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Maj. Morgan Wolff is the equal opportunity program leader to Brig. Gen. Rodney Fischer at the 104thTraining Division (LT).

Who are the new Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOAs)?

Maj. Morgan Wolff: My name is MAJ Morgan Wolff. I am the equal opportunity program leader to Brig. Gen. Rodney Fischer here at the 104thTraining Division (Leader Training). I am new to the Army Reserve, coming from about six years active duty, then nine in the Washington Army National Guard. In my civilian career I am a middle school counselor at Eisenhower Middle School in Everett, Washington.

Master Sgt. Jesse Tappin: My name is MSG Jesse Tappin. I am the equal opportunity advisor (EOA) for the 104th Training Division (LT). I am an AGR, recently reporting to the unit from the 191st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am a 91Z, Senior Maintenance Noncommissioned Officer by military occupational specialty and I have been in the Army Reserve for 23 years, with 18 being AGR. I have served as an equal opportunity leader (EOL) for both the company and battalion levels, as well as serving in various leadership and staff roles such as unit first sergeant, support operations noncommissioned-officer-in-charge, and unit motor sergeant. I am excited to work with the Timberwolves team and getting to know everyone on the team.

How do you support…

The 104th Training Division command?

We support the 104th TD command by helping ensure compliance with Army policies regarding equal opportunity and inclusion, most especially AR 600-20, Army Command Policy. More specifically, we help the commander maintain readiness by ensuring an environment where Soldiers are evaluated solely based on their merit, performance, and potential. That means using the Army’s tools, such as the command climate survey and training, to evaluate and improve organizational and individual practices regarding all the Army’s basis of discrimination: race, color, sex (to include gender identity), national origin, religion, and sexual orientation.

Master Sgt. Jesse Tappin is the equal opportunity advisor for the 104th Training Division (LT).

The units and leaders throughout the 104th?

We work closely with brigade EOAs to help keep units up to date on current military equal opportunity (MEO) policies and practices. We conduct periodic refresher training for EOLs at the company and battalion levels to ensure the experts in the field can properly advise their commanders and educate their Soldiers on current developments relating to equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. Following the relaxation of travel restrictions, we will resume in-person staff assistance visits (SAVs) to 104th TD units across the country to help EOLs and EOAs maintain and improve their programs. It is important to note that SAVs are not inspections, but opportunities to aid where needed.

The individual soldier?

The MEO office helps commanders administer their command climate surveys (CCS), which gives individual Soldiers the opportunity to give their opinions regarding their unit’s working environment. All Soldiers are HIGHLY encouraged to complete each CCS when the commander administers it. The CCS is the primary tool commanders use to evaluate the current command climate to improve unit effectiveness.

What MEO opportunities are there for Timberwolves?

The MEO team across the Division is always looking to fill gaps in our manning. Brig. Gen. Fischer has placed special emphasis on the MEO program. Serving as a qualified EOL in our division is a way to positively distinguish oneself as a professional.

Why is this assignment personally meaningful and rewarding to you?

Every Soldier should feel they can reach whatever level of success their drive and ability can take them. They should not be constrained by elements of their person which do not hamper their job performance. We believe it is our job to do what is in the best interest of the Army. Capitalizing on Soldier talent and getting a good return on investment in Soldiers is in the best interest of the Army.             


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