From the 98th Training Division (IET) Commander


Role of the Commander. My expectation of commanders at all levels of the 98th Training Division is that they are the unit’s primary trainer.  I expect Commanders to be at morning physical readiness training, at training events, at classroom instruction, at the ranges – wherever training is occurring, the commander should be there.  Commanders are always with the main effort of any operation, and in the 98th Training Division, the main effort is the unit’s training event. 

Commanders observe, evaluate and assess training and leader development at all levels of the organization. They provide feedback as a coach, teacher, and mentor. The commander ensures the unit trains to standard, not to time.

Commanders personally observe and evaluate training execution to the maximum extent possible. Only through personal observation of, and participation in training, can commanders communicate to subordinate units and leaders the importance of training. 

Commanders are the training managers for their commands and evaluate how leaders and Soldiers perform. Based on their evaluations, commanders and leaders provide feedback to the chain of command, to the trainers, and to those being trained. More importantly, commanders conduct realistic and accurate assessments of unit training based on personal observation and feedback from unit leaders and Soldiers. Commanders certify their units for their assigned mission.

Our ability to execute our missions, recruit viable drill sergeant candidates, and retain drill sergeants (Combat Readiness) relies on the ability of our commanders to effectively plan, execute, and assess challenging, METL-based training OUTSIDE of our reserve centers. 

Commanders get your units out of the reserve centers to conduct challenging training.  Units that conduct great training, attract and retain great Soldiers!  No great war story began with “When we were in the Reserve Center…”

See you on the objective!

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