How Technology is Making Homeschooling More Accessible

Evolution of homeschooling

Parents and students who want to opt for the alternate mode of learning need to know a good deal about the modern homeschooling before getting into it.

There is a common notion that only shy kids or parents with strong ideologies get into homeschooling. However, this is not true. Parents and students opt for homeschooling for various reasons. In fact, it can be said that the current bunch of homeschooled students are highly diverse. Not all of the kids are choosing a homeschool to avail the same benefit!

It has been noted that in 2012, 1.77 million students were homeschooled. This marked an 18 percent increase from 2007. Almost 25 percent of parents are of the opinion that they homeschool their children to give them a safe school environment. Nearly 19 percent of parents homeschool their children because of dissatisfaction with the education system.

Though often associated with religious education, homeschooling is not always religious. The percentage of parents who say religion is their main reason to homeschool continues to drop. Though many homeschooling materials come from religious sources, there are many secular materials available for homeschooling parents.

Some parents go for homeschooling because their kids have learning disabilities and weren’t performing well in public school. Some consider it because this form of alternate learning gives them the liberty to control their kids’ academic as well as personal growth. However, traditional homeschooling might become a burden if both the parents are working or if none of them is qualified to teach their kid. This is where the online form of schooling comes into the picture!

How Technology is Used in Homeschooling?

In the present times, technology is changing at a rapid rate. This is hugely affecting how we teach our students. It also impacts as to where and when students are taught.

Today, technology has been adapted to meet the needs of home-educated children in plenty of ways. In this digital era, it is not quite possible not to incorporate technology in the home educational realm. Most of the students see technology as more of a source of entertainment.But then, it is one of the main reasons that they take a genuine interest in their studies.

In order to use technology efficiently, it is important to understand the most effective tools in technology that can help the student learn.

One of the main reasons why technology is incorporated in homeschooling is that it accommodates students with specific learning needs or disabilities. In a traditional classroom setting, children can get left behind if they can’t learn like the majority. This is not quite the case in homeschooling or online schooling. Since technology is both accessible and flexible, there are tools and programs that cater to all types of learners. This is the most obvious reason why more and more students are getting lured towards the various digital learning resources that are highly diverse.

Many Parents are Resorting to Online Schooling

The truth is that the homeschooled population is becoming more diverse. It is because homeschooling supports all learning levels. It is also an outlet for overachievers who feel limited by their age and grade level. In the present times, more out-of-school academic resources are available for gifted learners. This makes it easier than ever to access advanced learning opportunities.

The online schools offer self-paced, computer-based instruction through brief, pre-recorded multimedia lectures via web browser. Thus, students do not need to fit into a model meant for thousands. Parents have the liberty adjust models to match their child’s individual needs and talents. All of this individualized attention pays off.

It is a fact that technology takes the pressure off of parents. One of the main objections that parents raise about homeschooling is their own qualifications.

Today online schooling is a feasible option for many. This is all because of the advent of technology. It lets parents tap into online resources when they reach subjects they are unsure of. Students are also able to reach out to digital tutors for help when they get stuck.

There are many creators of education materials for homeschoolers who know who is going to do most of the supervising and teaching. Most of the online learning materials have been designed with the parents in mind. Thus, they can follow along and understand what their kids are learning. Most of these materials come with step by step instructions. So, it gets easier for parents and students to follow and make best use of these smart virtual resources.

How Can Online Schooling Benefit Military Families?

On an average, the child in a military family moves six to nine times during their school years. This requires the child to change numerous schools. It is difficult to adjust to new teachers, new classmates, and new curriculum. It often leads to anxiety and multiple challenges. This disrupts the natural flow of any academic course.

Family schedules can be difficult and subject to change in a short while. With constant moves, military kids may miss out on being mentored by a teacher who takes a special interest in their education. All they need is a consistent, quality education at every duty station.

With online schooling, students belonging to the military families enjoy the flexibility that allows them to study at their own pace. It just fits in with the realities of their life.

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