From the 98th Command Sergeant Major


I would like to express my gratitude to Army leadership and Brig. Gen. Tony Wright for selecting me to be the next Command Sergeant Major of the 98th Training Division. It is truly a humbling honor that I do not assume lightly. 

I have been impressed with the hard work and professionalism I’ve witnessed from the Soldiers and leaders in the Division, and know we are poised to become the preeminent training division within the United States Army.

To achieve this, I ask that we recommit to each other and coalesce as a team. A team that will not accept anything less than greatness. Understand, our obligations do not come without sacrifice, but know we stand together with a united front to be the leaders Soldiers can trust, and the organization the Army looks to for the best qualified, highly trained, and most professional Soldiers.

I have had the opportunity to meet the leadership at both Fort Benning, Georgia and Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and at every echelon, they express gratitude to our Soldiers’ exceptional work and the support we provide. I am going to ask our Soldiers to do more to succeed in their careers. Look for every opportunity to educate yourselves and broaden your experiences. It will pay dividends in the highly competitive environment we find ourselves in. To that end, we should be pushing our peers to achieve more—not only for themselves, but the Soldiers they serve. One phone call or one email can make the difference in ensuring a Soldier is taken care of mentally, physically, emotionally and professionally. Lead your Soldiers in the manner you expect to be led. I will lead by example and always put your needs above my own.

My perspective is that it is a privilege to serve within the 98th Division, and I want everyone in the Division to consider it to be as well. Winning is contagious. So push yourselves to never accept anything less than excellence, and together we will achieve greatness!

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