Drill Sergeants Support ‘Tough Mudder’


Drill Sergeants Karlos Padilla, Robert Koop, Mercedes Green, Joshua Moeller and Maria Florez represent the 2nd Bn-413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET), at the Tough Mudder event in Temecula, Calif., in support of the Army Reserve recruiting program. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael Luna, A Co., 2nd Bn, 413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET)

TEMECULA, Calif. — Drill Sergeants from Riverside, California’s 2nd Bn/413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET), again supported the Army Reserve “Tough Mudder” event providing a realistic feel by assisting on both the Obstacle Course Challenge as well as a Drill Sergeant-run Fitness Challenge. This year, as in years past, both Alpha Company from Riverside, California, and Delta Company from San Diego, California supported the event.

The “Tough Mudder Run”, which is done all over the United States, drew thousands of competitors to this Southern California location and the additional fitness-themed displays run by the drill sergeants. It also provided great exposure for these citizen Soldiers from the 108th Training Command (IET).

The Army Reserve sees a great benefit in sponsoring these types of events, because it calls for stamina, endurance and outstanding physical fitness in order to complete it. It naturally attracts citizens who value their fitness skills and desire to show it. These are the same values shared by the Army Reserve therefore making it a natural fit.

This year a 2nd Bn/413th Regiment Drill Sergeant Candidate enjoyed the event as a participant. Spc. Adam Holbrook, a college history student and candidate for Drill Sergeant School not only enjoys the physical aspect of the event but the camaraderie with other veterans who participate in the event.

Drill Sgt. Maria Florez and Drill Sgt. Robert Koop, 2nd Bn-413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET), assist a participant in executing pull-ups. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael Luna, A Co., 2nd Bn, 413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET)

“I enjoy seeing how the drill sergeants perform their duties. It is a valuable tool for me as I prepare to go to Drill Sergeant School myself.”

The event raises money for Veteran’s charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, which has received over $8.5 million dollars alone from the event.

This year the following Alpha Company Drill Sergeants participated in the event; Drill Sergeant Karlos Padilla, Drill Sergeant Robert Koop, Drill Sergeant Mercedes Green, Drill Sergeant Maria Florez and Drill Sergeant Joshua Moeller.

Drill Sgt. Maria Florez, is pushed on the sled while Drill Sgt. Joshua Moeller waits at the next obstacle. Both drill sergeants are from the 2nd Bn-413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET). Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael Luna, A Co., 2nd Bn, 413th Regiment, 95th Training Division (IET)

The physical challenge included pushing a weighted sled, five pull-ups, a low crawl area, 20 push-ups and pulling the weighted sled back into place.

I know the Soldiers of my battalion like this event. We always get an excess of the required volunteers to support it. They love interacting with their own community. They know when the thousands of civilians see them proudly wearing their uniform and Drill Sergeant Hat, they are literally ambassadors for the Army Reserve and Drill Sergeants past, present and future.

The event received extensive coverage on the USAR Net, and for several days photos were featured on the homepage reaching a world-wide Army Reserve audience.


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