Even at Home …Keeping Physically and Mentally Fit Isn’t Out of Reach


“Mental Strength Through Physical Fitness”

As a Master Fitness Trainer for the 104th Division, I feel I can serve our Soldiers by providing a platform to build mental strength through physical fitness. Physical fitness is not just about getting into shape to pass the Amy Combat Fitness Test. Physical fitness assists in attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For the past several months, we have faced difficult challenges such as gym closures, limited or no home workout equipment, daycare closures, working from home or not working at all, and even challenges with healthy grocery store food options.

It is important for Soldiers to maintain a sufficient level of physical and mental fitness for ourselves, our families and our friends. Exercise can assist with improving our mood and help with anxiety and depression. When our families and friends see our upbeat mood, they are more apt to mirror the behavior and mood. Our battle buddies are also our “why”. Reaching out to a battle buddy can be the most important thing you do in that person’s life. You never know what someone is going through and if you can reach someone through something as simple as a live video call from your phone while you’re walking, then I encourage everyone to do it more often. COVID has brought out a completely different norm and as Soldiers we are used to adapting and overcoming such situations. This is just another one of these circumstances that we have the ability to adapt as members of the 104th DIV. Our training we receive in the Army such as MRT, Suicide Prevention and SHARP teaches us to apply supportive skills in these types of situations. It’s important to make those calls and connect with others.

Equipment is not necessary to keep a healthy mind and body. Whether it be burpees in your living room, jogging around the block or swinging some kettle bells in your garage, it is possible to stay healthy during these changing times. I rise every morning at 0545 to ensure I get my workout in before the kids wake, before I put on my uniform, before I crack open my computer, and before the chaos begins. I do this to ensure I keep myself in check and keep my mind and body performing at its best.

“Being a positive role model for my children is important to me because I want them to emulate a healthy lifestyle and grow to be positive role models for others.”


The ACFT isn’t going away and we have to continue to train. In order to maintain fitness, the 104th Division is hosting a workout session three days a week utilizing virtual remote technology. Timberwolves will still be able to encourage and push each other to grow through online workouts. Incorporating the technology into our Full Time Support PT program has been a great way to keep us all engaged whether we’re at the reserve center, in our garages or living rooms. Broadcasting a virtual workout wasn’t something we did in the past but the new normal shows that this is a great addition to staying connected.

“Continuing to push through barriers.” “Squats are a staple exercise in building a Strong and stable core.”



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