In Honor Of Your Service, We Are Honored To Serve You


Leadership, teamwork, strategy, excellence in communications, combined with highly reliable, professionals experienced at achieving efficient and effective operations; these are the terms and phrases often associated with the U.S. military professional.

The challenge is to tailor these experiences into a portfolio that spotlights your professional capabilities and strengthens your promotion potential or prepare for success in civilian life.

At New England College of Business (, we know the demands placed on busy working adults and parents. NECB staff who are also veterans understand how these demands are multiplied tenfold when serving in uniform. You’ve served the U.S. and we’re ready to serve you! This includes helping to strengthen your current capabilities and helping you to prepare you for military advancements or transition to civilian life.

Our degree programs include a 100 percent online format and highly responsive professors. Students of our courses say that they appreciate the engaging mode of teaching as opposed to “point and click” slide show with a prerecorded talking head. courses include interactive teaching that have the student confirming what they learn while studying, learning and doing at the same time!

A few highlights of NECB programs include no entrance exams, and no memorization tests. Grades are based on the student’s ability to apply the teachings through real world project based activities.

Backed by 100 years of educating business professionals. New England College of Business has many undergraduate, certificate and graduate degree programs to select from in the areas of business, leadership, quality systems management, and healthcare.

New accelerated degrees | 12-month *BS(c)QSM, 14-month MSQSM, and 2.5-year Doctorate

NECB recently acquired the academic programs of The National Graduate School of Quality Management and the student body includes a significant number of active duty military, spouses, government, as well as private sector aerospace and manufacturing personnel. The degrees include a 12-month Bachelor of Science Completion (BSc), a 14-month Master of Science, and a 2.5-year Doctor of Business Administration. The course of study is in Quality Systems Management (QSM). The QSM course of study equips the student with the leadership and management skills to strengthen enterprise performance and excellence.

*The prospective BSc student will have an Associates Degree, or two years of relevant college credit, and relevant work experience. A review of transcripts and/or military MOS, Ratings, “A,” “C,” schools, etc., may reveal excellent progress toward qualifying. NECB also offers AS degrees help fill the gaps as needed.

Spring course start dates that maximize tuition assistance and minimize out of pocket expenses.

Our accelerated degrees in QSM as well as the entire portfolio of NECB degrees start throughout the year. But, the spring start dates are particularly appealing to active duty military. This is because the spring start of a 12- or 14-month degree facilitates access to TWO fiscal years of tuition assistance. When combined with special military (spouse, emergency responders, and government employee too) tuition, many students find they complete their degrees with minimal out of pocket costs.

Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Certificates.

Another appealing aspect of the QSM degree is that it prepares the student to acquire the coveted Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (BSc degree), and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (MS degree), and Project Management Professional certifications. Rooted in the strength of traditional military management methods, these certifications are the perfect compliment to the military guardian warriors.

At New England College of Business, we share in the pride that your family, friends, and colleagues have for you service to our Country. It would be our honor to serve you as you strengthen your capabilities for continued success well into the future.

*The prospective BSc student will possess an Associate Degree, or two years of relevant college credit, and comprehensive work experience. A review of transcripts and/or military MOS, Ratings, “A,” “C,” schools, etc., may support the necessary progress toward qualifying for the BSc. NECB offers an AS degree to help fill education or experience gaps and qualify for the accelerated BSc QSM degree


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