Meet Your Family Readiness Group


FRG Coordinator Regina Eggleston and Assistant Coordinator Valeria Stambone.

On behalf of the 4-413th SROTC Battalion Family Readiness Group (FRG), we’d like to introduce ourselves, share some important information, and ask for your ideas as we plan for 2019.

We are Regina Eggleston, FRG Coordinator and Valeria Stambone, FRG Assistant Coordinator. Although we’re both military spouses who are relatively new to the unit, we’re looking forward to supporting you and passing along important information wherever you and your families live.

The 4-413th FRG kicks off its inaugural meeting at the September Battle Assembly at Fort Knox, Kentucky.


Our main focus areas for 2019 are to:

  • Build Soldier and Family cohesion and morale
  • Help Families become more self-sufficient
  • Share timely, accurate information about our unit
  • Promote better use of resources offered by the Army and other organizations

4-413th Fun Facts:

  • Our unit is divided into four regions and one HQ
  • We have 164 Soldiers
  • We support 91 colleges and universities
  • We operate across 25 states, Washington DC, and Puerto Rico

A very unique quality of our unit is that we operate in so many different geographical areas. This often makes it difficult to stay connected with each other, build relationships, and learn about resources that can benefit Army families.

FRG members and Battalion Staff bond during a friendly game of bowling during the September Battle Assembly at Fort Knox, Kentucky.


To help bridge this gap, we intend to work with all of you to plan and conduct social, informational, and morale building activities that will increase family readiness and enable the battalion and our families to overcome challenges of the military lifestyle and thrive as a result. These activities will support our diverse team, including spouses, families, significant others, and single Soldiers. We will also distribute a brief survey that will capture your voice and allow us to identify and prioritize activities and events based on your needs.

Volunteers play such a necessary role in the Army family and it’s our privilege to support you. If you or anyone in your family is interested in joining the FRG, please contact us to learn more!


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