From the Command Sergeant Major


“The Four Pillars of Readiness
1. Combat Readiness
2. Soldier Readiness
3. Family Readiness
4. Safety Readines”
— John O’Neill

I have been a proud Warrior of the 98th Iroquois Division since April 15, 2018. I have been given my priorities by the 108th Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Mark Mcqueen, and the 98th Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Miles Davis.  I have moved out to execute my lines of efforts (LOE) that include the four pillars of Readiness: 1. Combat Readiness 2. Soldier Readiness 3. Family Readiness and 4. Safety Readiness.

As the CG and I circulate around the Division and engage individuals and units in the four pillars of readiness, we see the 98th Warriors making great strides in all areas.

However, the CG and I still need your help! We need you to ensure you and your unit are combat ready and ready to deploy tonight! We need you to ensure that you, and your team, take care of not only your Soldiers, but the Soldiers’ and DA civilians’ families as well. We need you to be a safe in all that you do and ensure those all around you are safe in all they do too. 

We need every single one of you to be a recruiter and to recruit Soldiers to be one of our Division’s Drill Sergeants. And we need you to ensure that your viable Drill Sergeant Candidates’ packets are started and put in for a class date at the Drill Sergeant Academy (DSA) as soon as they get to the unit. We need you to graduate three DSC per company per year. We need you to start identifying and training next year’s BWC, DSOY and SOY candidates.

General Davis and I expect nothing but the pursuit of excellence from you. And I have witnessed excellence in my daily travels with the Division. 1st BDE, 98th HQ Family Readiness group (FRG) Suzanne Freimuth, along with the Brigade and Division leadership, received an award for excellence from the Department of the Defense. Multiple Battalions within the Division have received the Department of the Army Safety Streamer. Soon, 3rd Brigade will have the Safety Steamer too, and the other two Brigades, and the Division, are on the verge of the only U.S. Army Reserve Division to receive the Safety Streamer. 

As of 22 June, the Division has had numerous Drill Sergeants graduate on the commandant’s list and win the Iron Drill Sergeant award at the Drill Sergeant Academy for this fiscal year. Staff Sgt. Hopkins from 398th Regiment, 2nd Battalion (Armor), 1st Brigade, 98th Training Division (IET) represented the 98th as the NCO of the Year at the U.S. Army Reserve Command Best Warrior Competition, and even received an award for pistol marksmanship.  This is just a few areas, the 98th has breached the band of excellence.

Lastly, we need you to be fit—physically, mentally and spiritually—as you pursue and sustain combat readiness. We know you can achieve all that we expect of you. Be proactive and vigilant! Communicate constantly and follow through to ensure results are achieved.

Warriors 1st, Warriors always … Prepared to fight now!


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