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Frequently Asked Questions-Complaints (DA 1559)


What does the IG Assistance function entail?

Assistance is the process of receiving, inquiring into, and responding to complaints or requests for information presented to an Inspector General. Anyone, regardless of status, may make a complaint or request for information to any Army Inspector General concerning matters of Army interest affecting health, welfare, and/ or personal readiness. As the commander’s representative, IG’s role is to resolve issues within the limits of the IG system by enforcing standards and regulations.

What is an IG complaint?

An IG complaint is defined as an issue, request for information or request for assistance that does not have a “who” as the violator of a standard or policy. When the complaint has a “who” for the violator, then the complaint is an allegation. When complaints contain both, issues and allegations, the IG must resolve the issues by conducting an assistance inquiry as part of an investigation.

What type of complaints are IG appropriate?

As a general rule, IGs will encourage the Soldier or civilian employee to discuss the matter first with the Commander, chain of command or supervisor to allow them a fair chance to solve the issue or allegation; however, if the complainant does not wish to do so, the IG will work the complaint unless a redress procedure is established and available for that particular issue. When a redress process is available, the IG will advise and point the complainant in the right direction and procedures, exercising the IG teach and train function. To submit a complaint the complainant must submit a DA Form 1559, Inspector General Action Request.

Examples of NON IG appropriate complaints:

  • Non-Army related Matters
  • Issues with other forms of Redress (reductions, evaluations, etc)
  • Criminal Allegations
  • Allegations against Senior Officials
  • Allegations against Members of SAP/SA
  • Allegations of Misconduct for other professions (doctors, recruiters, IG)
  • Suicide
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Sexual Harassment or Assault (SHARP)
  • Non-Support of Family Members
  • Hazardous work conditions
  • Non-consent to release information
  • Complaints from Creditors
  • Request for Inspector General Records

When is an IG complaint appropriate?

An IG complaint is appropriate when there is a violation of a standard or an allegation of impropriety. The IG’s may dismiss the complaint if during preliminary analysis, it is determined that there is no violation of law, regulation, or policy. Complainants must present their issues and allegations timely in order for IGs to resolve them effectively. An IG is not required to look into the matter if it was not presented to the IG within 1 year of becoming aware of the alleged problem or wrongdoing; or if three years have elapsed since the date of the problem or wrongdoing.

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