Griffon Association Actively Looking for Sponsors to Support Soldiers and Families


Joseph Williams-Bibiloni displays his scholarship check awarded to him from the 108th Griffon Association.

The Griffon Association is still actively looking for ways to help injured Soldiers, their families and providing scholarships for deserving Army dependents to continue their higher educations. Despite the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of our biggest fund raiser — the Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament- this year, we were able to solicit some help for our ongoing work from some of our most loyal sponsors and provide scholarships for deserving and exciting young men and women although at a somewhat diminished level.

In December, the board will meet to discuss allocating more monies to some of our recipients who do great work for both Soldiers and families. Again, this may be at a somewhat lesser level of support because of the pandemic, but we realize that the need is still out there, and actually may be greater during these difficult times. We recognize we need very much to do what we can even with limited resources.


Later, in 2021, we will also be considering applications for a new round of scholarships with these applications due 1 April 2021. Attached to this article is a copy of the scholarship application. If you are looking for help for your education, please consider applying. The applications are open to any current or former member of the 108th TC and its subordinate units and their families to include children and grandchildren. We hope we get the same level of numbers and quality of applicants as has been the case in the past. We have been extremely pleased with the response from some outstanding young people and want it to continue.

Golf Tournament 2021

We do plan to resume our golf tournament in 2021. It is currently scheduled for September 27, 2021. Please consider playing in the tournament, if you are a golfer, volunteering the day of the tournament or acting as a sponsor for the event.

More information as well as forms for sponsorships and individual and team golfers will be on our website in the first quarter of 2021. This tournament has been extremely successful for us and has allowed us to provide it its 9-year tenure over $100,000.00 to Soldiers and families and organizations that support them. Our website is

Join the Griffon Association

Lastly please consider joining us as a member of the Association. We need your participation and help to continue our good works in the future. Yearly dues are only $10.00 or $108.00 for a life membership. You can also find a copy of the membership application on our website.


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