From the 95th Command Sergeant Major


Today, is another historic day as the Soldiers of the 95th Division continue to achieve the many missions assigned to the Division and Army Reserve. Currently, we have Soldiers deployed both overseas and stateside. These soldiers have the great responsibility to train and develop future forces that will not only meet the challenges today but adapt to defeat challenges yet unknown today.

Soldiers must train to be fully capable to make the many decisions needed for success in the accomplishment of the mission. The “Iron Men of Mentz” continue that training today. While visiting Soldiers of the Victory Division as they learned new skills as they underwent transition training to become both 31B at Fort Hunter Liggett and 12B at Fort Leonard Wood, the attitude of our Drill Sergeants was astonishing as they underwent the transition to Military Police and Combat Engineers.

Instructors at both locations also commented on the professionalism and team spirit of the Victory Division Soldiers. The instructors commented that each class was the best that they have ever instructed. To that, I would thank the graduates for their professionalism and dedication to duty.

“I am a Non Commissioned Officers, a leader of Soldiers.” That is in the NCO Creed. When was the last time that you, as a Soldier, actually read the NCO Creed? With all the demands that we have placed on our time it might seem incidental to read the creed. Every Soldier needs to re-read the NCO Creed for whether you are a Soldier, father, mother, son, daughter, student; the creed actually has applicability to us all in civilian and military duties.

“All Soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership.” This goes for all soldiers. Every soldier is a leader. Whether you be a PFC or Specialist or a Command Sergeant Major. The majority of day to day leadership decisions are made at the squad, platoon, and company level. This has been displayed and re-enforced time after time on the battlefield. So if we are so successful on the battlefield why is that leadership not as effective in our formations back in our Reserve Centers? There are some outstanding leaders that accomplish great things, but traveling around I see Soldiers with the competence standing in the background and not stepping up. Yet some of these Soldiers when given a mission with little guidance, just command intent of desired outcome, they go forward with gusto and have a highly successful event and great training.

“… they will not have to accomplish mine.” As Soldiers and NCO’s we all know what we need to do to be ready for mission and training that has to occur. Leaders also know what must be done on both a routine schedule and get notice for pop-up demands. Let’s not wait for another leader to tell us to complete the task that we as leaders know needs to be done. Leaders have leader books. Us old school Soldiers remember the day that all leaders carried their leader book with them at all times and it contained all the information that we needed on the Soldiers in our charge. Some were small and others were very large depending on the level of leadership. Today I have seen few leader books. Granted there are electronic leader books but have you seen your leader’s leader book? Might be a question to ask.

As we continue mission, the Victory Division has: Soldiers deployed overseas training security forces; a newly activated Battalion and companies at Fort Leonard Wood conducting BCT; numerous Echo company and Reception Battalion missions; supported the USARC BWC; Soldiers graduating special school training; but most important we capable Soldiers training, leading and providing leadership. Read the NCO Creed and prepare today for tomorrow.

The IRON MEN of METZ will remain strong only through realistic training and leadership at all levels that cares about the Soldiers and their welfare. Ruck up! Lean Forward! We’ll meet on the objective!


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