From the 98th Training Division (IET) Commander

Col. Donald R. Ellison Jr.
Commander, 98th Training Division (IET)

Greetings Iroquois Warriors and fellow division Soldiers of the 108th Training Command!  

As I reflect on my ten months in command of this division, and after completing our Fiscal Year 23 training briefs by the brigades and battalions of 98th, I think of our legacy as a division.  

In July this year, we will celebrate more than 104 years of service to the Nation. Through those years the division’s “Iroquois Warriors” have defended the Nation by expanding the military’s might through mobilizations to expand the training base, and conducted deployments into combat theaters in support of this grateful Nation. The training briefs not only represent our plans to protect the country, but also continue to positively represent the significance of the Iroquois impact on democratic society. 

Capt. Laurence W. Feasel wrote in Fifty Years of Service, A History of the 98th Division: “The main feature of the insignia, an Indian head, symbolized the five nations of the Iroquois – the most powerful Indians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and renowned to this day for their highly developed system of representative government.” 

The patch we wear, much like the flag, is representative of our democracy. Therefore, Command Sgt. Maj. Todd Kaim and I consistently reference the Iroquois war bonnet and its five feathers during our briefings. Each feather is a symbol of the five tribes. Without the efforts of each feather, or tribes (i.e., battalion and brigade), the future force of the Army and democracy, as we know it, will suffer. 

The 98th Training Division’s continued successes, and second brigade’s historic significance to the Iroquois will soon be recognized by Seneca Tribal ancestors. By the time this issue of the Griffon releases, 2nd Brigade will be known as the Seneca Brigade. This recognition is representative of the division’s continuing impact on the United States’ mission to protect democratic society from the tyranny seen abroad. 

In closing, I challenge each of you ramp up YOUR individual effort to participate in the training laid out in the FY23 training briefs in-order-to maintain yourself and equipment. Always stand ready to deploy as a collective “WAR BONNET” and fight to uphold the 98th Training Division’s legacy to protect democracy. It was my honor to serve alongside each of you as the Acting Commanding General, and on behalf of all Iroquois Warriors and their families, I welcome Brig. Gen. David M. Samuelsen as our next Commanding General.

Iroquois 6, OUT!


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