From the 104th Commander


Col. Ryan Nielsen, Commander, 104th Training Division (Leader Training)

One of the interesting aspects of being the deputy commander of a unit is being prepared to assume command when called upon, sometimes for an indefinite period.

In August, I did just that.  So I want to take a moment to thank Maj. Gen. Andrew Juknelis for your trust and confidence to allow me to serve as the division commander during this time of transition and for Brig. Gen. William B. Dyer III who followed him as commander of the 108th Training Command. I am truly honored to fill this position and build upon the success that Brig. Gen. Rodney Fischer and all previous commanding generals achieved throughout the lineage of this historic unit. 

Prior to assuming command from Brig. Gen. Fischer, I served as the 104th Training Division’s deputy commander. When a commanding general is assigned, I will relinquish command to that person and return to my position as the deputy or wherever the Army Reserve needs me next.

Adm. Chester W. Nimitz’s adage of “When in command, command,” applies, but as it often happens, we measure it against METT-TC…mission, enemy, terrain, troops available, time, and civilian considerations for those not versed in Army speak.

The Army prepares us throughout our careers to fill roles and responsibilities as needed, even at positions above our current ranks. We see it in both the officer and NCO ranks. While not always ideal, our success stems from trusting our training, our experiences and, most importantly, our fellow Soldiers.

The trust I have in this division is immense and its Soldiers are the key reason it has seen success across generations. In a training division each echelon matters, right down to our troops executing the missions, missions that can influence generations of Army leaders.

Speaking of influence generations, I need to thank Brig. Gen. Fischer for his leadership, mentorship, and guidance. As a direct result of his leadership, the 104th just completed an outstanding Cadet Summer Training cycle and is in a great position for continued success. He wanted to ensure we completed our summer missions before leaving the command.

I also owe thanks to my family, friends and co-workers for all the support they give me. Of that group, I would like to thank my wife, Elizabeth, for her love and support as we continue on this Army adventure. As Army Reserve Soldiers, our spouses, families, and employers invest in our service and careers, something I am well aware of in this current command.

I have full faith and confidence we will continue to set the highest training standards as we train the next generation of Army leaders.

First in Training! Timberwolves! 

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