 54, San Diego, Calif., Capt. Russell Seager, 51, Racine, Wis., and Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, Kiel, Wis.; were among those slain at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood on Thursday, Nov. 5., 2009. Read More...

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Grieving has no time limit; help available for all affected by tragedy
Grieving has no time limit; help available for all affected by tragedy

Staff Sgt. Joy Pariante | 12/07/2009

Nov 13, 2009 FORT HOOD, Texas -- In the aftermath of the Nov. 5 shootings, Soldiers, family members and civilians are looking for answers, but they’re also looking for help. Following any loss, individuals and communities go through a grieving process which can be complicated, unpredictable and long-term. Fort Hood has set up a Grieving Center at the Spiritual Fitness Center within the Resiliency Campus on 33rd Sreet, and it’s staffed 24 hours a day with chaplains and Military Family Life counselors to help anyone in need, no matter what the time. Read More...

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Hasan charged with 13 counts of murder

| 12/07/2009

WASHINGTON (Nov. 12, 2009) — Military prosecutors have charged Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood, Texas. The charges fall under Article 118 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the case will be heard in the military system. “These are initial charges, and additional charges may be preferred in the future, subject to the ongoing criminal investigation,” said Chris Grey, spokesman for U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division, during a news conference at Fort Hood today. Read More...

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USAR Drill Sergeant School sets the standard for Army training excellence
USAR Drill Sergeant School sets the standard for Army training excellence

Spc. Christina Dion | 12/07/2009

For those in the U.S. Army, the word “Drill Sergeant” is usually accompanied by an image of the person who yelled at you during basic training. Some can remember his name 15 years into their careers. This person was there at the beginning of the day and stayed around until bedtime. He didn’t sleep. He didn’t eat. All he did was train civilians to make them Soldiers. Since these men and women on the trail are there every day there is no way they could be U.S. Army Reservists, right? Wrong! More and more U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeants are working to fill positions the active component can not fill because of deployments. In order to meet... Read More...

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Moving Forward
Fort Monroe and the Hampton Road area of Virginia
From the desk of the CXO...
Farewell and Good Luck!
President, the nation mourn the fallen at Fort Hood
Grieving has no time limit; help available for all affected by tragedy
Hasan charged with 13 counts of murder
USAR Drill Sergeant School sets the standard for Army training excellence
5th Bn., 46th Inf. Stands Up
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