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As a military family you understand, better than anyone, the joys and struggles of the calling. You’ve devoted your lives to serving your country, and this decision impacts every person in your family. One of the biggest ordeals of deployment is the travel required. Military families like yours move an average of three times more than civilian families. Statistically your children are likely to move over six times during your military career. Outside of deployment, your family travels for pure enjoyment as well. So you need an education as flexible as your schedule, as portable as your suitcase, and as reliable as possible.

Why not pursue the best education available to your family that is built your way all the way? Basically the quality of your student’s learning doesn’t change every time your address changes. Here’s how homeschooling can bring the same level of strength and security to your child’s education that your family brings to serving this nation.

Flexibility and Stability

Your family is on the go and, while picking up and moving every few years is hard, you’ve probably gotten used to this transient lifestyle. But, your child’s education could suffer if you are locked into a traditional school format. Lost class time, missed days, and adjustment periods add up to a struggle for many students and can negatively impact your kid’s ability to focus and reach their academic goals. Plus, imagine what consistency and stability can do for your kid’s educational experience, never having to change teachers or programs regardless of where you are. You’ll gain this flexibility too because school goes where and is done when you choose. Want to take a vacation in the middle of December? Go for it! Need to take a few months off to move to a new assignment? You got it! Whether you want traditional textbooks or online learning, homeschooling will give your family the flexibility and security you need to keep school life the same even when your address isn’t!

Customization that Meets Your Needs

Your kids are unlike any other on earth and have experienced more than most civilian adults have in their lives. Celebrate your kid’s individuality and strength of character with a completely customized education. With homeschooling you’re in the driver’s seat of your child’s education, making choices that matter most. And, just because your child is homeschooling doesn’t mean that he or she can’t participate in local athletics and other important experiences. In fact your kids will have more time to pursue their goals outside of textbooks, as homeschooling will add hours to your day! A great bonus, more family time to discover more about one another and strengthen bonds with family and friends.

Accreditation to Secure Your Future

If you’ve ever moved from to a new state or country, you know that no one school district or educational department are the same. In fact, education standards differ from base-to-base, state-to-state, country-to-country even with military standards. Homeschooling with an accredited homeschool partner can free you from the stress of learning and conforming to new standards with each deployment or move. Your child will graduate with an accredited diploma which is instrumental in helping them gain them entrance into the college, university, or academy their heart desires. In this competitive educational climate, homeschooled students are often considered more highly above their peers as they have proven themselves strong in independence, responsibility, and critical thinking skills. Be sure your homeschool partner, in both courses and curriculum, is accredited to secure your child’s future academic opportunities.

Support that Keeps You on Track

Much like what you face when moving to a new base or location, making the switch to homeschooling can be a scary experience where you feel surrounded by the unfamiliar. But, it doesn’t have to be! In the military you’re never alone, surrounded by your military family to support and care for you. Let a homeschool partner do the same as you step into this new world! Finding an accredited homeschool partner that will help you choose curriculum, keep track of grades and records, ensure you’re meeting state and legal standards, and issue your child’s diploma will ensure that you’re supported each step of the way. You’ll stay in the driver’s seat of your child’s education, but have an expert passenger to guide you.

You are the best, the bravest, our first line of defense. So are your kids. They deserve the best education regardless of where they live. Your child’s best school, richest learning, and truest education already happens within the walls of your home, wherever that may be, because you are your child’s first and most important teacher. Why not let homeschooling help you bring out the best in your child while giving you the flexibility and security you need no matter where the road takes you? Let Bridgeway Academy help design the perfect homeschooling experience for your family. For over 65 years Bridgeway has been supporting families like yours across the globe who hear and answer the call to homeschool. Our commitment to you is that you will love learning with us.

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