From the 98th Training Division (IET) Commander


What will your legacy be? Will you be ready when our Nation calls? Over the past four months, I have had the great opportunity to spend time with many of you: being with you in the field at the Wendell H. Ford Training Center in Kentucky during your Spur Ride (2-398 AR); walking the range with you at Fort Jackson as you qualify Navy personnel on the M4 (TFM); ruck marching with you during the 8-mile route of the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency competition at Fort Benning; attending your dining out at the Columbus Country Club in Columbus, Georgia (1st Brigade); attending your changes of commands (TFM, CRC, 2-398 AR, 2-485); and watching you graduate from the Drill Sergeant Academy (DSA) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. During these events, I have, with great pride, watched you take on these challenges and achieve excellence. Whether completing exceptionally successful, one-year mobilization missions at Fort Jackson and Fort Bliss; achieving Commandant’s List or Iron Drill Sergeant at the Drill Sergeant Academy; earning Gold, Silver, and Bronze during the German Armed Forces Badge for Military Proficiency competition; or being selected as the winner of the Audie Murphy competition at Fort Bliss; you have answered the call, demonstrated excellence, and represented the Iroquois Division with distinction.

With all of these great accomplishments, our greatest challenge still lies ahead – Being ready for our Nation’s call. To do this, I need:

Command Teams:

  • Planning and executing challenging, METL-based training OUTSIDE of your reserve centers. Units that conduct great training, attract and retain great Soldiers.
  • Assessing your drill candidates their first BA and getting them scheduled for the Drill Sergeant Academy. (Drill Sergeant Graduates are the Division’s number one readiness priority.)
  • Having processes in place to ensure that all Soldiers within their area of responsibility stay in compliance with Soldier Readiness Requirements (i.e. CSMM 9-12 month report).


  • Taking care of their individual Soldier readiness (i.e., medical, dental) outside of Battle Assembly so that units can focus Battle Assemblies on conducting challenging, METL-based training OUTSIDE of the reserve centers. (You can get paid for taking care of your medical and dental readiness outside of Battle Assemblies.)

What will your legacy be? Will you be ready? Together we must ensure that 98th Division is ready to answer our Nation’s call

Iroquois 6


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