From the 104th Training Division (LT) Commander


Only in the Army Reserve would you find someone who owns and operates a five-star restaurant on the Portland, Maine waterfront. When I asked Master Sgt. Haleem, 3/304 (Saco, Maine) “how long he had owned the [Tiqa Pan-Mediterranean Restaurant],” he said “since 2015.” I next asked, “So what did you do before owning the restaurant,” MSG Haleem said, “I was a pension fund manager.” In over 20 years in the Army Reserve, over and over again, I have meet incredibly talented and unique Soldiers in the ranks of the Timberwolves Division – Haleem is just the latest.

Lt. Gen. Talley says the Army Reserve is the Army’s technical enablers and 75 percent of the doctorate degrees and 50 percent of the masters degrees held by Soldiers are held by Army Reserve Soldiers. In sum, we have an incredibly talented force of Citizen-Soldiers.

In April, I was fortunate to attend the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) 100th Anniversary Symposium at Norwich University.

In April, I was fortunate to attend the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) 100th Anniversary Symposium at Norwich University. Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Mark Milley, delivered the keynote address. He commented not only the importance of ROTC to developing future leaders and its importance to the Total Army to be able to fight and win our Nation’s wars in an increasingly complex strategic environment.

The Timberwolves contribution to this effort is to help train our Army’s future leaders. This summer Task Force Wolf again will lead and synchronize the Army Reserve’s support to U.S. Army Cadet Command’s Cadet Summer Training (CST). More than 1,000 Army Reserve Soldiers, to include Drill Sergeants from the 95th and 98th Divisions, will assist in training more than 9,000 ROTC cadets. Additionally, the Soldiers of the 3/304 will help train more than 1,000 new cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. In sum, each summer, we contribute to the development of the next generation of Army leaders. Leaders, who will be called upon to “Win in a Complex World.”

These training events, which are among the largest conducted by the Army each year, can only be accomplished by the dedication, initiative and talent of Citizen-Soldiers. It are these talents that also allow us to execute CST and USMA training, while also dramatically improving Soldier Readiness and preparing for the Reformation of the Division. This flexibility and adaptability demonstrates the ability of the Timberwolves to also “Win in a Complex World.”

The coming year promises to present more challenges for our Army and the Army Reserve. But, as you have demonstrated over and over again, you are up to the task!



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