From the Command Chief Warrant Officer


On November 10, 2016, at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, I had the privilege to welcome 25 school trained Adjutant General Warrant Officers to the Warrant Officer cohort, as their graduation guest speaker. 

These Warrant Officers completed the eight week course and are now prepared to return to the Army, United States Army Reserve, and National Guard to do great things for their units and commands.

Upon their day of graduation, they are now qualified in the grade they serve, and the way they proceed will shape their careers for years to come.  I entrust all Technical Warrant Officers to recognize their enlisted roots when it comes to mentorship, recruitment, and retention of our Soldiers.

We have an obligation to be the “subject matter experts”, in our chosen fields, and represent the Army as leaders of Soldiers.  Looking back on why I joined is an eye opener.  I simply joined to serve my country, I originally had no bigger plan than being a member of the Armed Forces and preparing to defend our Nation, I now know that eventually the service will pick you.

As you are trained, work, and train others you will find that being a leader is in each and every one you.


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