From the 104th Training Division (LT) Commander


It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the Commander of the 104th Division (Leader Training).  Our unit spans 26 states, in 50 different facilities, and with over 2500 personnel.  The Timberwolf formation is quickly becoming a unit of excellence, the “go to unit,” when answering our country’s call.  This achievement was not made by a single Soldier, NCO, or Officer.  Rather, it was made by the entire team.  The Timberwolf team!

As the year 2017 comes to an end, I would like to take a few moments to reflect on what the 104th Division has accomplished.  This year, we trained 8,323 Cadets during our annual Cadet Summer Training as well as 1,200 Cadets at West Point. And, for the first time ever in our Division’s history, we trained 279 Midshipmen at the Merchant Marine Academy. 

Because of your dedication to our Army and to our Nation, 9,802 leaders are now trained and equipped to accomplish any mission our Nation may require of them.  Even more impressive, we did this while in transition.  The division was reorganized to two Brigades and 9 battalions. The division turned over 50% of its assigned strength in the last year and every Soldier that wanted a new home found a new home.  This achievement could not have been accomplished without the faithful service, sacrifice, and dedication to duty of the Soldiers of the 104th Division.

Looking forward, next year proves to be just as challenging.  We are guided by a new vision statement while executing our mission with support to United States Army Cadet Command and the United States Army Military Academy.  We will also assume a new enduring mission with support to the United States Merchant Marines Academy while continuing to execute our support to select Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Universities across the nation all with an aim of building future leaders for the Army.  We will execute these missions with a laser focus within the 108th Commander’s four pillars of readiness: Combat readiness, Soldier readiness, Family readiness, and safety readiness.

My Commander’s intent is to support the Army by building the most capable, combat-ready, and lethal force in the history of the Nation by accomplishing 100% of 104th mission requirements, improving readiness, and building leaders.  All of our Soldiers must be available to meet national needs and priorities.  This means being physically, medically, administratively, and educationally ready to deploy.  Preparing our Soldiers in our formations is crucial in order to meet the challenges ahead.  Leaders in our formations today can find themselves facing combat conditions tomorrow.  Therefore, there is no time for “do overs.”  As a leader, get to know your Soldiers, be proud of them, interact with them, and demonstrate to them what success looks like.

Some of our key tasks this year will be:

  • Optimize unit readiness.  Be tough, trained, steadfast warriors who win. Develop esprit de corps in your units that builds Soldiers up and makes training enjoyable.
  • Executing training that integrates readiness with mission oriented training.
  • Maintain a battle rhythm that facilitates training execution with limited funds.
  • Communicate often, both up and down the chain.
  • Challenge and transform junior leaders into competent Army Reserve leaders; leaders who know the standards, processes, systems, and how to mentor, train, and coach the next generation.

The desired end state is the successful execution of all assigned missions while maintaining a 100% safety record, with increased unit capacity and readiness that meets or exceeds USARC standards.

Be ready!  Be relevant!  Maintain your warrior focus!  And keep up the great work Timberwolves!  I am proud to be part of the Timberwolf pack!

BG Edwards

Timberwolf 06!

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