From the 95th Training Division (IET) Commander


Greetings Victory Team,

I remain humbled by the opportunity to serve shoulder to shoulder with the Soldiers and Civilians in the Iron Men of Metz formation. I am proud to serve with you and for you. You continually demonstrate all that our Nations values in its Citizen Soldiers. Your resilience, dedication, and professionalism testify to your character and competence which have earned the Nations enduring favor.

These qualities will serve the Victory Team well as we continue to transform from an Army at war to an Army of preparation. Once again we are called upon to change our formation for the needs of the Army. That’s not a particularly enjoyable task, especially when the change involves reductions.  With this in mind I will share some thoughts on the road ahead. 

Many of you have heard the term “Reformation”. This term refers to a response to a directive to reorganize Generating Force formations like ours. In doing so, our brigades will be aligned to the Army Training Centers that our Soldiers support, whether it is Basic Combat Training, One Station Unit Training, Reception Battalion, Training Committee Augmentation, or Cadet Summer Training. 

We are not alone in this reformation. The 98th and 104th Training Divisions will also experience change. We can anticipate that these changes will commence in October 2016 (Initial Operational Capability) pending Department of the Army approval sometime this spring and conclude in October 2017 (Full Operational Capability). When the dust settles we will be leaner but brigades will be aligned to Army Training Centers.

The road to Reformation for the Iron Men of Metz will be challenging to say the least. Among the forecasted changes, one of the more significant, is the loss of a few of our battalion headquarters structure. There will also be some restationing of some of our units later on in the process. The companies under their current battalion headquarters will be reassigned to other battalion headquarters within the 95th Training Division (IET) or elsewhere in the 108th Training Command (IET). Our Drill Sergeant Companies will grow in size and by extension battalions will also realize an increased structure. Deliberate planning is underway and will continue through the rest of FY16 and into FY17. 

Throughout all this change there are several things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost; your leaders will diligently work to ensure everyone has a unit of assignment. Leaders and staff must be engaged. Second is to anticipate the Initial Operational Capability (IOC) and Full Operational Capability (FOC) dates and use the time to prepare. Third, remember the acronym CAV (Coordinate-Anticipate-Validate). 

The amount of coordination that will be required with the specified, implied and critical tasks will at times be overwhelming as we continue to execute our FY16 assigned missions. Anticipate what is on the horizon as we move through the changes and take steps to prepare. Follow-up on tasks and requirements. An action passed is not an action complete. Maintain situational awareness and understand your part in the process. Ask for assistance and clarification when needed. Validate information to ensure we are making informed decisions.                

As you have seen from the article in this publication of the Griffon, I had the great honor and privilege to award the Purple Heart to Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Clark from 1st Battalion, 330th Regiment, 4th Brigade. I end this article with a brief mention of Clark because through all these pending changes we need to remember the impact these changes will have on our Soldiers, their units and Families. 

When we think of the courage Clark and many others in our formations have demonstrated when faced with challenges, Command Sgt. Maj. Stumph and I are fully confident that we will meet the reformation, just as you always have in similar situation, with professionalism and competence.   

Always, always, thank your Families for their support. 

All the best to you, Iron Men of Metz, Victory Team!



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