In Your Face Basketball Shootout


Over the past 10 years Charlotte, North Carolina has been hosting the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Basketball Tournament. An event that draws in excess of 190,000 fans, students and alumni, the CIAA tournament offers drill sergeants from the 108th Training Command (IET) an opportunity for good face to face with possible recruits. Although the basketball tournament is the main draw, additional events throughout the week include an Education Session for high school students and a Career Day for college students where attendees can learn about education opportunities, scholarship offers, career options and military service.

One of the most interactive events during the tournament is the Fan Fest. From sponsor booths and giveaways to physical and mental challenges, Fan Fest gave attendees the opportunity to ask questions and receive information in an informal, trade-show manner. It was during this event that Drill Sergeants of the 108th TC (IET) came together to support a basketball challenge. The challenge involved two volunteers competing in a basketball shootout as drill sergeants got “in their face,” applying pressure on them while they attempted to score from various locations on the court.

Sergeant’s 1st Class Robert Grundy, Matthew Blanchett, Brad Griffith, Staff Sgt.Luis Lopez, and Sgt. David Miller never cut the participants any slack, staying close and yelling as only drill sergeants can do. Although missed shots resulted in push-ups and sit-ups performed by the participants, a swag bag full of Army Reserve gear sweetened the deal at the end of the challenge.

US Army Reserve photos by Sgt. Stephanie Hargett, 108th Public Affairs/released


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