From the 98th Training Division (IET) Commander


Iroquois Warriors are you ready?  Are you truly ready as a Soldier to fight tonight?  Command Teams are your units ready?  Are they truly ready as a unit to fight tonight?  As you read this article, our Division is decisively engaged at Army Training Centers in Fort Benning, Fort Jackson, Fort Leonard Wood, and Fort Sill. They are expanding the Training Base by conducting Basic Combat Training, Infantry One Station Unit Training, Cavalry One Station Unit Training, Chaplin BOLC, and Navy Individual Augmentee Combat Training. Our Iroquois are also supporting the Conus Replacement Center in Texas.  As demanding as this might seem, I anticipate the Army, in the very near future, calling upon us to do more.  And the only way we can respond to that call, is by being ready.

Combat Readiness:

Drill Sergeant Production.  This is the Division’s number one priority and the key to our long-term readiness.  I need each and every Soldier, NCO, and Officer in this Division recruiting new viable Drill Sergeant Candidates for our formations. 

Leaders.  I need Command Teams assessing their Drill Candidates and getting them scheduled for the Drill Sergeant Academy.  If you are a Command Team with Drill Sergeant Candidates without a Drill Sergeant Academy date, assess them and get a date!

Candidates. If you are a Drill Sergeant Candidate without a Drill Sergeant Academy date, get with your first line leader, get assessed, and get a date!

Training. Our ability to execute our missions, recruit viable Drill Sergeant Candidates, and retain Drill Sergeants (Combat Readiness), relies on our ability to effectively plan, execute, and assess challenging METL-based training OUTSIDE of our reserve centers.  Commanders, get your units out of the Center to conduct challenging training.  Units that conduct great training, attract and retain great Soldiers! 

Soldier Readiness:

Soldiers. My expectation is that every Soldier in this Division from E1 to O7 is responsible for their own individual Soldier Readiness and that they are taking care of their individual Soldier readiness (i.e., medical, dental) outside of Battle Assembly so that units can focus Battle Assemblies on training.  Leaders, make sure your Soldiers understand that they can get paid for taking care of their medical and dental readiness outside of Battle Assemblies.

Leaders. I expect Leaders at all echelons to be responsible for readiness of the Soldiers in their areas of responsibility, understand and utilize readiness information systems, and have processes in place to ensure that all of the Soldiers within their area of responsibility stay in compliance with Soldier Readiness Requirements.  Leaders make sure your Soldiers understand that they can get paid for taking care of their medical and dental readiness outside of Battle Assemblies.

Only together can we ensure that we are ready to respond to our Nation’s call.

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