From the 95th Training Division (IET) Commander


As you read this, a battalion headquarters and seven companies from the 95th Training Division are on the ground at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri doing the critical work of turning civilian recruits into Soldiers!  The Iron Men of Metz are currently executing the largest reserve training mission since The Surge, over a decade ago!

You may remember that back in January, the President signed an order increasing the size of the Army.  To increase the size of the Army, you need more Soldiers.  Those new Soldiers must first, be trained.  That means someone needs to train them.  And therein lies a problem: the active component simply did not have enough trainers to train more Soldiers.  Therefore, they turned to us.

The Iron Men of Metz are currently executing the largest reserve training mission since The Surge, over a decade ago!

The leadership of the active Army asked if we — while still doing all of our other assigned missions — could mobilize over a hundred Drill Sergeants for at least a year in support of increasing the Army’s end strength.  They were happy to find out that we could.  No problem!  They were even happier to find out that our great Soldiers had already volunteered to fill 95 percent of our battle roster before the official mission tasker even came out.

And so, after some hard work on the part of our mobilization cell to get our Soldiers to where they needed to be, the Army stood up a new battalion at Fort Leonard Wood — the 2nd Battalion, 48th Infantry.  This battalion has an active designation and lineage, but is lead by reservists.  Its companies are mostly reservists.  Despite being drawn from the Army Reserve, the 2-48 will be a training battalion like every other training battalion at Fort Leonard Wood, indistinguishable from its sister, active component, training battalions.

In some cases, our Soldiers are actually making a PCS move to Fort Leonard Wood, and are bringing their families with them.  In other cases, families will stay at home while their Soldier goes forward to perform this mission.  Regardless, as an organization we are fully committed to taking care of our families.  We have highly motivated and engaged family readiness groups who will be making sure that all is well at home while our Soldiers take care of the mission.  Our Family Readiness Coordinator,  Ms. Nokeitha Winterbower, is always available to answer family readiness concerns. She can be reached at 580-442-1777.

We are tremendously proud of the fact that our Soldiers and leaders are as professional and as competent as Soldiers and leaders from the active component.  What we are doing right now at Fort Leonard Wood will once again demonstrate this to everyone who is watching!   


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