From the Commanding General


Greetings Griffon Team!

Fall is definitely in the air and our busiest time of year, the summer training season, is complete. Great job by all who played critical roles in executing reception and committee missions, Basic Combat Training and One-Station-Unit Training, and training for both ROTC and Military Academy cadets. For the leadership and headquarters teams who did the planning and oversaw the successful execution of this myriad of events, you collectively have much to be proud of. Well-done!

This summer the Army’s fortieth Chief of Staff was sworn in, General James McConville. I love our new Chief’s key message: “Winning Matters.” If you check out the Chief of Staff of the Army’s website, you read his expanded message to the force. “We win with our People doing the right things the right way. When we send the U.S. Army somewhere, we don’t go to participate, we don’t go to try hard, we go to win. There is no second place or honorable mention in combat.” It’s this winning spirit that differentiates the American Soldier, and the 108th Training Command Team, made up of our three Divisions. Our command is key to how the Army inculcates a winning spirit into our citizen volunteers, who through hard work and professional training, are transformed into the best fighting force on earth. Each one of you, as a member of this command, plays a vital role in this remarkable transformation. I encourage you to remain focused on your specific contribution to this mission, and take justifiable pride in the part which you play.

Right in line with General McConville’s message of “Winning Matters,” is Lieutenant General Luckey’s, (Commanding General, Army Reserve Command), emphasis on the basics of our Army profession. In the words of General Luckey, “As hard as we are pushing to become more capable, more combat-ready, and more lethal, we cannot afford to walk past or speed past the basics of field-craft, soldiering, and standards and discipline.” Introduction to standards and discipline, two things that set our Army apart from civilian society, begins in the initial entry training and leader training we are charged to conduct as our core mission.

In addition to the “top line” messages above from General McConville and Lieutenant General Luckey, I’d like to share some news you can use. If you haven’t yet downloaded the “Double Eagle” app onto your smart phone, I encourage you to consider doing so. It can be found in both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, and it contains a wealth of information on topics ranging from leader best practices, to tips on preparing for the Army’s new Combat Fitness Test, to tools for sharing information with your fellow unit members. I guarantee you if you check out the app you’ll find at least one item which is both helpful and informative to you as a member of the Army Reserve Team – both Soldiers and Civilians alike. To hopefully motivate you to check out the Double Eagle app, go to the “News” tab and read the remarkable and heroic story of how a few of our hero-team mates from the 95th Training Division responded to vehicle accident just outside of Fort McCoy and by doing so may have saved three lives: those of a 63-year old grandfather and his two granddaughters, ages four and two. Inspiring! (See “Right place, right time: Soldiers deliver heroic response to car accident”).

As always, I’d like to close by thanking each of you — Soldiers and Civilian employees alike, for your dedication to our mission. The Army and our fellow citizens are counting on us train America’s Soldiers to be ready and win if called upon. Special thanks to all of our Families, whose love and support enable us to continue to serve.

First in Training!

Army Strong!


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