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Gladys Alamo Lozado

This time of year is a busy time for the Griffon Association.

First of all, we are heavily into the planning, organization and sponsor recruitment for the 9th Annual Soldiers and Families Golf Tournament being held at Pine Island Country Club in Charlotte on the 30th of September, 2019. The proceeds of this tournament provide the major source of income for the Association to fund its principal work of scholarships, family support and injured Soldier assistance. If you wish to help sponsor the tournament or play golf either as an individual or by bringing a team send a note to and we will send you the forms to fill out and provide a list of options for sponsorships.

Secondly, I think most of you know that one of the Association’s principal purposes is to assist Soldiers injured in the line of duty. A few months ago, we received a request from a Soldier who was seriously injured during the course of training. We were able to verify his situation and found he was waiting for the finalization of his LOD, which had been delayed, but was not able to work and his house and car payments as well as other bills fell behind. Over a couple of months, the Association was able to provide over $3,000.00 in support to this Soldier and his family, which hopefully puts him in a position to get back on his financial feet. The Association is very glad to be able to assist a Soldier and his family during this difficult time.

Chris O’Donnell​ Madison Ketchie​ Elizabeth Wiles​

Lastly, in June we were able to fund 14 college scholarships for the benefit of children/grandchildren of 108th Training Command, current or former Soldiers and civilians. All current and former Soldiers and civilian employees and their children/grandchildren from the 108th Division (now 108th Training Command) including the 95th, 98th and 104th Divisions are eligible to apply for one of our scholarships. The total of $6,150.00 in scholarships was divided between the 14 applicants in amounts from $250.00 to $600.00. As is usually the case, the scholarship committee, which makes recommendations to the board about the applicants, had a difficult time establishing an order of merit list, as all the applicants were top students with great credentials. The Board was pleased to be able to provide some assistance to all the applicants.

Lastly if you wish to become a member of the 108th Griffon Association, and help us live up to our motto, BE A PATRIOT, HELP A SOLDIER, fill out the membership application on these pages or visit our website at We hope you will consider joining us.​


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