From the 95th Training Division (IET) Commander


The 95th Division has a long and rich history. It is most famous for its role in World War II, where “The Iron Men of Metz” earned their nickname, defeating heavy German resistance to capture the fortress city of Metz as part of the Allied push into Germany in 1944.  Subsequent fighting to secure crossings of the Saar River and helping to defeat the Ruhr Pocket and to capture Hamm and Dortmund, only added to the Division’s legacy. Those of us who serve in the Division today are honored and proud to follow in the footsteps of the Soldiers who fought so hard, and so successfully, in this effort.

We in the 95TH Division are very fortunate to have two organizations devoted to its Soldiers, veterans, families, and descendants. These two organizations are the 95th Infantry Division Association and the 95th Division Foundation.  Each organization has a separate and distinct purpose, and each makes tremendous contributions to our Division.

Replica of the Fort Benning Iron Men of Metz monument that can be found inside the 95th Training Division Memorial Museum at the Division Headquarters in Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

U.S. Army Photo by Capt. Adrienne Bryant

French Liaison Officer at Fort Leavenworth pictured with former Iron Men of Metz noncommissioned officers at the 68th reunion of the 95th Infantry Division Association in Kansas City, Missouri in September 2017.

Photo by Marsha Flora

Final installation of the Iron Men of Metz monument at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Photo by Ms. Lynn Weekley of Columbus Monument Company

The 95th Infantry Division Association was founded by our WWII Veterans in 1950 to maintain the links between the Division’s Soldiers and to promote fellowship. The Association has an annual reunion at locations of historical interest to the Division and will celebrate its 69TH Reunion in Harrisburg and Fort Indiantown Gap, Pennsylvania in September. Over a dozen of our WWII Soldiers still attend these reunions, joined by post-WWII retirees, their families and descendants. These reunions inspire us and celebrate their sacrifice, as we honor them and their departed comrades. Following a reunion at Fort Sill, the Association will travel to France in 2019.

The Association continues to publish the Division Journal and maintains a website at Soon, there will be a Facebook page, which will to enhance its communications capabilities. Soldiers and friends of all generations are encouraged to join. This is your Association!

The 95th Division Foundation is devoted to preserving the Division’s legacy.  It established and maintains the 95th Division Memorial (museum) here at Fort Sill.  Our 95th Division Memorial is one of the most remarkable, quality divisional museums in our Army and certainly within the Army Reserve.  When in the area, a visit to our Museum would be, unquestionably, time well spent. It also has built and maintains monuments to the Division’s Soldiers, the most recent one on the ‘Walk of Honor’ at the National Infantry Museum at Ft. Benning. It chronicles the entire history of the Division, including today’s 95’ers. This is your Monument!

The Foundation also looks forward. For example, it has endowed a scholarship for postsecondary or vocational education for descendants of past or present 95th Division Soldiers. It is also a 501c.3 organization.    

Together, these organizations support the Division. Their historical and present-day contributions can facilitate our training and our esprit-de-corps. In addition to the Association website, you may contact these organizations, as follows:

95TH Infantry Division Association — P.O. Box 1113 Oklahoma City, OK 73101

95Th Division Foundation — 13919 Squaw Creek Road Fort Wayne, IN 46814


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