Honor and Gratitude

When I started with the 108th, I marked time by how many of the Griffon magazines I would be required to produce before I was free to PCS. I had no idea that this job requirement would become something I actually loved. 

The chance to visit places I had not been stationed (Benning, Sill, Puerto Rico), to make friends who have become family (Stacie, Charley, Katie, Barry, JoJo); to be able to work with great division CSMs who understood the challenges and did their best to make sure I was successful in highlighting their DS missions (Phipps, Potts, Molina); to serve under amazing leadership (Maj. Generals McQueen, Leahy, Juknelis); to have the BEST Soldier EVER in Spc. Tynisha Daniel and to work with the incredibly tenacious and talented PAO crew of Sgt. 1st Class Darleen Adkins (104th TD), Maj. Michelle Lunato (98th TD) and Maj. Addie Bryant (95th TD) without whom, there would be no magazine.

It has been my honor to be your Public Affairs Chief, to produce this magazine and to highlight the amazing talent and incredibly professional Drill Sergeants, Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, Soldiers and fabulous Civilians of this command. This is my last Griffon and I find myself wishing for just one more… if you are ever up at Bragg, look me up and we’ll “do lunch”. First in Training, Sgt. 1st Class Lisa Litchfield


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