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108th Griffon Association is Alive and Well

You recently have not received an update from The 108th Griffon Association in The Griffon newspaper other than a notice of our upcoming golf tournament. Still, we are alive and well with our support of the 108th Training Command (TC) and all its subordinate units.

Last year’s golf tournament was very successful, enabling us to support the activities of the 108th TC more aggressively and other veteran-related organizations. 

We proudly announce that six scholarships are being given this year for post-secondary education of $1,000.00 each. A scholarship award is available to any present Soldier in the 108th TC and subordinate units and any past Soldier of the Command who has served honorably. These scholarships are also available to children and grandchildren of those Soldiers. You do not have to be a member of The Griffon Association to apply for a scholarship. We sincerely hope more eligible applicants throughout the entire Command will apply for the 2023 awards. The Griffon will publish instructions and deadlines for an application for 2023 in the Winter 2023 Issue. Applications will be available via the 108th Griffon websites, www.108thgriffonassoc.com or www.thegriffon108.com, under the tab Golf Tournament.

Another primary mission of the Griffon Association is to support areas where appropriated funds are usually not offered. For example, senior members often have used their money for awards and other items for unit support and morale. Therefore, this year the Association voted to support the Best Warrior and Drill Sergeant of the Year programs with grant awards to be presented to the winners. This grant type is not limited to the TC Headquarters but is available for consideration from all subordinate Division Headquarters.

Another mission of the Association is to assist injured soldiers while performing military duties and military channels process the Line of Duty (LODs) for assistance. There has not been any request in this area for at least a couple of years, but be aware it is still there when needed. Unit command and administrative personnel need to request this assistance through TC Family Support channels for this process to begin.  

Our next annual golf tournament was announced in the Spring 2022 issue of The Griffon and is on schedule for September 26, 2022. Your support is greatly appreciated by either participating as a player, contributing by sponsoring a hole, volunteering to work during the tournament, or other forms of support. Support forms may be obtained from our website, www.108thgriffonsassoc.com, or directly from our President, MG(Ret) McCartney, at skip@shelby.net.

Finally, we could have accomplished the above without a strong and viable membership. That is the lifeblood of this and all other organizations. Therefore, your tax-deductible, one-year membership of $10.00 or lifetime membership of $108.00 is much needed and appreciated. Enclosed with this article is a membership form, or you may also obtain one at www.thegriffon108.com under the tab Golf Tournament.

And from the 108th Griffon Association’s motto, we close with

“Be a Patriot, Help a Soldier”


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